Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown has imaginary friends and imaginary enemies.

Wednesday, according to Brian S. Brown, soros uses coronavirus crisis to attack IOF. The truth is that George Soros typically doesn’t attack anyone. He doesn’t have to.

Brian S. Brown is turning Howard Center For Family Religion and Society into something comparable to National Organization for Marriage. Both organizations rely on hyperbolic and dishonest fundraising appeals. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Howard Center — including assumed names World Congress of Families and International Organization for the Family — is an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

George Soros is a very important and accomplished man. Aside from his enormous philanthropic generosity, Soros (who arrived in London penniless) invented what we now call a hedge fund. In some quarters George Soros is code for evil Jewish influence.

Brian S. Brown might believe that claiming George Soros is an enemy makes Brown seem important. Brown’s problem is that he has never successfully accomplished anything unless you call looting NOM an accomplishment. Brown’s plunder is a violation of the donors who allowed NOM to continue to exist.

Brown’s pitch

As you know, George Soros – the radical leftist billionaire who funds much of what happens on the left – has identified the International Organization for the Family (IOF) as a principal opponent that must be challenged. He’s right that IOF is committed to defeating the ideology that Soros and his network of groups advances. We’ve seen repeated attacks from him, including one just the other day coming in the midst of the world-wide outbreak of coronavirus.

“The ideology that Soros … advances” is world peace. That “network of groups” does not include anything that could be deemed a hate group. Soros is defined mostly by what he is for. His donations reflect a strong desire to reduce poverty, improve education, foster democracy in the former Soviet republics and increase government transparency.

George Soros is a progressive. That doesn’t make him a “radical leftist.”

Brown continues:

One of Soros’ groups is called openDemocracy. They bill themselves as an independent global media platform but in reality are the bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece of the Soros network. They’re behind numerous attempts to slander IOF through the use of fake “investigations” into our beliefs and activities. In the midst of the COVID-19 worldwide health pandemic, they’ve issued a new “health care investigation.” The scandal they have uncovered: IOF opposes abortion.

Brian S. Brown does not provide a link to the piece in openDemocracy. Its title explains the real scandal: With help from American activists, Ukrainian women are being misled about abortion. OpenDemocracy does receive funding from the Soros Foundations. However, neither Soros nor the foundations have any editorial control.

The scandal is not that “IOF opposes abortion.” Rather it is the rise of religious right organizations in Ukraine with their pregnancy resource centers.

[The counselor] said my “ability to love” would also be affected. “It is better to give him life than to get breast cancer or uterus cancer”, she added, incorrectly claiming that after an abortion, these are “risks that await you at every corner”.

Like their U.S. counterparts, these centers also give the false impression that they provide abortion services.

There is no mention of IOF in the piece which was written by investigative reporter Tetiana Kozak. Brian Brown is mentioned in the context that World Congress of Families is one of the groups orchestrating fraudulent anti-abortion campaigns:

The World Congress of Families is led by the US activist Brian Brown who visited Ukraine last year to participate in an ultra-conservative ‘family forum’ in Kyiv. This March, he met Voloshin and Sviatoslav Yurash, the young co-leader of the “Values. Dignity. Family” group in Ukraine’s parliament.

“We agreed to coordinate efforts in everything, adopt international experience in legislation… and also do everything to prove: that to be part of the modern world there is no need to bury our eternal values under the cover of a rainbow flag, wrote Voloshin on Facebook, posting a picture of himself and Brown.

The World Congress of Families also has significant Russian ties. It was founded after a 1995 Moscow meeting. Alexei Komov, a close associate of ‘Orthodox oligarch’ Konstantin Malofeev, is on the board of the US group behind it.

Komov is a piece of work in his own right. Malofeev appears on the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons.

My theory is that these same Russians are paying Brian Brown and supporting both the Howard Center and National Organization for Marriage. Technically, even paying Brian Brown’s salary would be an off-balance-sheet transaction which is a prohibited practice by a tax-exempt entity. Brian Brown has always subscribed to the notion that laws do not apply to him. He is special.

Brown’s mendacity goes from absurd to utterly preposterous

What is critical to understand about this latest attack is the timing of it. It comes on the heels of our launch of as a worldwide media platform that will counter the influence of openDemocracy and their media allies. is a game-changer in the battle for the hearts and minds of people around the globe in terms of family-related issues. Soros knows that, and so do we. That’s why his network is trying to ‘kill it in the crib’ before we establish too large of a media footprint.

I seriously doubt that George Soros is terribly concerned about a rarely read website. Nor is that website likely to have any effect on the influence of openDemocracy. It sure as hell is not a “game-changer.” The site is irrelevant.

Let’s send George Soros and his network of shadowy groups a message: you will no longer be able to control the flow of information critical to the world’s understanding of family issues like life, marriage, parenthood, gender and religious liberty.

“Shadowy?” No one in Soros’ network is sanctioned by numerous nations. Donating money to Howard Center doesn’t send a message to anyone about anything. My hypothesis is that Howard Center needs to raise funds independent of its European benefactors in order to look legitimate.

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By David Cary Hart

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