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Moving is a bitch. I feel like a Bedouin. Anyway, I needed an excuse to pause so I caught up on email. The latest missive from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is titled democrat ‘off label’ drug hypocrisy.

Right now, there are no drugs that have been specifically approved to treat COVID-19. However, one promising drug to help infected people is hydroxychloroquine … So, many physicians have been prescribing the drug to coronavirus patients using a process called “off label.” “Off label” allows an approved drug to be prescribed for something that was not previously considered when the drug was approved

The above is essentially true. Nevertheless, in the past, Brown has feigned a shitfit over the use of puberty blockers which are prescribed off-label to treat pediatric gender dysphoria. Puberty blockers were originally developed to treat precocious puberty.

Brown attempts to reverse his own hypocrisy. As you will see, he claims that two governors (who have done nothing wrong) represent all Democrats and that the mystical LGBTQ activist army is duplicitous.

Supposedly we are against the use of chloroquine being used off-label to treat COVID-19 (we are not) while being in favor of using Lupron off-label to treat pediatric gender dysphoria.

Another pair of pants up in flames

Perhaps because President Trump seems to favor the use of hydroxychloroquine, some Democrats now oppose its use. The Democrat governors of Nevada and Michigan (Steve Sisolak and Gretchen Whitmer) have threatened to punish physicians in their states for using the “off label” process to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 patients.

Brown is lying. Governors Sisolak and Whitmer banned the administration of chloroquine to treat COVID-19 on an outpatient basis. This has no effect on the treatment of patients in the emergency room or who have been hospitalized. Furthermore, the word Democrat is a noun. The adjective that Brown refused to use is Democratic. He is parroting the moronic Tea Party set.

I honestly have no idea what “situational science” means. Whatever it might be, donating money to NOM isn’t going to change anything other than the weight of the donor’s wallet.

Frank Schubert just forwarded this same email with his added blessing:

I think Brian Brown was absolutely right yesterday to call out Democrat leaders for their hypocrisy in threatening doctors with punishment if they prescribe the drug hydroxychloroquine to coronavirus patients using the “off label” process. Yet these same Democrats say nothing when the transgender community generates nearly a billion dollars in “off label” prescriptions of powerful puberty blockers used on children as young as eight who are confused about their gender.

As you see, Schubert added another layer of bullshit. Eight-year-olds do not receive puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria. These are prescribed just after entering puberty.

This occurs in girls between ages 10 and 14; in boys between ages 12 and 16. Furthermore, none of this has anything to do with off-label prescribing.

There are two reasons that the governors took this action:

  1. Some people, particularly people over 65 years of age, suffer serious side effects and should be monitored in a hospital setting.
  2. The outpatient ban is intended to address the potential for hoarding. Anyone who has been trying to get toilet paper understands what I am talking about.

Keep in mind that Trump promoted the medication as a treatment for COVID-19 and falsely stated that the Food and Drug Administration had just approved the use of chloroquine to treat patients infected with coronavirus.

Brown drones on:

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi like to say that they believe in science. But their reliance on science is entirely situational. They ignore science when it conflicts with their radical ideology, as it does in their whole-hearted embrace of the extreme LGBT agenda and its current focus on transgenderism. NOM has been leading the fight opposing their efforts for years, and we continue to do so. But we need your help.

Please. That is pure, unadulterated pigeon poop. Brian S. Brown is a superstitious fool. The Catholic Church says that gay people are “objectively disordered.” That stupidity — in direct contradiction to science — becomes truth for Brown.

The Church also claims that transgender people cannot possibly exist because of a passage in Genesis (which is very fucking scientific). Brown is all in.

Because of religion — not science — Brown disapproves of the gender-affirming care model which represents the overwhelming consensus of medical science.

At this point, anyone donating to NOM is a mindless idiot. Through 2018 NOM has spent over $70 million and has nothing to show for it. Some of that money went into Brian S. Brown’s pocket in addition to his compensation.

If Brown ever explodes every inch of ground in a 50 mile radius will be covered with crap

There are strong supporters of the LGBT community who are looking for any way to advance their agenda. One potential way is to use the COVID-19 crisis to insert language in emergency legislation that imposes their ideology on the American people. We are on guard to prevent that from happening in the bills pending in Congress now. It is critically important that we succeed, especially for vulnerable children.

Brown is projecting. Brown thinks that everyone else is as dishonest as he is. He imagines nefarious forces exploiting a crisis to do something else that he disapproves of.

