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Were Libby Emmons required to stand in front of a mirror and recite, several times, the title of her latest anti-LGBTQ tirade she might not have hit the “Publish” button. The title reads: Dwyane Wade’s Kid Underscores How Gender Fluidity Is Erasing Homosexuality. It confirms that adult supervision does not exist at The Federalist.

Religious conservatives seem to think that referencing gender fluidity makes them look intelligent. Quite the opposite because they insist on using the term incorrectly

Emmons is a frequent contributor to the fringey outlet but this is her first foray into LGBTQ territory. If she has any sense at all it will be her last. The subtitle of this misadventure reads:

The gay rights movement was about accepting a person with divergent sexuality. Trans rights are not about accepting people as they are, but sculpting them into someone new.

The above seems to have overtaxed the Gibberish-to-English app on my tablet. Android has its limitations I suppose.

Meddling in medical science makes matters worse:

Parents are put in a hard spot when a child comes out as trans, leaving them basically two options: reinforce the new identity or wait and see. Watchful waiting allows a child to experiment with gender expression without committing to a course of action, but full steam ahead is the going trend. It shouldn’t be.

Children do not “come out as trans.” They first exhibit distress created by gender dysphoria and generally insist that they are the opposite of their natal sex. Important variables include the age of the child and the severity of the condition. Before we get to options, the kid needs a proper diagnosis from a specialist in this area.

“Watchful waiting” depends upon the severity of the condition which will determine the likelihood of its persistence. Apparently Ms. Emmons does not realize that the administration of puberty blockers, if warranted by the severity of the condition and the age of the child, is not a commitment to a course of action.

As Dr. Jack Turban at Harvard Medical School recently explained in a New York Times Op-Ed:

The public deserves accurate medical information about how doctors care for transgender youth, instead of alarmist commentary from pundits and politicians. One of the most important things to know is that doctors offer affirmation in different ways at different stages of development.

In other words, there are many options, not just two. Turban goes on to explain that prepubescent children are limited to social transition. Puberty blockers are provided based on a youth’s biological age in contrast to their calendar age. Biological age relative to puberty is referred to as their “Tanner stage.” The Pediatric Endocrine Society is quite clear that puberty blockers are fully reversible.

As Turban explains:

This medication pauses puberty to buy adolescents more time to decide whether they want to later take estrogen or testosterone, medications to go through the puberty that matches their identity. Without puberty blockers, a child will go through physical changes like voice deepening or breast development that are difficult to reverse and often require surgery.

Those physical changes also create additional distress. Keep in mind that acute gender dysphoria can be as deadly as an aggressive form of cancer.

Libby Emmons needs to study this matter some more:

According to Wade, Zaya was insistent on being trans. “I don’t think I’m gay,” Wade recalled Zaya saying. “This is how I identify myself. This is my gender identity. I identify as a young lady. I think I’m a straight trans (girl) because I like boys.” Ten years ago, Zion would have just been gay, period.

To say that Zaya would have been gay ten years ago is irresponsible. Keep in mind that more than 100 years ago, Dr. Alan Hart (no relation) was the recipient of a form of gender confirmation surgery. Medical science has understood incongruent gender for a very long time. That understanding includes being able to differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity.

The only person who can make that assessment is a qualified psychiatrist who specializes in this area. Ms. Emmons is not qualified.

A future as a lifelong medical patient is not a decision a child should be allowed to make at 12 years old, and certainly not in the public eye. Speaking on “Ellen,” Wade recounted he and Union instantly accepted Zion’s assessment and became open advocates of the trans cause.

First of all is is offensive (and frankly sophomoric) to dead-name transgender youth. Secondly, it is not easy to obtain a diagnosis of pediatric gender dysphoria. It requires meeting six of eight very objective criteria.

Finally, Ms. Emmons has no idea whether Zaya is prepubescent or has entered puberty. Emmons does not know if Zaya is being medicated.

Neither I nor Libby Emmons know Zaya’s medical history. The average parent is going to get a diagnosis and most likely a second opinion. At 12 years of age Zaya and her healthcare providers are not making any irreversible decisions. It will be another four years before she might become a candidate for cross-sex hormones.

They began to use the new name, Zaya, and decided they would trust their 12-year-old to guide them, as opposed to leading as parents. …

As they should. Gender diverse children who are supported in their identity enjoy mental health comparable to their cisgender peers. Sometimes we need to listen to children to know how best to support their needs. Emmons does not approve of trans youth. That’s her problem, along with the religious nonsense that engendered her ignorance.

