In other Christian news (it’s one of those days).

Tony Spell at the helm of his church bus

via Newsweek

The Central, Louisiana police department (near Baton Rouge) issued a warrant for Spell (a Pentecostal pastor) on Monday. On Tuesday, Spell was taken into custody outside of Life Tabernacle Church and transported to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. The room service reportedly sucks.

Apparently Spell thought it would be a good idea to aim a bus at someone carrying a sign that he did not like. He did not hit the individual protester in the process of rapidly backing up towards him but the intent seems pretty clear.

Hit or not, Spell has been charged with aggravated assault.

Spell is perhaps best known for for holding in-person worship services attended by hundreds of people despite bans on mass gatherings to combat the spread of the coronavirus. At least one parishioner has died of COVID-19 and others are likely to have been infected.

Spell claims that the coroner lied about the cause of death of a fatality. The pathogen, according to Spell is a politically motivated conspiracy.

Tony Spell got the attention he so desperately sought. A little prison time might alter his perspective. Oh, and the guy who died happened to be Spell’s lawyer (or one of his lawyers).

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