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Bill Johnson circa 2017

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Bill Johnson — American Decency Association — is no stranger to the pond. A few years ago, after a lengthy tirade about gay Oreo Cookies, gay Chobani yogurt and other same-sex goodies, Johnson was having a shitfit over rainbow Doritos.

Johnson and some other insane religious conservatives seem hell-bent on killing people. Johnson is promoting a conservative Christian investment consultant named Kevin Freeman. Freeman’s claim to fame is that 30 years ago he had some association with the late John Templeton who was a devoted, yet sane, Presbyterian.
In an email titled: Open the economy NOW (emphasis added):

Here are Kevin Freeman’s own words:

Tuesday, April 14, we will air a Livestream Special that may be the most important episode of the Economic War Room we have ever aired. It will be available on our YouTube channel and also Facebook Live. It will be focused exclusively on How to Reopen the Economy Now (or as soon as humanly possible). Of course there should be precautions taken and good practices applied. Of course, the most vulnerable should be sheltered. But the simple fact is that without a change in course soon, the United States, indeed the whole world, is in peril. This is an existential threat to Western Civilization.

That is not an overstatement. Certainly we can last a while longer in our homes, sheltering in place. But as time progresses, the damage is cumulative and edges toward irreversible. The Free World is without question at stake.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this Blog, you know that China is willing to sacrifice whatever required to win this economic war. You know of the atrocities committed there. You know of the Intellectual Property Theft. You know of the lies regarding the origin of the virus. And you no doubt question the official statistics coming from China and wonder just how the virus may have been contained if indeed it ever was.

The truth is that the Coronavirus is the short-term threat, but China is fully prepared to take advantage of it. They are happy to reopen their economy with the hope of global advantage.

The coronavirus will be a “short-term threat” if we continue to take necessary precautions. Furthermore, Freeman’s logic is particularly faulty. He writes: “Of course, the most vulnerable should be sheltered.”

Everyone is equally vulnerable to the virus. The most vulnerable, people over 65 and those with compromised immune systems, are at greater risk of severe illness and death if they contract COVID-19. However, everyone else can become infected and and capable of infecting others.

Particularly troublesome are those people who are infected with the virus but are asymptomatic. They are still contagious and have the greatest potential to spread the virus.

The virus might have plateaued in the United States. Following Mr. Freeman’s and Mr. Johnson’s advice is the very best way to guarantee a resurgence.

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By David Cary Hart

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