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This just in. We have an advisory from Dr. Hakeem Collins via Charisma Media: Prophecy: Stand Your Ground and Prepare Your Weapons Against the Enemy. I just love this part:

I was in prayer for the first seven days in the New Year, and I felt an unexpected attack on my health, finances, emotions and even my mental faculties. I couldn’t shake it, and suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord break through saying “Hakeem, what you are now experiencing is a barrage of unseen warfare surrounding you in the spiritual realm.”

God was giving me prophetic intelligence of the enemy plot and plan against my life. …

We are informed that “Dr. Hakeem Collins is an empowerment specialist, respected prophetic voice, revolutionary thinker, life coach, and sought-after transformational leader. He is known for his keen accurate prophetic gifting, breakthrough effective prayers and supernatural ministry.”

Uh huh. Aside from the preposterous chat with God, things unravel when you take a look at the good doctor’s LinkedIn profile:

The deity must have revealed unto him that he has a divine PhD. In fact, I have my doubts about the baccalaureate which he presents as two degrees in consecutive years.

Collins claims to be associated with Hakeem Collins Ministries and Champions International Ministries in Wilmington. Neither of those ministries (plural) happens to be a federally tax-exempt 501(c)3. At least Champions International is registered with the Delaware secretary of state to Mr. Collins at 1710 N. Washington St. in Wilmington.

If his profile is accurate and up to date, Mr. Collins is a low-level employee at a small bank in Wilmington. Nevertheless, we are further informed: “He is host of Prophetic Breakthrough podcast on Charisma Podcast Network.” It is understandable that Stephen Strang, president of Charisma, doesn’t know any of this. He has been too busy lately shilling for Donald Trump.

I was joking with someone last week. I am going to claim to be a Christian convert and that Jesus rescued me from the homosexual lifestyle. If you are good I might let you borrow my Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

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By David Cary Hart

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