Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown is fibbing again

National Organization for Marriage is apparently not doing very well. The poor fundraising performance has not discouraged Brian S. Brown from the use of preposterous hyperbole. Tuesday’s missive is titled stop child abuse; stop child ‘s*x change’ surgeries. All lower case is the style du jour of Mr. Brown.

Presumably Brown means gender confirmation surgery. Before I even get to the text of this craziness there are three issues of fact that Brown is denying:

  1. Children are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery and;
  2. Donating money to NOM will have no effect whatsoever on the guidelines established by the World Professional Organization for Transgender health and;
  3. Donating money to NOM will have no effect on the practices of the healthcare professionals who care for children.

Yet, here we go:

Just as Joe Biden and Bernie have both doubled down on transgender insanity, we have some good news. One of our allies, Rep. Fred Deutsch, has introduced a bill in South Dakota that would ban so-called “sex change” operations on children. Last week that bill passed a significant hurdle and got out of committee.

I have written about Fred Deutsch’s idiotic effort to substitute his judgment (he is a chiropractor) for that of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the entire medical community. An example of child abuse would be to allow a trans boy to grow breast tissue because puberty blockers could no longer be provided.

Should this bill be signed into law it will be immediately challenged by the ACLU. The challengers will likely prevail because the bill text does not include findings and intent.

The reason that the bill text does not include medical findings is because there are none to support the measure. Deutsch cannot detail the intent of the bill because the truth is that this is an attempt to conform public policy to conservative Christianity.

The entire enterprise is also useless. Puberty blockers can be administered with a small implant which will be available in neighboring states. Hormones can also be available outside of South Dakota and even by mail order with a prescription. With a consult they can then be self-administered.

According to Mr. Brown (emphasis per original):

I don’t need to tell you how evil it is to use children as guinea pigs: to irreparably damage a child’s body based on the false idea that we can change our sex.

Brown is simply trying to support the anti-trans BS that emanates from the Vatican. In doing so he is being intellectually dishonest. No one asserts that people can change their sex. Chromosomes are not dynamic. However, medical science can help people conform to their gender in varying degrees. The “guinea pigs” and “irreparable damage” arguments are bullshit.

Puberty blockers are fully reversible. Cross sex hormones are not. However, by the time an adolescent receives hormones in their late teens they have usually been living as their gender for years. They have fully explored their sexuality.

We’ve got a chance to help pass this legislation in South Dakota and beyond. We are working on a multi-state strategy to combat the lies of the transgender movement and save our children. But we need your help more than ever.

What is this “we” bullshit? What gives Brown the balls to substitute his religious judgment over that of healthcare providers, parents and patients? I defy Mr. Brown to detail expenditures associated with the passage of the South Dakota bill. According to public records, NOM does not employ a registered lobbyist in the state of South Dakota.

Brown does not tell donors exactly how NOM will spend their money. He cannot. Furthermore there is the track record. NOM has never accomplished anything other than to burn through tens of millions of dollars.

Brown assumes that people are profoundly stupid. Brown assumes that nobody bothers to check things like registered lobbyists.

As expected:

The “matching donor” nonsense is also a lie in all likelihood. As I said, Mr. Brown assumes that people are stupid. How could anyone believe that NOM is capable of affecting legislation in South Dakota?

A dose of reality: The gender-affirming care model really saves lives. Abandoning that in order to eliminate or reduce a conflict with Genesis 1:27 makes absolutely no sense. Doing so inflicts cruelty on especially vulnerable children.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.