Ellen DeGeneres is an out lesbian and has been since the 1990s. Given her perspective on the importance of accepting and integrating gays and lesbians in society at large, it’s odd she would celebrate when a 12-year-old who has proclaimed his same-sex attraction switches to believing he is a straight member of the opposite sex. In fact, advocates for same-sex-attracted people are concerned that the push for transgenderism is erasing homosexuality.

“Same-sex attraction?” That is meaningless Vatican-speak. The overwhelming majority of gay people are supportive of transgender people (I certainly am). The reasons include the fact that we have a common oppressor for a common reason. Neither I nor Ellen are threatened by the existence of transgender people.

I am unable to determine whether or not Emmons believes her own bullshit or if she is cynically trying to create friction. It doesn’t really matter. We will continue to embrace transgender people in common cause. They strengthen our advocacy. By fighting for them we are fighting for us.

Rinse, repeat

Instead of questioning a child who comes to believe his body is wrong, the trend is simply to believe them. Gay and lesbian celebrities, politicians, neighbors, friends, and family members make it easier for people to relinquish prejudice, and trans is lumped in with homosexuality.

In how many different ways is she going to say the same thing? The “trend” is the same for all childhood conditions which is to secure a competent diagnosis. This is not about what is easy. This is about what is best for a child.

According to the National LGBTQ Task Force, “most transgender people also identify on the queer sexual orientation spectrum.” But digging into this assertion reveals something rather surprising: 77 percent of respondents to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey said their sexual orientation was something other than straight, leaving 23 percent of respondents identifying as straight. However, these definitions have been remade to suit gender ideology.

Gender is most certainly not a philosophy, doctrine or “ideology.” Emmons is confusing a condition that she disapproves of with her own religious beliefs. Religious dogma is an ideology.

Most transgender people are queer in terms of sexual orientation. Take Caitlyn Jenner, for example, as a man she was heterosexual. Affirming her gender she has become a lesbian. These are two distinct and separate constructs. Gender identity and sexual orientation are continua. Nature has an infinite palette of combinations.

I find the endless possibilities fascinating. However, that potential scares the living shit out of conservative Christians who need to believe that their god only created cisgender, heterosexual people.

Their projection is also interesting. The religious conservatives claim that trans people are “pretending” to be the opposite sex. Meanwhile they are pretending that sexuality which they disapprove of must not exist regardless of proven science. Then they simply make stuff up to bolster their own pretenses.

That explains why gay people are presumed to be “objectively disordered.” Science does not agree but they do not care.

After claiming that it is “more palatable” for Zaya to present as trans rather than gay:

This is also the case in restrictive cultures, wherein gay people are considered a problem, but trans people are accepted. This is because trans offers a “cure” for homosexuality, a way to turn a gay person straight.

From whose ass did she pull that out of? She points to Iran as an example. It is true that Iran seems to be more accepting of transgender people than it is of gay people. To claim that they see this as a means of curing homosexuality is absurd.

My understanding is that gay sex is explicitly banned in the Quran but that being transgender is a subject of clerical debate without clear guidance in Muslim scripture. I don’t happen to have a Mullah handy but I am pretty sure that no one perceives being transgender as a means of curing homosexuality.

What if some kids who present as trans are actually gay but feel that trans is more socially acceptable? This is the contention of some lesbian, gay, and bisexual advocates, who are concerned that the emergence of trans identity is an erasure of same-sex-attracted identity.

What if? I do not know who is saying what Emmons claims LGB “advocates” are saying. If any gay or bi person feels threatened, in any way, by transgender people then I will assert that said gay or bi person is irrational. It makes no sense at all.

I have to just skip to the end of this stupidity before I start chewing on my keyboard:

The gay rights movement was about accepting a person with divergent sexuality. Trans rights are not about accepting people as they are, but sculpting them anew out of their own flesh. Parents must stop deferring to children who complain their brain is in the wrong body. Parents like Wade and Union should be guiding their children, not the other way around.

The idiot is hopelessly confused and issuing edicts from ignorance. Hopefully parents will listen carefully to the advice of the doctors who treat their children. Get a second or third opinion but they need to accept the fact that there are dedicated clinicians who know more about juvenile sexuality than they do.

Medical science is not always perfect but it is based on evidence and it constantly improves. Libby Emmons’ appeal is based on faith, something that she will likely deny. When you are doing this as long as I have you can spot a religious argument a mile away.

Faith-based medical care is an oxymoron. LGBTQ children and their parents get nothing of value from Christian clerics or Hasidic zealots insofar as the health of kids is concerned.

By the way, Emmons’ Twitter handle is “@li88yinc.” Perhaps she is unaware that people who substitute “88” for letters are usually white nationalist. H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. HH is shorthand for heil Hitler. Perhaps she does know.

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