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Who’s he trying to fool? Tony Perkins is far more interested in literalist Christianity than the health and welfare of children.

Tony Perkins is the leader of Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Thursday, Perkins has a commentary at Heritage Foundation’s blog titled: Mom of Transgender Child Praises South Dakota Legislation. Let us be clear that Perkins disapproves of transgender people because he is a Christian literalist. The existence of transgender people conflicts with scripture.

The point is that Perkins doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what is best for children. His aim is to discredit gender diverse people regardless of the consequences. The South Dakota legislation is going to kill children. That is not hyperbole. Gender-affirming care is the recommendation of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Pediatric Endocrine Society.

But let’s get to Mommie Dearest via Perkins:

“It’s an absolute nightmare for a mother to live through.” Elaine Davidson’s voice shook as she talked. “I found out about the surgeries after the fact,” she says haltingly.

It was social media, she explained, where she first saw the photo of her daughter’s chest—bloody bandages covering the places where her breasts had been cut off.

Elaine’s daughter was 17. She had a double mastectomy and hysterectomy without her parents ever knowing—and without a single psychologist signing off.

Apparently Ms. Davidson did not have a robust and honest relationship with her child. If she had then they would have had a discussion. More importantly, this actually argues against the South Dakota bill. Had her child been on puberty blockers (prohibited by the proposed bill) then the surgery might have been avoided.

The last paragraph of that diatribe is a lie as is the following:

In Oregon, Elaine says, kids as young as 14 can make this same decision without ever calling home. “These surgeries are done on an outpatient basis, which only required a few visits to a therapist with a master’s in social work. No psychologist, no psychiatrist, no years of therapy like many people think.”

The age of medical consent in Oregon is 15, not 14. A minor who is 14 years or older may access outpatient mental health limited to drug or alcohol treatment (excluding methadone) without parental consent.

More importantly, it is not easy to obtain approval for gender confirmation surgery. It requires the consent of the surgeon.

Typically (and as recommended by the World Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare) a candidate for the surgery must have at least one year of real life experience (living as their gender) and the recommendation of two behavioral health specialists.

The first sign-off comes from the patient’s routine therapist whom they see during their time living as their gender. The second sign-off must come from a therapist who has not previously seen the patient.

If part of this is true then Elaine Davidson’s child was living according to his gender for at least a year. Did mom not notice?

“I had previously raised concern to a therapist that I believe she’s on the autism spectrum. And I still do. But they dismissed it and instead just really pushed her toward medical transition. And I found out about the surgeries after the fact.”

When her daughter decided to have a phalloplasty, Elaine started to cry. “I flew to Portland twice. I begged everyone I could. I begged her. I couldn’t stop it. All I could do was be there for her.”

The connection of gender dysphoria to autism is mythical according to the medical journals. Parents are prone to assign gender dysphoria to autism because it is easier for them to accept.

No therapist “pushes” a patient into transitioning. If the youth had a phalloplasty it is a reasonable assumption that he had acute gender dysphoria and was thoroughly evaluated.

Apparently, Elaine Davidson’s son was raised somewhere other than Oregon. He had to flee his mother to obtain proper medical care because Mommy stubbornly resisted the realities.

She joined the Kelsey Coalition, a movement of parents from all across the political spectrum, who are pleading with schools, lawmakers, and doctors to stop pushing children into a lifestyle they can never escape.

The Kelsey Coalition is little more than a website. It has no physical address and the founder’s name is a pseudonym. They claim to have a group of attorneys participating in a Gender Harm Litigation Project. None are identified and I cannot find any litigation regarding the healthcare of trans youth.

The website is a fount of misinformation possibly authored by crackpot Christian physician Michael K. Laidlaw and former pediatrician, Michelle Cretella. These people are far more interested in the teachings of the Church than the welfare of children.


It’s time, Elaine insists, to help children “learn to love the bodies in which they were born. Isn’t that what the body-positivity movement is all about? Transgender-identifying children need our compassion, and they need our help. They need responsible adults to gently question their beliefs, not blindly affirm them. They need proper therapy and guidance, not drugs and surgeries.”

Wait a minute! I thought that her complaint was that her child was not properly diagnosed and treated. According to that paragraph, no youth in distress should receive gender-affirming care.

Elaine Davidson did not have a relationship with her own child. Now she wants to impose her views on every other parent.

One thing that is always missing from all of this nonsense is peer-reviewed research that opposes the gender-affirming care model recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics published to a respectable peer-reviewed academic journal.

This is because opposition is not based on medical science. It is based on religious beliefs and parents who refuse to accept the reality of having a trans child.

Ms. Davidson also provides no real arguments explaining why her son’s judgment and that of his caregivers is inferior to her judgment. She needs to recognize the scientific reality that the mental health of transgender youth is often dependent upon parental acceptance. Davidson is doing far more harm than good.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.