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Religion does not excuse hateful rhetoric. The latest treatise from the Catholic League is titled: MASS PRODUCING LGBT PEOPLE. Blowhard Bill Donohue is a deplorable anti-LGBTQ bigot and a hypocrite:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the results of a new survey of LGBT people:

A new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute on LGBT people raises some important moral and political questions, though that is not the intent of the poll.

According to the survey, “5% of Americans identify as LGBT, including 2% who identify as gay or lesbian, 3% who identify as bisexual, and less than 1% who identify as transgender.” A demographic profile of these people yields striking results.

While the demographics are quoted in an April 14, 2020 PRRI research release, the demographic data is based upon a 2019 survey by American Values Atlas which is a subsidiary of PRRI.

PRRI does not provide a link to the AVA survey that they are quoting and I cannot find it on their website. I am, therefore, unable to review the methodology.

The PRRI paper deals with LGBTQ rights and Blowhard Bill is not happy that there are just too many queers for him to cope with. He indulges in a series of factually flawed fantasies which he manages to get wrong, even as fiction.

For example:

In terms of religious affiliation, people of faith are underrepresented. Almost half (47%) of the unaffiliated identify as LGBT.

Nope, dope. It’s the other way around. 47% of the LGBT people identify as religiously unaffiliated compared to 24% of the general population. Blowhard Bill is easily confused.

What these findings suggest is that to a large extent the LGBT community is a cultural phenomenon, not a biological one. How else to explain the disparities?

That makes no sense whatsoever. The findings provide no insight whatsoever into the origins of the LGBTQ community. I am not sure what disparities he is referring to but Bill takes a stab:

Take age. Why is there an inverse relationship between age and transgender identity, meaning the older the person the less likely he is to be transgender? To put it differently, why are those who identify as transgender mostly young people?

None of that is in the PRRI report that he initially referred to. Donohue doesn’t provide links so I have no idea what he is referring to. While people are transitioning earlier in life, the number of people who are trans has held pretty steady at about 0.5%.

Since I don’t know what numbers Donohue is referring to it is hard to analyze what he is claiming. I prefer not to propose a hypothesis to something that is probably incorrect. I do, however, know what Donohue’s objective is. Donohue is defending the idiotic teachings about transgender people that emanate from the Vatican.

They are idiotic because they are not based on science. Rather — and I know that it is tedious to keep pointing this out — they are based upon a verse in Genesis. It is in near proximity to the verse claiming that heaven and Earth (which was presumed to be flat) are separated by a hard shell.

Does any of this drivel really matter? Being gay is not a choice. Neither is being gender incongruent which, according to the Endocrine Society, has a biological component.

The broader point is that being LGBT is not a cultural phenomenon. Donohue offers no evidence to support his moronic theory.

Donohue is seeking a reason that discrimination is acceptable. The Church’s Courage Ministry likens being gay to being a drug addict with a 12-step “cure.” Bill is a cultist in spite of the fact that he is a divorced man.

Donohue attempts to explain his preposterous assumptions which he treats as fact:

Young people have been indoctrinated into thinking that being a member of the LGBT community is at least a value-neutral attribute, and may even be cool. As Pope Francis has said, there is a “nasty” tendency in schools to “indoctrinate” children, teaching that our sex can be chosen and changed. This is doing a disservice to young people and it shows up in high rates of depression and suicide in this segment of the population.

Blowhard Bill is actually claiming that a person can be “indoctrinated” (influenced) to being attracted to the same sex or contracting gender dysphoria. As for referencing the the pope’s expertise, when Francis has M.D. after his name he can opine about transgender people. I might even settle for a PhD in psychology.

Until then Francis should stop riding this hobby horse. He has been rocking back and forth since the start of his papacy in spite of the fact that he lacks the training and experience to do so authoritatively. The pope is a theologian and catechist. He is not an expert regarding human sexuality.

Furthermore, Donohue’s opus is dishonest. Children are not taught “that our sex can be chosen and changed.” Depending upon the school district, children might be taught the scientific fact that sex and gender are two different constructs. If people could choose their gender then there would be no transgender people since everyone would choose congruency.

Donohue has a set of bigoted balls for weighing in on depression and suicide (above). Part of the anxiety and depression that transgender people experience is a direct result of people like Blowhard Bill. The psyches of transgender people are largely shaped by their overall acceptance.

