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There is no shortage of idiotic and dishonest statements made by hate-mouth Sandy Rios.

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The latest smear from American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is that Pete Buttigieg cannot be trusted because his father was a Marxist. There is no evidence to suggest that Joseph Buttigieg, who died last year, was a Marxist.

According to AFA:

The aw-shucks mayor from the Midwest, Pete Buttigieg, is being praised – sort of – for downplaying his Marxist-worshipping father.

“He’s deceptive. He’s low key,” AFR talk show host Sandy Rios says of the young presidential candidate. “He seems like an aw-shucks, very-nice guy. At the same time, he’s a committed leftist.”

First of all, the elder Buttigieg was not “Marxist-worshipping.” Joseph Buttigieg had a very distinguished career at Notre Dame, spanning nearly 30 years. He was the chair of the English department and held a named chair at the university. He was translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks.

Gramsci was a Marxist and he is also considered an important 20th century thinker. Gramsci had a great deal of respect for the Catholic Church observing that the Church took care to develop religion in the less learned as well as the more learned adherents.

In his obituary at Notre Dame, the university notes that Professor Buttigieg was also a fellow of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies. He was Maltese, not Irish. Similarly his interest in Gramsci does not mean that he was a Marxist. According to the Notre Dame obit:

Buttigieg’s main areas of interest were modern literature, critical theory and the relationship between culture and politics. In addition to numerous articles, he was the author of a book on James Joyce’s aesthetics…

I doubt that Notre Dame is a hotbed of Marxist revolutionary thought. Ms. Rios has her head up someone’s ass:

According to Rios, however, Buttigieg deserves to be grilled about his personal views of capitalism and communism since his father, Professor Joseph Buttigieg, was a committed Marxist while teaching literature at the University of Notre Dame.

Professor Buttigieg’s commitment to Marxism makes the son a “red diaper baby,” Rios says, which is a child raised by communist parents, such as Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, and communist-turned-conservative David Horowitz.

There is no evidence that Professor Buttigieg was a “committed Marxist.” President Obama was not raised by a communist. Bill Ayers’ father was CEO of Commonwealth Edison, hardly a Marxist pursuit.

A second AFR radio host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, has studied Gramsci and his writings, and in recent weeks his audience has learned about the late Italian communist’s plan: Destroy “cultural hegemony” in the West with multi-culturalism, sexual liberation, and moral relativism.

E.W. Jackson, btw, is batshit crazy and spectacularly stupid. His page at Right Wing Watch provides ample amusement.

  • Jackson called for the arrest of Nancy Pelosi for tearing up Trump’s State of the Union Speech. 
  • They’re Interested in Hurting People’: E.W. Jackson Sees No Difference Between American Progressives and North Korean Regime
  • E.W. Jackson Opposes Trump Judicial Nominee Because Gay People Cannot Be Fair and Objective

I would not count on Jackson being much of a Gramsci scholar.

It’s not true but, just for the sake of argument, let us suppose that Professor Buttigieg was just slightly to the right of Leon Trotsky. What does that have to do with Pete Buttigieg?

This is just a cheap smear. Nowhere can AFA, Rios or Jackson point to a policy position held by Pete Buttigieg and claim that it is in any way Marxist.

It’s also an obviously motivated smear. These people do not approve of Pete Buttigieg because he is a gay person and because he is married.

Rios told her audience recently she was warned about “Mayor Pete” several years ago by another conservative activist, who told her the obscure mayor was being groomed for higher office by people with high ambitions.

I’ll bet that the above is bullshit. Warned about what exactly? Aside from being a liar, Rios is an idiot:

Rios tells OneNewsNow she would not be surprised if Democrats drop the open communist in the primary, Bernie Sanders, and “rally around” Pete Buttigieg in coming weeks.

“I think he is the most formidable candidate in the field,” she warns. “I think he is the one that poses the greatest danger to President Donald Trump because he’s clever.”

Bernie Sanders is not a communist. Socialism and communism are two different things. In fact, Bernie is not really a socialist which requires government control of the means of production. “Clever?” Buttigieg graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and was a Rhodes Scholar.

The greatest danger to Trump is probably still Biden then Bloomberg. Trump, Giuliani and others have done their part to try to prevent Biden from being the Democratic nominee. They chose Bernie more than the Democrats have thus far.

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