LifeSiteNews, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, has a new petition: Empower parents to keep Drag Queen Story Hour out of public libraries.

As you know, the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) phenomenon – usually found in the Children’s Section of local public libraries – is really an attack on the innocence of children, paid for, unwittingly, by the taxpayer.

In other words, the radical Catholics at LifeSiteNews assume that they are entitled to substitute their judgment for the judgment of the parents of those children.

What? You think that taxpayers’ expense is a legitimate argument? How much expense? The library is going to incur the same fixed costs for staff and facilities with, or without, the event. Furthermore, almost all public libraries rely on supplemental support from nonprofit citizen groups.

Get a load of this schmuck:

Earlier this month, Rep. Ben Baker (R – MO) proposed the “Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act,” out of concern for children.

The bill requires any library that receives taxpayer dollars to create a review board, composed of five parents elected from the local community, with final authority over the permissibility of sexual material.

In short, it would give local parents the power to stop drag queens from invading the children’s section of public libraries.

“Invading?” These events are organized by well-trained librarians because they interest children and adults in the library and in reading. Why should religious nut jobs have sway over a public library? Most communities have gone out of their way to ensure that public libraries are independent of politics.

As for Rep. Baker:

Rep. Ben Baker
In addition to his legislative duties, Baker is a minister, missionary, former professor and former dean of students at Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho…

Baker serves on the board of his church, Bible Holiness Assembly of God, and he a past board president of Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center. He is also involved with Ozark Christian Missions and has led mission trips to India, Africa, and Central America.

Ozark Bible Institute is not accredited. Figures. Baker is also the sponsor of an unconstitutional bill which: “Requires school districts to display ‘In God We Trust’ in prominent locations in all schools.”

LifeSiteNews continues:

This is a MASSIVE step in the right direction! But, leftist LGBT activists hate the idea of this kind of democracy.

And, predictably, Rep. Baker is now being attacked by these activists, and says that he has even received death threats.

Always the death threats. Give me a fucking break. LifeSiteNews is headquartered in Canada. American democracy is, according to the Constitution, secular.

The most offensive part is this:

Unfortunately, unaccountable library boards and committees and even some librarians have put innocent children at risk, proving that they cannot be trusted to place the best interests of children above the interests of the adult LGBT community.

What makes these people claim that library boards are less accountable than a different group of citizens?
What about parental rights? Or does that only pertain to Christians? Were I a parent and were I to believe that it would be in my child’s best interests to be at a Drag Queen Story Hour event, what right do these people have to claim that I am putting my child “at risk?” What do LGBTQ adults have to do with any of this?

Inspired by anti-LGBTQ bigotry, this is just one more attempt to impose conservative Christianity on everyone else. Make American look like Iran.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.