Brown shamelessly refers to “vulnerable children.” Sexual minority kids are vulnerable. They are forced to be victims of religious blowhards like Mr. Brown. Brian S. Brown lies about what medical science teaches us about gay and transgender people.

Fortunately there are dedicated physicians, counselors, teachers and parents who work hard to prevent children from becoming self-loathing. They bolster the ego-strengths of these kids. Sexual minority children are taught to ignore the ignoramuses.

Needless to say, when it comes to LGBTQ youth, their medical care is unrelated to the coronavirus. That’s just one more lie. The bigger lie is that NOM has some influence over Congress. NOM also has no sway over the medical care of gender diverse children — and never will. Medical science is fiercely resistant to religious influence over clinical practice guidelines.

The only people preying on sexual minority youth are religious crackpots who want to convince vulnerable parents to ignore medical science. Could anyone possibly believe that NOM is going to alter the consensus of medical science?

The turds keep piling up

According to a media report, the manufacturer of Lupron reported that the drug enjoyed $699 million in US sales in 2017 alone. That is a lot of American kids whose lives are being risked over a condition that almost all of them would outgrow if they were simply left alone.

Brown doesn’t provide a link. Perhaps this will put it in context:

One of AbbVie’s most versatile drugs, Lupron, brought in $236 million in revenue in 2018. Developed to fight everything from prostate cancer to vaginal fibroid tumors to early puberty, Lupron is a drug for every age and both sexes.
What’s one more lie?

Lupron has a long history of causing problems for patients. FDA data documented over 40,000 adverse reactions between 2012 and 2019, including 6,370 deaths.

First read the FDA disclaimers about the adverse effects reporting system. Aside from the fact that reports are not verified, there is this:

Existence of a report does not establish causation: For any given report, there is no certainty that a suspected drug caused the reaction. While consumers and healthcare professionals are encouraged to report adverse events, the reaction may have been related to the underlying disease being treated, or caused by some other drug being taken concurrently, or occurred for other reasons. The information in these reports reflects only the reporter’s observations and opinions.

The reporting system dashboard provides adverse events data. I looked up Lupron Depot — Ped which is what trans kids receive.

Since 1984 there have been 1,165 reported adverse events. 212 of those are considered serious and there are seven death cases. That is data over more than 36 years.

So, to sum it all up, the so-called “transgender industry” doesn’t really exist. Brown attempts to suggest otherwise with a grossly inflated sales figure for Lupron knowing full well that children taking the drug as a puberty blocker are a miniscule percentage of sales. Then Brown inflates the adverse-event reporting to suit his agenda.

Brown falsely claims 40,000 adverse reactions to Lupron between 2012 and 2019 along with 6,370 deaths. The FDA adverse events system provides three search terms for Lupron. They are Lupron, Lupron Depot and Lupron Depot-Ped.

Selecting all three derivatives provides a combined result. I cannot create a working link to the results table but the link to the dashboard is valid. Try it yourself. Here is the result:

As you can see the total is not 40,000 and not over seven years. The total is 27,284. The bottom half or the chart is cut off from my screen capture but that data is from 1984 to 2020. That’s a span of 36 years.

As for the supposed 6,370 deaths:

Click on image to enlarge

If Brian S. Brown had valid arguments he would not need to lie about the underlying facts. His positions fail because they are based on religious dogma which is based on faith. Brown is content to accept teachings from Vatican prelates over the scientists who have spent a lifetime of study and work learning all they can about their area of concentration.

The pope has been exceptionally off base when it comes to gender diverse people. He fails to accept his limitations as a catechist and theologian. Brian Brown hasn’t enough sense to question conflicts with medical science. His only option is dishonesty.

Brown routinely claims that that the science aligns with Church dogma. Nothing could be further from the truth. His arguments are as preposterous as Young Earth Creationists, climate deniers, Holocaust deniers, Q-Anon theorists, Moonies, Scientologists, people abducted by aliens and a whole host of humanity’s weakest links.

In the end, Brian S. Brown is claiming that the people who accept the science are science deniers.

Such folks are immune to ridicule. They believe that they have special knowledge. If only we knew what they know. Evidence no longer matters. Faith in the belief is superior to indisputable proof. Along with the special knowledge that up is down comes certitude. They are among the privileged few who know the truth. So they think.

By extension it becomes permissible to lie in order to advance what they are certain is the truth. The clinicians who treat trans kids, for example, are all part of some grand conspiracy. It all falls apart under critical analysis but some of the damage cannot be undone.

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By David Cary Hart

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