Sometimes it seems as if Donohue is striving for stupidity:

Further proof that much of what is driving the increase in the LGBT community is cultural can be found by analyzing the response of Native Americans. Why are they not overrepresented the way other non-whites are? The answer seems plain: they are the least affected by the dominant culture. It is the dominant culture, as shaped by the schools, the media, and the entertainment industry that is driving the LGBT agenda, enticing adolescents to “experiment.”

The above is not proof. It is an hypothesis — a faulty one at that. Donohue is assuming that Native Americans are subjected to different cultural influences. Only 22% of Native Americans live on reservations or trust lands. One cannot assume that even those folks (on Native American lands) are less influenced by American culture.

For the other 88% there is no question that they are immersed in the culture like everyone else. They go to the same schools and are consumers of the same entertainment.

But what is most obnoxious — and bigoted — is Blowhard Bill’s notion that adolescents become gay because they are enticed to experiment (presumably by those ubiquitous “recruiters” who are so prominent in religious conservative anti-LGBTQ methodology).

Donohue’s theories are not based upon evidence or even logic. They are concocted in a feeble attempt to validate the teachings of the church which are premised on ancient texts and the presumption that those texts are as trustworthy today as they might have been thousands of years ago.

Those same texts were trustworthy thousands of years ago because — in the absence of evidence-based science — they were deemed the most reliable means of explaining the natural world. Blaming natural disasters on a pissed of deity made infinitely more sense in biblical times than it does today.

Getting back to Donohue’s gay-through-inducement-and-experimentation, there is broad scientific consensus that sexual orientation and gender identity are formed by about two years of age. Donohue cannot produce a scrap of evidence to support his idea that sexual orientation can be influenced by others.

Conversion therapy doesn’t work for the same reason. The fact that conversion therapy has no scientific basis is the result of the fact that no evidence exists to support the practice.


Those who have no religious affiliation are of course more susceptible to LGBT propaganda: they are the most deracinated segment of the population. It is not devout Christian young people who are at war with human nature—it is secular-minded kids who reject the idea of nature and nature’s God.

“Deracinated” is a form of déraciné which means uprooted from one’s culture. It is pompous, arrogant and nonsensical to presume that religious adherence is required for people to be connected to their culture.

Blowhard Bill cannot accept the reality that conservative Christians and Hasidim are gay or suffering with gender dysphoria in the same percentages as everyone else. Dogma has no effect on sexuality. But Donohue chooses to torture science and common sense into conformity with scripture.

Stubbornly stupid

Rootlessness explains why the West has the highest proportion of LGBT people and the South has the least. Southerners are more anchored in tradition and religion than any other part of the country, while those on the west coast are the most likely to see tradition and religion as constraining, thus leaving them more susceptible to experimentation.

No Blowhard Bill. No. There are four important factors that BB ignores:

  1. Secular people are not rootless per se.
  2. A lack of evidence that the percentage of LGBTQ people is lower in the South.
  3. The reluctance of people in the Bible Belt to openly express their sexuality.
  4. LGBTQ people often leave the repressive — and primitive — Bible Belt; migrating to locales which are more accepting of sexual minorities.

You won’t find a whole lot of Jews living in Tulsa, OK either for some of the same reasons.

As to be expected, Democrats, most of whom are liberals, are more likely to be a part of the LGBT community than Republicans, most of whom are conservatives, proving once again the role of cultural values.

Again, BB has it ass backwards. LGBTQ Americans are more likely to be Democrats because Republicans, on the whole, reject LGBTQ people, often expressing the same bigoted nonsense as Donohue because Reagan allowed the party to become captive to the religious right.

Donohue’s balls need a sidecar:

Being an LGBT person is difficult enough (e.g., they suffer from high rates of depression and suicide), and this is especially true of the sexually confused (a male who thinks he is female and vice versa). That is why attempts to culturally mass produce them are pernicious.

And Blowhard Bill Donohue is determined to make life all the more difficult for LGBTQ people. To what end? The idea that LGBTQ people are “mass produced” is language that I would associate with Westboro Baptist Church. It makes the arrogant William Anthony Donohue a hate group leader in every sense.

Donohue is a hypocritical hate group leader. When Church dogma became inconvenient he became a divorced man. Furthermore, Donohue has forgotten that part about “render unto Caesar …” Caesar requires annual tax returns. Donohue seems to think that his phony piety absolves him of that responsibility.

So fuck you Mr. Donohue. First meet your civic responsibilities. Then you can offer hateful vomit about people you disapprove of.

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