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I suppose that I might be called an “LGBTQ activist.” We are out to mislead and generally ruin the lives of conservative Christians.

According to the not-terribly-swift Jonathon Van Maren:

LGBT activism generally has two steps. Step one has the activists angrily asking those who oppose their agenda how the proposed policy will impact their lives, with the emphatic assertion that it will not. The second step has these same activists, once they have successfully achieved their goal and demonized their opponents, informing us all precisely how their agenda will impact our lives. They assured us that redefining marriage, for example, would have no impact on religious liberty.

As I said, Mr. Van Maren is not very intelligent. He is also intellectually dishonest. Throughout the quest for marriage equality, Robert P. George, Ryan T. Anderson and a host of Christian influencers made the ridiculous claim that same-sex marriage would have some mystical effect on traditional marriage.

We said it would not and, indeed, it has not. Nor, for that matter, has it had any effect on religious liberty. The handful of people who believed that, as proprietors of public accommodations, they had a license to disobey nondiscrimination laws would have exhibited the same behavior for a commitment ceremony (which was the basis of Elane Photography v. Willock).

Furthermore, those cases are essentially based on the proprietor’s belief that service equates to approval. These folks are alway shocked (and a little hurt) when we make it clear that we neither seek nor require their approval.

The dishonesty came entirely from the right including people who, like Van Maren, are ultra-conservative Catholics.

One of the biggest lies was that we should not be permitted to marry because gay couples are crappy parents. They funded the thoroughly dishonest “study” by Mark Regnerus and then claimed that it proved something that it did not prove. Regnerus’ own professional association said it was bullshit.

They did so in spite of the fact that study after study demonstrated that the children of gay couples are not disadvantaged. That was partially incorrect because the children of gay couples who were not permitted to marry were disadvantaged until the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Denying gay couples the right to marry was part of a religious agenda irrespective of the fact that at issue was civil marriage. The Catholic Church tried — yet again — to impose the catechism on public policy and it failed. They have been bitching about it ever since. They failed because, in spite of all the fog that they promoted, they could not conjure up a secular argument.

They then made matters worse for themselves by trying to come up with convoluted — absurd — secular arguments that only existed because there was a religious objective to gays getting married. It was all stunningly dishonest. Aside from all the lies people resented the fact that the conservative Christians thought we were all stupid; that we would buy profoundly illogical rhetoric.

I am only going to quote one more paragraph from this numbskull; just to demonstrate how stupid this all is:

Even scarier is the transgender agenda. Trans activists and their allies are claiming that any girl or boy who believes herself or himself to be born in the wrong body should immediately receive “affirmative” treatment, which generally includes puberty-blockers, hormone treatments, and eventually the requisite mastectomies and castrations to complete what they are now insidiously referring to as “gender affirmation surgery.” Parents are often caught off guard by their children coming out as transgender and are so viciously attacked when they suggest that their children should wait before engaging in any regimens or surgeries with permanent results (mutilation and infertility being only two) that concerned parents frequently have to meet in secret.

This is the same schmuck who, in the prior paragraph, accused us of dishonesty. None of that is true. To receive affirmative care a child must first be in distress due to gender dysphoria. It’s not on a whim. Then they must be diagnosed by a competent psychiatrist.

The diagnosis according to DSM-5 is quite objective and requires meeting six of eight criteria.

Furthermore treatment is based on the consensus of doctors, parents and the child. It usually begins with a social transition. When a child enters puberty they might have the option of receiving puberty blockers which the Pediatric Endocrine Society confirms are fully reversible.

When an adolescent reaches late teens they might have the option of receiving cross-sex hormones.

Surgery is reserved for adults who must meet a rigid regimen over more than a year. They have to live for at least a year as their gender (“real life experience”), be in constant counseling and receive the recommendations of their therapist and another therapist whom they do not know.

There is nothing “insidious” about any of this. The closer people can come to presenting as their gender, the better their mental health. Van Maren’s problem is that the Church does not approve. The palace eunuchs at the Vatican have concluded that the existence of transgender people conflicts with Genesis 1:27. How utterly fucking stupid.

It is spectacularly dishonest for these people to claim that this is about the welfare of children. Were that the case then they would conform to the very best available medical science which means the affirmative-care treatment model.

They are not advocating for children! They are defending the faith and if children have to be sacrificed, so be it.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.