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Brian S. Brown in Verona for World Congress of Families.

It’s Brian S. Brown, again. This time he’s asking for money on behalf of International Organization for the Family which is an assumed name for the Howard Center For Family Religion and Society.

Brown’s missive is titled: families need you now. Translated that means Brown needs money donated to his little anti-LGBTQ hate group with the pretext that donations will somehow help others:

With America and the world struggling mightily to contain and defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus, many are experiencing the reality of the natural family at home during the crisis. This experience of the reality of the family stands in stark contrast to the false ideology that the family is effectively a political construct that can be changed and redefined.

Brian S. Brown is incapable of providing a paragraph of text that is free of bullshit. The “natural family at home during the crisis” means that divorced parents, single parents, gay parents and anything else that Brown disapproves of do not count. The “false ideology” is claiming that there is a false ideology.

No one believes that family is a “political construct.” Brown is certain that “we vs. them” is a necessity in fundraising. Put more simply, Brown subscribes to: Everyone needs an enemy.

The notion that giving Brown some money will help families in need is ridiculously false. Many Americans are at home without pay and with dwindling resources. Giving money to Brown won’t help those families in need.

Were Brown not a self-absorbed lunatic, he would guarantee that, at a time of crisis, every penny would go to a food bank. He will not do that.

I am reminded that, in his other gig, as head of National Organization for Marriage, some $70 million has been pissed away to thwart marriage equality. Gay couples who marry affect no one else. However, Mr. Brown has a religious objection.

It is not sufficient for Catholic adherents not to enter into same-sex marriages. In Brown-world, no one — Hindu, Buddhist or Jew — may be permitted to marry someone of the same sex.

One more paragraph for good measure:

IOF is the leading organization in the world fighting to protect and defend the natural family – a married man and woman raising their children in love. Families across America and the world need us now more than ever during this coronavirus crisis to stand firm and to point out during this crisis all the benefits the family brings to societies, and especially to children. Will you help us by making a generous financial contribution?

Exactly what protections and defenses does Brown’s audience require? What is Brian S. Brown offering? Brown, I suspect, is being paid by right wing European autocrats, including Russian oligarchs, to spread his brand of fanaticism across Eastern Europe and to bolster undemocratic regimes like that of Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

Raising money in the United State is, in part, a cosmetic effort in an attempt to project some independence on the part of the Howard Center. That organization ended 2018 with assets of $69 thousand on revenues of around a half-million dollars. The 2018 tax return has not been posted to Guidestar but it has been filed. There isn’t enough unallocated money flowing through Howard Center to fund Brown’s travel expenses.

As an aside I have asked the IRS to review Brian S. Brown’s personal returns. My hypothesis is that he is being paid directly by foreign sources to be president of both International Organization for the Family and National Organization for Marriage. Those organizations are required to show those funds as revenues and disbursements.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.