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Ousted Washington state senator, ultra-conservative Catholic and all-around douchebag Mark Miloscia.
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Dipshit honors go to Mark Miloscia, executive director of the anti-LGBTQ Family Policy Institute of Washington. Miloscia writes:

Gender Dysphoria was, for years, seen by psychological professionals as a treatable mental health disorder. And for years, individuals suffering from it found relief from their illness. During that time, researchers indicated that 97 percent of children who were suffering from gender dysphoria grew up to accept their biological sex as reality.

That is, until radical leftist and pagan activists moved to disassociate gender dysphoria from psychologists’ lists of mental illnesses, promoting propaganda that aimed to have the public believe the disorder was actually a naturally-occurring condition, rather than an illness.

The percentage of desisters keeps increasing. In South Dakota, Fred Deutsch recently said 80%. Miloscia thinks it’s 90%. The real number is around 65% but it is irrelevant and they are not really desisters.

About 2% of the population has, at one time or another, experienced the discomfort of gender dysphoria. The condition abates for most people which is why only about 0.5% of the population is transgender. Persistence of the condition is a function of its severity. Most people do not feel compelled to transition in order to get relief. Of those who do transition, the desistence rate is minuscule.

In other words, we can safely assume that a transgender person has acute gender dysphoria which does not respond to therapy and that the individual obtains a considerable measure of relief through transitioning.

It might shock Mr. Miloscia but those ever-present mythological radical activists are not responsible for changes in how medicine deals with disease. Those changes are based on evidence which is demonstrated through the publication of studies to academic journals with robust peer review standards. Nor is medical science interested in the consumption or promulgation of propaganda.

Science is based entirely on evidence.

Medical science advances. The suicidality of children with gender dysphoria used to be over 40%. Allow me to quote from Dr. Jack Turban’s (Harvard Medical School) recent article in the New York Times (which is in addition to his articles published to peer-reviewed academic journals):

Over the past few decades, physicians have learned how to help these young people. In the past, doctors tried to force them to be cisgender, to identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. New research shows that this approach is associated with their attempting suicide. Having learned from these mistakes, we now follow new protocols that guide us to accept and affirm transgender youths in their transgender identities. We often use medications that prevent some of the physical changes of puberty that cause these adolescents distress.

In other words, with more evidence generated by research medical science adjusts. But wait. Didn’t you say that medical science has no interest in promulgating propaganda? Then what is Dr. Turban’s article in the Times?

It is an attempt to educate the public and hopefully some of those politicians who are trying to conform public policy to religious dogma when doing so will injure children.

Turban is writing nothing that has not already been established through peer-reviewed research. The problem is that the public and those politicians do not normally read academic journals.

One more bit of the batshit and then I have better things to do:

Today, former transgendered people are speaking out about the regressive models being utilized by progressives in medicine, and those who are seeking to profit from their mental health conditions.

Walt Heyer, a well-known former transgender, has

“Transgendered” is not a word and “transgender” (second paragraph) should be followed with person or individual or something to that effect. Desistence rates are extremely low because people are obtaining relief from a condition that his causing them misery. There just aren’t a whole lot of ex-trans folks out there.

Walt Heyer is not an example of anything. Aside from the fact that he is a religious conservative, Heyer transitioned in his late 40’s more than 30 years ago when less was known about the condition. Today, there is an established treatment protocol and established diagnostics that are separate for adults and children.

Mr. Miloscia is a religious conservative. His problem is that the existence of transgender people conflicts with scripture. Which is more authoritative? Current medical science or ancient texts of dubious provenance.

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