“People like Hyland have created a problem in the form of anti-LGBTQ prejudice. Now they resent people forced to clean up the mess that they made.”
Shawn Hyland
Shawn Hyland – Family Policy Alliance

Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family (which they might deny), has been focusing a great deal of attention on events in New Jersey. Friday, their director of advocacy, Shawn Hyland, has penned: The Benchmark of Western Civilization Under Attack in NJ Schools.

I am not at all sure how one would go about attacking a benchmark which is a comparative measure. According to Mr. Hyland:

Parents often think the LGBTQ curriculum developed by Garden State Equality (GSE) only focuses on sexual preferences, gender expression and gender identity. Unquestionably, it does those very things, but that is not the most dangerous portion of their curriculum. Most students will never struggle with their gender identity or their sexual attractions because of these lessons. However, what most students will question and become critical of is the institutions of the church and the family – the moral foundation of western civilization.

I must wonder whether Mr. Hyland’s sexual preference is doggy or missionary. Perhaps he prefers standing-doggy-in-the-shower. Cowgirl, chairing and lotus are popular as well. Apparently, some students will become gay or trans because of the curriculum.

The church is not the equal of family in the moral foundation of Western civilization. The church™ underpinned the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, slavery and then segregation along with anti-Semitism. Religion provides the inspiration for numerous hate groups including the Ku Klux Klan.

Currently, conservative Christianity bears most of the responsibility for anti-LGBTQ bigotry in the United States. In that regard it fully deserves to be criticized. In no way is the family, as an institution, subject to comparable criticism.

Hyland presumes that criticism is a bad thing. I beg to differ. In business, for example, I went out of my way to hire people who would be critical. Nobody needs sycophants (nobody other than Mr. Trump). Criticism helps shape our ideas and our presentations. Literature, art, architecture, music — virtually every human endeavor — benefit from criticism.

If Mr. Hyland is that insecure; if criticism of his idea of Christianity is so offensive to him, then, perhaps, it is not on a very stable foundation to begin with. What exactly is Mr. Hyland so afraid of?

Mr. Hyland is not afraid of being dishonest:

According to GSE lesson plans, the long-standing social structures created over many centuries by individuals and like-minded groups, such as natural marriage between a man and a woman, is a problem and these types of social norms must be “dismantled”. That is their language. That is their agenda.

The word “dismantled” is used in an explanatory fashion (see below) to express the very cogent idea that bigotry should be dismantled. That is a very worthwhile agenda which is not always a loaded word.

Mr. Hyland needs a new watch and a better understanding of history. “Many centuries” of American history are not required to know about a time when women were no more than a possession of their husband. That, too, was based, at least in part, on biblical beliefs. It wasn’t until the 1960s when women began to enter the workforce in great numbers.

I hate to break it to Mr. Hyland but gay couples can legally marry in this country. Same-sex marriage is also “natural marriage.” Must we hide that fact from children?

Married gay people are very much a part of the social norm. Hyland seeks to characterize the norm in the form of an ancient archeological dig rather than an understanding of contemporary culture.

To further inform you of the harmful contents within Garden State Equality’s LGBTQ curriculum, we have posted two new videos on our LGBT Curriculum series on YouTube and Facebook.

I made a point of flagging the YouTube video. It promotes anti-LGBTQ bigotry and the idea that LGBTQ people pose a danger to children. Not surprisingly, comments are turned off. They are afraid of some criticism.

A second YouTube video is similarly hateful. When flagging YouTube videos it is important to advance the timeline. YouTube will disregard flags made within the first few seconds of a video.

Mr. Hyland is not terribly subtle:

The Judeo-Christian world view places a strong emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of individuals. Over time, this has become a key and distinctive benchmark of Western Civilization. It is also one of the reasons communist governments dislike Christianity. Because it was Christianity in Western Civilization that promoted individual human rights and values. In Marxism, the State is supreme to the individual.

Really? Was the aforementioned promotion of the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, slavery, segregation, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ bigotry part of championing “individual human rights and values?” What human right is advanced with the idea that LGBTQ kids are evil little perverts?

Shawn Hyland is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He is trying, very awkwardly, to suggest that a responsible fact-based curriculum makes us Marxists. He seems to forget that a great many individuals are people that he disapproves of for religious reasons.

The red baiting continues:

This radical curriculum overturns that Judeo-Christian value of individualism and replaces it with collectivism– the practice or principle of giving a group priority over individuals. In collectivism the emphasis is not on the individual, individual rights or responsibilities. Instead it is on the group and group power. The collective group is what matters and society is nothing more than opposing groups striving for power and creating structures in society to purposely maintain their group’s dominance over others.

Rubbish! Acknowledging scientific and legal realities about LGBTQ people does not put us on the path to Marxism. Nor, for that matter does it give the LGBTQ community “priority over other individuals.” That false sentiment of special privileges has been used by every anti-LGBTQ hate group in existence.

Get a grip Mr. Hyland! Educating kids about LGBTQ people does not propel us towards communism. Apparently that is the most persuasive argument that this imbecile can foster and it is not at all applicable.

We have been here before. In the 20th century a popular anti-Semitic canard (from essentially the same folks) was that Jews were responsible for propagating communism. That explains a second bit of anti-Semitic mythology that Jews were trying to dominate the news media. You are not very original Mr. Hyland. You have just shifted your attention to another disfavored minority group.

Speaking of the lack of originality:

It is Karl Marx’s theory applied to sociology known as Cultural Marxism.

It is social unrest passionately leveraged to produce social conflict.

It is a NJ public school assignment, if schools adopt Garden State Equality’s radical social activism for their lesson plans.

17 years ago, Bill Berkowitz at the Southern Poverty Law Center authored: ‘Cultural Marxism,’ a conspiracy theory with an anti-Semitic twist.

The only people bent on creating “social conflict” are Shawn Hyland and his ilk. That is the very intent of his BS.

It will take many allies across the political spectrum to successfully persuade the legislature to give parents the right to opt their children out of biased political propaganda.

Parents cannot opt their children out of curriculum that is not sex education. Scientific and legal realities about LGBTQ people are not Sex-Ed.

Hyland seems to think that posting this piece of unidentified text, highlighted in part, proves something (other than his mendacity):

People like Hyland have created a problem in the form of anti-LGBTQ prejudice. Now they resent people forced to clean up the mess that they made.

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By David Cary Hart

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