Some gay men think that transgender women are taking something away from them.

Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene (left) and the husband who would not be his husband were it not for the efforts of the activists  he routinely denigrates for a paycheck.

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I am usually successful at ignoring the Federalist’s house faggot, Chad Felix Greene. Greene is a married gay man who is HIV positive. Were it not for the activists Greene ridicules, he might be dead and he certainly would not be married.

Greene’s topic on Monday is the promotion of transphobia. He writes: If I Were A Kid Today, Doctors Would Be Pushing Me To Be Trans Instead Of Gay. Greene is wrong before I even get the text of his dishonest tirade. Doctors do not “push” kids to be anything. This is a sophomoric attempt to portray physicians as evil activists.

I routinely correspond with a number of doctors who treat LGBTQ minors in one form or another. Most are associated with prominent research universities. If they are activists — and some are — their activism extends to the promotion of scientific fact over mythology. That, in turn, is a review and critique of evidence.

Mr. Greene’s subtitle reads:

When I watch the advocacy surrounding transgender transition in children, all I can see is an organized effort to “correct” something that should never have been viewed as wrong in the first place.

I suppose that we should change that to “Dr.” Greene. I would bet that Greene has not read any of the research that he claims to disagree with. Apparently, Jason Richard Rafferty, MD is some sort of activist. Rafferty, along with Dr. Robert Garofalo, are responsible for authoring the clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of gender diverse youth published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There must be some evil-doers at the Endocrine Society and the Pediatric Endocrine Society. Those organizations also recommend the gender-affirming care model as do all of the other mainstream professional medical and counseling associations. The reason is simple: Evidence! At least two recent studies demonstrate that transgender children who are allowed to socially transition have mental health comparable to their cisgender peers.

This is in complete contrast to the health of trans youth who are not permitted to transition. Those kids have significant rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidality. They are in distress and they are suffering.

Before I go any further, none of Mr. Greene’s 1,565 words include a cite to peer-reviewed research published to a respected academic journal.

Instead, Greene refers to his own experiences — as he chooses to disclose them. I can respect that with the caveat that everyone has different experiences regarding the formation or realization of their sexuality. The decade in which that occurred is extremely important as are geography and the attitudes of parents and other family members.

A gay kid in Alabama growing up in the 1960s is likely to have an entirely different experience from a gay kid growing up in Massachusetts in the 1990s. My personal experience is complicated by the fact that I spent my high school years at a boarding school. Then consider that better educated parents tend to be more accepting and supportive of their LGBTQ children.

According to Mr. Greene:

One of my first memories is of sitting behind several shrubs that lined the playground of my preschool. I had an agreement with a few of the girls, who let me squirrel away a My Little Pony or two and perhaps some accessories. I would retreat to my hiding spot and indulge my curiosity of their bright colors and long, pretty hair. I don’t remember what stories I told or what adventures my toys had, but I remember how ashamed I was when a disapproving teacher found me, and worse yet, I remember the fear in my stomach on the ride home with my dad.

A boy who likes girly things is probably not suffering from gender dysphoria. Being attracted to feminine things or activities is entirely different from having a feminine gender identity.

A diagnosis of gender dysphoria requires that the child be in distress for at least six months and must have a strong desire to be or insistence that they are the opposite gender. A “strong preference for the toys, games or activities stereotypically used or engaged in by the other gender” is just one of eight criteria. At least six of the eight are required for a positive diagnosis.

As a teenager, one of the things that drew me to gay culture was watching men fully embrace feminine stereotypes, often to the extreme, without a hint of embarrassment. It permeated every aspect of their media and advocacy. It looked to me like a beautiful escape into a world of true freedom. Even as I lowered my head at school and kept a distance from my family, in my mind I was dancing alongside RuPaul and sashaying down the runway. This fantasy was the polar opposite of the world I knew.

I am not the least bit feminine. Some of the gay men I know are a bit feminine but most are not. I do not know what he means by “gay culture.” It is not synonymous with being a gay person. People are gay because they are romantically attracted to members of the same sex. Moreover, what he is describing in a drag fantasy — not transgender.

Cutting to the chase:

LGBT Activists Double Down in Support of Trans Kids

Memories of this shared struggle for identity motivate many in the LGBT movement today in their blind support for the modern transgender agenda. They see themselves in the children being given the promise of a better future through transgender medical intervention. When they hear stories of children taking their lives and see the happy smiles on young boys twirling in princess dresses, they can’t help but identify with both realities. If only we had been given the chance to be embraced for who we were and allowed to flourish at such a young age as well.

I fully support transgender children just as I support all sexual minority kids. I want them to have a better experience than I had growing up gay. What I want for them is parents who will accept the medical science; parents who will not damage vulnerable and fragile children (far more vulnerable and fragile than gay kids).

My support is not “blind” as Greene asserts. It is based on having a number of correspondents who are doctors and a continuous review of the available research. I never had any girl fantasies.

