Trump seems to have come around to the view that the coronavirus is not a hoax. Trump’s supporters? Not so much.

If you want a sampling of opinion from the Trump constituency, just take a look at the comment thread of a post on The Federalist. The average discharged AA battery is better informed. It’s not just Fox. “News” sources from Pluto are subjected to confirmation bias worthy of an NRA political spinner.

I wonder if Alex Jones or Jim Bakker have a magic potion to restore the brain cells lost to my curation of snippets:

Yep, here is what the CDC has to say about the normal number of deaths to be expected from flu:

We’ve allowed our country and its economy to be shut down by the Liberals Who Art In Washington over a grand total of around 400 deaths. If we were to take liberals seriously, they want America to commit suicide over fear of dying.

You do realize that the Deep State will only escalate the next time.

Bio-terror is not the “final option” for inciting mass panic in a Stress Reaction Cascade.
This has always been the leftist plan – find any emergency they can turn into a permanent one to justify repealing our Constitution.


The lethality of COVID-19 is far greater than the flu. There does not exist some grand conspiracy to exaggerate the potential carnage and it is not subservient to an agenda. Nor is this hysteria. Moreover, there is a flu vaccine. None exists for the coronavirus. For that matter, there is no proven treatment.


Lethality is greater than the flu?

You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

I have spared you this individual’s understanding of epidemiological statistics.

Your gripe should be with the Chinks…

But you’re fully in the advanced stages of TDS

At the risk of sounding offensive, if the over-65 group gets culled by disease, it saves Social Security and Medicare for the Xers. What easier way to cut benefits paid than to remove recipients from the payment pool?
Washington and the media are very much aware of the looming economic disaster. This is EXACTLY what they had hoped for all these years! They think a rotten economy would boost their chances of taking the 2020 election and ousting Trump. After all, it was James Carville who famously said, “it’s the economy, stupid!”
The timing of this “crisis” seems to be no accident.
Russia Russia Russia failed to get rid of Trump, Mueller’s nothingburger didn’t get the liberals any traction in removing him, distracting from Biden’s corruption in Ukraine got them nowhere, and hard on the heels of that, the impeachment scam got the Democrats nothing. You can’t blame the liberals for trying to capitalize on China’s releasing of a bioweapon against the human race and using the fallout to collapse the US economy during his watch.

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