“The knowledge that William Butler Yeats was gay is not immoral. Lying is immoral!
Shawn Hyland and Len Deo

Friday, according to Family Policy Alliance: More than 7,000 New Jerseyans Have Already Signed the Petition to Protect Students!

Family Policy Alliance used to be Focus on the Family Action. FoF and FPA have been trying to obscure that relationship. However, Family Policy Alliance operates out of Focus on the Family facilities. Family Policy Alliance is an anti-LGBTQ hate group (not currently designated as such by the SPLC).

According to Shawn Hyland and Len Deo (who are associated with Family Policy Alliance and New Jersey Family Policy Council):

More than 7,000 New Jerseyans have signed our petition to protect New Jersey students from being forced to endure radical LGBT sexual indoctrination in the classroom. This overwhelming response is gaining more momentum as numbers increase daily, including a diverse mix of ethnic and religious groups who are learning what is happening and joining in opposition. Even the news media are reporting this week on the growing opposition.

Bullshit. First of all, anyone can sign their idiotic petition. It does not require the signer to provide their address. Moreover, there is nothing in that signature that would provide these, uh … people to identify either ethnicity or religious affiliation. There is no link to any news coverage.

New Jersey has more than 1.3 million students in its K-12 public schools. A collection of 7,000 signatures of people who may, or may not, reside in New Jersey is irrelevant. According to the petition:

The mandated curriculum requirements will now require textbook authors to speculate about the sexual preferences and gender-identity of noteworthy historical figures and then impose this false narrative on our children in public schools. A person’s significant historical contributions should not be predicated on their sex life or personal feelings about their sexual identity. The endless obsession with sexuality should not be forced upon our children!

So children knowing that, say, the late astronaut, Sally Ride, was a lesbian is somehow toxic. Alan Turing, a gay man, was instrumental in the allies winning World War II. Know that he was gay has adverse consequences? This is not speculative. These are matters of fact. Two people out of many thousands who have made contributions in every imaginable field of human endeavor.

No one cares about “sexual preferences” which define things like top or bottom; missionary or doggy. Presumably Mr. Leo prefers bottom, regardless of a possible penchant for fucking up.

The benefits are obvious. LGBTQ kids will know that their sexuality does not limit their potential for success in any field. Non-LGBT students will have the same information which reduces prejudice.

I must conclude that Mr. Hyland and Mr. Leo are distressed at the prospect of reducing prejudice and oppression. Their agenda is obvious. It is hard to discriminate against a group when its members include people like Ride, Turing, Bayard Rustin, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, Proust, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, W.H. Auden and so on. I could go on at considerable length but you get the idea.

Nothing like willful confusion to enlighten any exchange of ideas:

Sexual relationships and identity are normally taught in health class with a parental opt-out, which means parents can excuse their children from these requirements. Now, parental rights are being trampled and our children are being forced to learn about sexual ideology throughout potentially all subject areas without allowing the parents the opportunity to opt their children out!

Sexuality is not being “taught” through the identification of the important contributions of LGBTQ people. There is nothing that would warrant opting out of instruction. I have no clue what “sexual ideology” means.

Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity represent ideologies. Mr. Leo and Mr. Hyland are, presumably, conservative Christians. Religion requires adherence to an ideology or doctrine. Perhaps that is the source of their confusion.

The hyperbole is less intellectually honest as they progress:

Sexuality is a private matter and only parents have the right to decide when and how their children learn about it.

The sexual indoctrination of our children must end. Please add your name to the following petition to Gov. Murphy.

Indoctrination means the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. That is the intent of religious dogma. Faith cannot be subjected to critical thinking by definition. Historical fact, supported by evidence, is not indoctrination.

This law violates the fundamental and constitutional rights of parents to direct the moral and educational upbringing of their children. It was written with no protections for families—families cannot opt their child out of the content for any reason, not even if they have religious or moral objections! This is a clear violation of the religious liberties of public school families!

Get a grip folks. The knowledge that, say, Tchaikovsky, was gay is not immoral. It doesn’t require “protection.” You cannot have a “religious or moral objection” to historical fact; to knowledge itself. It makes no sense.

This law forces sexual ideology and it’s indoctrination onto the minds and hearts of our children – again, without parental recourse.

Again, this is about facts. Honestly, no one is corrupted by learning that King James I of England was gay. We have known this for about 400 years and James I was responsible for the union of the Scottish and English crowns. Here’s a fun fact. The King James Bible, an English translation of the Bible, was published in 1611 under the auspices of King James I of England. Even in his time, he was often (and disgracefully) referred to as “Queen” of England.

This law encourages revisionist history and teaches children they’re no more than the sum of their sexual desires and feelings.

The presentation of facts does not revise history. Nor does it teach children that they are defined by their sexuality. In fact, it is does just the opposite. It teaches children that important historical figures happen to be LGBTQ people. Alan Turing’s accomplishments were in spite of being gay. Sally Ride, on the other hand, just happened to be gay. Her sexual orientation was immaterial to her accomplishments.

The bottom line to all of this is that bigoted Christian supremacists have indulged in the basest form of bigotry by claiming that a minority group poses a threat to children. That is precisely what they are doing when they claim that even the knowledge that people are, or were, members of a minority group is perilous.

Furthermore, these self-righteous and sanctimonious hypocrites have attempted to make a case with lie after lie after lie. The knowledge that William Butler Yeats was gay is not immoral. Lying is immoral!

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.