“Overall, these irrational, demented people are criticizing a TV show they disapprove of by promoting bigotry, hate and misinformation.”

Hate group LifeSiteNews has acquired some 47,000 signatures of the faithful asking demanding that HBO cancel an episode of Sesame Street featuring Billy Porter. The petition is titled: PETITION: Parents demand ‘Sesame Street’ drop show with drag queen. Billy Porter is not a drag queen.

Behold the insanity:

Parents around the country are outraged by ‘Sesame Street’s’ decision to push drag queens on children.

The long-running children’s program is one of the latest mainstream institutions to try to sexualize children using drag queens.

And, parents are fed up.

The “children’s program” just announced that LGBT drag queen activist, Billy Porter, is to feature on an episode this year, wearing a gender-bending tuxedo gown.

LifeSiteNews is an ultra-conservative traditionalist Catholic outlet based in Canada with a US 501(c)3. They are not too happy with the current pope and they are obsessed with LGBTQ people. Steve Jalsevac, managing director and John-Henry Westen, editor-in chief are the kind of people who fly airplanes into buildings for their deity.

Jalsevac is particularly unhinged. He subscribes to new world order, one world government, George Soros conspiracy theories and he has a very long list of enemies.*

Returning to the petition:

“We are demanding the producers of ‘Sesame Street’ stop this attack on children and their innocence,” said Gualberto Garcia Jones, President of the Personhood Alliance.

“Let children be children, and stop trying to force this corrupting and dangerous influence on the youth of America.”

The only people who attack children are the whack jobs at LIfeSiteNews who denigrate LGBTQ youth every day. Claiming that LGBTQ people pose a peril to children is a sure sign that we are dealing with a hate group. The presence of people whom they disapprove of is not a threat to the innocence of children. This is sheer bigotry.

This urgent petition – sponsored by LifeSite and the Personhood Alliance – calls on HBO and AT&T (the parent company of HBO) to pull this episode from the series’ lineup.

The promotion of drag queens, seen at this year’s Super Bowl and also at libraries around the country, is a coordinated effort by LGBT activists to “normalize” their morally and scientifically dangerous ideology with the young.

Transgenderism is not about “Love.” It is a disorder – gender dysphoria – which has absolutely no place on a children’s program.

Billy Porter is not transgender. Drag queens are not transgender. Most rational people find drag queens entertaining. Many esteemed actors and actors have appeared in films in drag. And here is Rudy Giuliani:

Furthermore, there is no grand conspiracy orchestrated by “LGBT activists” and sexuality is not an “ideology.” And, for the record, gender dysphoria is not a “disorder.” This is crazy-talk!

Here is some more nuttery:

By contributing to this social contagion, ‘Sesame Street’ is forcing children to deal with adult concepts and notions about sexuality which are beyond their level of maturity, and which can leave psychological scars.

Many jurisdictions define this kind of behavior as abuse.

And considerable chutzpah:

And, rightly so. 41.8% of gender confused youth claim to have attempted suicide.

That is tragic. Why would ‘Sesame Street’ want to contribute to this epidemic?

Children with gender dysphoria are not confused. With gender affirmed (which these deranged people oppose) and parental support, kids with gender dysphoria have levels of anxiety and depression that are normal or near-normal. Hate groups like LifeSiteNews reject these kids which creates more potential for self-harm.

Overall, these irrational, demented people are criticizing a TV show they disapprove of by promoting bigotry, hate and misinformation.

Billy Porter responds:
But Porter told [New York Post] Page Six, “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it,” adding that he thinks it’s odd that people would even make the mental leap from his dress to “perverted demon sex.”

“Like, what about me singing with a penguin [on the show] has anything to do with what I’m doing in my bedroom?” the “Pose” star posed to us at L’Avenue at Saks, where he was hosting a party for the restaurant’s first anniversary.

“The really interesting thing for me is that that’s what it’s all about when it comes to LGBTQ people — the first thing everyone wants to talk about is how we having sex.”

He added, “Stay out of my bedroom and you will be fine — that is none of your business.”

That pretty good advice for some folks who are maniacal religious zealots.

* According to Jalsevac:

Here are the main, all closely interconnected elements of the New World Order movement [abbreviated but mostly direct quotes]:

  • A corrupt United Nations.
  • Planned Parenthood (of course) and all population control organizations.
  • George Soros.
  • The global warming conspiracy.
  • Most of the mainstream media in the West that are controlled by New World Order elites.
  • The militant LGBT/radical feminist movements.
  • Marxist, anarchist and other violent social radical groups, usually funded by George Soros.
  • American public education institutions.
  • Masonic and similar societies of atheistic, Christian-hating elites.
  • Most astonishingly, the Vatican itself seems involved.
  • Many of the world’s multi-billionaires and largest corporations.
  • Militant Islam – Angela Merkel, other EU leaders, George Soros and other “progressive” New World Order advocates, even within the Catholic Church.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.