The Power of Christ Compels You
“The power of Christ compels you!”

The Exorcist (1973) via YouTube

According to Martin Barillas at, an anti-LGBTQ hate group:

Fr. José Antonio Fortea Cucurull, a famed exorcist and an expert on the subject of the occult and demonic possession, said that many people have asked him whether the spread of the deadly virus is a divine punishment…

The answer, according to Cucurull, is “yes.” Were divine retribution real then       

I’m still here but I am concerned for the wellbeing of Hemant Mehta.

A great deal of imagination is not required to determine what this cleric is referring to:

“Being politically correct is often preferred over what the Bible tells us: Don’t go down that path; This is a sin; This is a transgression; This is not pleasing to God. This is an abomination,” the priest explained.

He said that it is often that many people prefer to offer “a thousand excuses why God does not punish, even though the Bible says repeatedly that God does punish.”

The good father is conflicted. We do not cause natural disasters. It’s just that God allows them to happen because of us. Ergo, we do cause natural disasters:

The priest said that in the Book of Samuel, God offered three options for King David to select for having incited the divine wrath: hunger, war and pestilence, which are prefigurements of the Apocalypse.

These historical chastisements, Fr. Fortea said, were permitted by God and have a connection to sin. “The greater part of evil,” he said, “is human, not natural,” adding, “Sin has its repercussions in nature, not because sin provokes an earthquake or tidal wave, but because God allowed something to happen that He would not have permitted otherwise.”

Addressing the current outbreak, he said:

It is not that God has directly caused the virus. The virus was created by natural means, for reasons that are biological. That virus could have expired in some home after infecting 15 people, and we would never have known of its existence. The virus proliferated because God permitted it. He didn’t create it. This time, God permitted it to proliferate. There may have been other such viruses to which God said, “No, it will not spread.”

Mr. Barillas spreads similar chear at LifeSiteNews. I find it remarkable that people actually subscribe to this nonsense.

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