“Mr. Donohue provides assurances that religious doctrine and superstition are close cousins.”
Bill Donohue
The holier-than-thou Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has not filed two years of required tax returns. Mr. Morality indeed.
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Wednesday, Blowhard Bill Donohue has penned: Pope brands transgender theory as evil.

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is devoted to simplistic thinking. The pope says thus and so. For Donohue, the pope’s utterances become reality — absolute truth. No proof required. No critical thinking desired. Intellectual curiosity is a victim of religious devotion.

I frankly resent lectures about morality from someone who is a tax cheat. The Catholic League never filed a tax return for 2016. The last extension for the 2018 return expired on October 15, 2019. He still has not filed it. Yes, I filed a referral with the Internal Revenue Service which went beyond the habitual nonfiling.

At the risk of stating the obvious:

  1. Being transgender is a form of gender affirmation.
  2. According to medical science, gender affirmation mitigates the anxiety and depression that accompany gender dysphoria.
  3. Therefore, being transgender is an effective means of treating a medical condition.
  4. There is no other intervention known to medical science to effectively treat the condition.
  5. There is no such thing as transgender theory. Being transgender is a reality for about 0.5% of the population.
  6. We can trace the existence of transgender people as far back as ancient Egypt.
  7. Transgender people have determined that exposing themselves to inevitable ridicule provides a better quality of life than suffering with gender dysphoria.
  8. There is nothing “evil” about being transgender. Transgender people pose no peril to others.

I’m sure that I left something out but you get the idea. In my mind, good and evil are often determined by how we treat others.

Our Bill is far from done:

Pope Francis is on the left of the political spectrum on economic and environmental issues, but he remains a conservative on moral issues. His defense of the rights of the unborn is as strong as his two predecessors, and there is nothing heterodox about his comments on marriage, the family, and sexuality: he is a defender of traditional moral values.

There is nothing immoral about being transgender. Immoral is judging others by their presentation rather than by who they really are.

Transgender theory give way to gender theory

The Holy Father goes beyond his two predecessors by strongly condemning gender theory. He was recently asked where he sees evil at work today. “One place is ‘gender theory.’” He went on to say that gender theory is “dangerous” because it seeks to destroy basic differences between the sexes. “It would make everything homogenous, neutral. It is an attack on difference, on the creativity of God and on men and women.” These remarks are nothing new for the pope. In 2014, he said, “Gender ideology is demonic.”

Obviously, gender identity is not a theory. It is a scientific fact. He is personifying so-called gender theory by assigning the quality of “seeking to destroy” something else. It’s complete nonsense. The fact that a tiny minority of people have incongruent gender has no effect on our understanding of differences between sexes. It (again with the personification) does not “attack” anything.

The pope’s problem (which became Donohue’s problem) is that the existence of transgender people — in their narrow minds — conflicts with scripture. It doesn’t even do that but I am not one to effectively argue about theology.

Such comments would be enough to get Pope Francis banned from speaking in England—Franklin Graham was just banned for voicing similar comments—and from most colleges and universities in the United States. Many Catholic ones would like to deny him the right to speak the truth about this subject as well, though they wouldn’t have the nerve to do so.

The pope has the right to his opinions. However, those opinions do not define truth.

If this madness about men and women being interchangeable were just a theory confined to the asylum and the academy (increasingly indistinguishable), no one would care. But unfortunately, it has been operationalized.

Among idiotic arguments, the above is extra special. In no way are men and women interchangeable. Were that the case then there would be no such thing as gender incongruent people. The asylum reference reminds me of faith run amok. Mr. Donohue provides assurances that religious doctrine and superstition are close cousins. The academy tends to be evidence-based.

But tell me. Do these two men actually believe that demons are behind all things that they disapprove of? What proof do they offer that demons exist or even might exist.

A couple of centuries ago it was common belief that illnesses were caused by demons. The cure for any sickness was to drive out the demons. I assume that these men are more advanced than that. And, yet, that is precisely how they believe people with gender dysphoria should be treated. “Evil,” “demonic,” “demented” (people confined to the asylum). Those are their words.

The ACLU, which worked hard to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment for women for 50 years, is defending the discrimination against the girls. “The truth is,” it says, “transgender women and girls [meaning men and boys who think they are not men and boys] have been competing in sports at all levels for years, and there is no research supporting the claim that they maintain a competitive advantage.”

First of all, the ACLU did not “work hard to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment.” According to the organization:

In 1970, the ACLU endorsed the Equal Rights Amendment and declared women’s rights its top priority. The following year, the ACLU established its national Women’s Rights Project to seek equality for women through litigation.

I believe that 1970 is 50 years ago. Moreover, if there is research that transgender women have a competitive advantage over cisgender women, Mr. Donohue fails to cite it or link to it. Sports is an area that can be easily resolved. Donohue doesn’t want to resolve anything. He prefers to have the demagogue’s talking point.

That argument implodes by considering the Olympics. The reason why the Olympics is a showcase of sex segregation is precisely because men are stronger and faster than women. If there were not a competitive advantage enjoyed by men, the Olympics would be unisex. It never will be. That is because men have more testosterone than women, and even the ACLU can’t do anything about that.

Actually the IOC resolves gender through testosterone levels. I am inclined to believe that transgender women have testosterone levels comparable to cisgender women due to hormone consumption. Billy doesn’t want to think in those terms. His version of Genesis is insulted. That and a word from his religious leader and he’s a done deal.
The following is not only colossally stupid but obnoxious:

Why is this subject even a matter of debate? Because of the geniuses who populate the academy. It all comes down to the postmodern assault on truth, nature, and nature’s God.

Once that is done, a man can consider himself to be a dog and compete in a dog show. He can even be walked by a professor of sociology and access a hydrant. Wonders never cease.

To answer Donohue’s rhetorical question, it is a matter of debate because the faith-based philosophies of some people are at odds with evidence-based science. Truth is based on evidence as well, not religious dogma. Donohue’s simile is evidence of senility.

Gender dysphoria is not a delusion. As a little girl, Jazz Jennings provided the simplest, easiest to understand explanation. “I have a boy body and a girl brain.”

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.