What we gay people share with gender diverse people is a common oppressor and our minority status. In other words, Chad Felix Greene is wrong regarding most of his presumptions.

So these activists double down in front of gender clinics and courthouses, and loudly shout down the representation of their childhood bullies. They believe they are doing what is right. As a result, they immediately reject all concerns and objections as hateful rhetoric…

My definition of “hateful rhetoric” is intellectually dishonest prattle where the speaker awkwardly attempts to hide the fact that he is making supposedly secular arguments for a religious cause; so that trans people will not contradict Genesis 1:27.

I recently took to task Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois because the prelate is dishonest. If you have to lie about transgender people then the rhetoric is hateful per se. Among other things he claimed that parents were medicating prepubescent children to prepare them for surgery.

Shortly after posting my harangue I sent the bishop a NastyGram. In retrospect I wish that I had been more polite.

Greene is big on assumptions:

Just as my generation looked to the far-away gay centers of endless partying and celebration for hope, today children and teens across the country look to puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery for the same. As so many gay people found after indulging the culture for a time, that nothing there offered a personal sense of peace and purpose, so many trans children will discover, too late, the same in medical intervention.

The above is an appeal to gay stereotype. I was not much of a partier. I was too busy building a career. Most of our friends were straight. Perhaps we did a poor job of being gay people. My boyfriend was better at it than I.

Sorry Mr. Greene but children who receive puberty blockers generally meet several conditions:

  1. They have a competent diagnosis of gender dysphoria.
  2. They are at approximately Tanner stage 2 and have entered puberty.
  3. They find some relief through gender-affirmation.
  4. They have the recommendations of two doctors, a therapist and an endocrinologist.
  5. They have the consent of their parents.
  6. They demonstrate an understanding of what is required of them, the benefits of puberty blockers and the possible adverse side effects.

Chad Felix Greene likely regrets the conduct that caused him to contract HIV. One means of preventing HIV was to be in a stable, long-term, monogamous relationship. If one believed that gay culture meant having endless sex there are regrets.

Appreciating gay culture for its membership (Alexander the Great through, perhaps, David Gefen) probably leads to less regret (as long as you leave Roy Cohn out of the discussion).

I see little reason for gender diverse youth to have regrets. Greene had choices. Trans youth do not unless one is wed to the ridiculous idea that youth can choose not to be transgender when they are suffering from acute gender incongruence. Consider the relief that these kids must realize in order to justify all of the ridicule and marginalization that comes with being trans.

Later on:

Somehow, liberals moved from advocating that femininity in boys was something to be encouraged and celebrated to arguing it represents some sort of birth defect requiring immediate medical intervention. These liberals now view feminine behavior, interests, and other stereotypical gender differences in boys as evidence of gender dysphoria. The left argues the only reason a boy would express any of these characteristics is that he is very literally a deformed girl who needs hormone replacement and extensive surgery to live as her true self.

Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Intelligent people (regardless of their politics) want children to be themselves. Period. “Encouraged and celebrated” are the words of religious conservatives that do not reflect the views of intelligent people. Intelligent people do not view male femininity in children as evidence of gender dysphoria unless the child is insisting that they are the opposite gender from their natal sex and properly diagnosed.

Intelligent people do not see feminine boys as “deformed girls.” Intelligent people do not believe that their children require medication unless their kids are properly diagnosed and have the recommendation of their doctors. Intelligent people also get second opinions.

In other words, what the hell is Chad Felix Greene babbling about? After a generous drivelectomy:

I wish they could see that the very qualities they celebrate in themselves are being used as medical evidence of a severe disorder. The religious right once advocated “praying the gay away” to counteract a deviation from sex and gender norms, and now the left seeks the same through what they consider medically necessary health care.

What? The religious right still advocate praying the gay away and they have added gender dysphoria to the ailments that prayer can address. This has nothing to do with left and right. Those religious fruitcakes create a common oppressor of sexual minorities. They are desperate to find arguments that might allow them to conform science to scripture.

Greene is exhibiting the same kind of confirmation bias. I do not know how Chad Greene supports himself. I assume it is, at least in part, through writing articles for the Federalist. Does he really believe half the crap that he describes or is this just a for-profit enterprise? Do they pay by the word or the submission? Or the degree of crackpottery?

“Medically necessary health care” is something that is determined by doctors; not left-wing, liberal, LGBTQ activists. It is also not determined by disingenuous polemicists who seem not to have an editor making decisions about what commentary is, or is not, acceptable for their outlet.

For all of their talk of a gender spectrum and gender fluidity, the left is Puritan about the rules of gender expression in children. We could all benefit from a return to the idea that sometimes boys are sensitive and creative, and sometimes girls are aggressive and competitive — and it’s perfectly okay. We don’t need to be “fixed.”

I wonder if banality can be “fixed.”

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.