If Dr. Michelle Cretella disagrees with the science then she should publish. She never has and she never will because she can’t.

A new post at AFA Journal is titled: Pediatrician champions truth versus transgender insanity. The author of this diatribe is one Randall Murphee who is apparently employed by American Family Association which is an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

The pediatrician that Murphee is referring to is Michelle Cretella, executive director of American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds). Southern Poverty Law Center deems ACPeds to be an anti-LGBTQ hate group as well.

Before we wander into the text it is important to understand that Michelle Cretella’s point of view is not as a physician. Not at all. Cretella is a Catholic extremist. Cretella conforms to Vatican doctrine, no matter how idiotic that might be and, according to the Vatican, transgender people do not really exist.

As for Murphee’s title, “insanity” is substituting religious dogma for medical science. The dogma emanates from celibate prelates who are theologians and catechists with no training or experience in medical science.

And we begin

May 2020 – “Nazi!” they call her. “Commander of the Skinhead pediatricians!”

“Junk scientist!” they shout. “Hater!”

All lies.

She is, however, a formidable foe of the transgender activist agenda – and in its view, a villain to be destroyed.

I am a frequent critic of Cretella and I have never called her any of those things. I call Michelle Cretella a bigot and her religious beliefs are no excuse for her fanatical transphobia. Belief and conduct are two different things.

Furthermore, Michelle Cretella is not a “foe” of mythical activists. Rather, Cretella is a foe of gender-affirming care which is the clinical standard of care according to her former peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Michelle Cretella is in a battle of her own making. The two sides are religious dogma vs. medical science. But it is not that simple. Cretella is intellectually dishonest. She is promoting faith-based Catholic doctrine as if it were evidence-based science. That constitutes the big lie.

Speaking of bullshit

Dr. Michelle Cretella … is a licensed pediatrician, wife, and mom who has a history of 17 years in practice and since 2012, has been on the research track with American College of Pediatricians. Her conservative and Christian credentials are solid as she sheds light on biblical truths about the sexes, the family, science, and the culture.

Cretella is not licensed and she is not on some “research track.” Cretella has never published research on gender dysphoria to a reputable academic journal. The American College of Pediatricians has done no research whatsoever that has been published in a reputable academic journal.

I have no quarrel with what Mr. Murphee calls “biblical truths” other than the fact that scripture might have been accepted as truth when it was written but is not scientifically truthful today. Even then, Cretella’s religious beliefs are hers to hold. Yet, she is not entitled to promote religious beliefs as science.

What’s the activist agenda?

“The transgender revolution in medicine has been sterilizing our children since the first gender clinic opened at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2007,” Cretella said. “Now the transgender revolution and its dangerous ideology have seeped into almost every aspect of our society.”

Children are not being sterilized and the medical literature regarding transgender people goes back well over 100 years. Furthermore, Cretella is projecting. Her religious beliefs are an ideology; the gender-affirming care model is not. It is based upon science which is based upon E V I D E N C E.

Cretella is claiming, essentially, that a sinister conspiracy to intentionally damage children exists. Doctors and educators and the media and secular people and… They are all in on it.

If she believes that she has a better treatment plan for acute pediatric gender dysphoria then she should do what experts in this area routinely do which is to publish findings to reputable academic journals. She never has. She cannot.

Simply put, a transgender man, woman, or child believes he/she is supposed to be the opposite sex. Many pursue surgery to that end. As an aggressive element of the broader LGBTQ agenda, transgenderism demands acceptance and approval from all. Cretella said the transgender movement emerged in the 1950s when Dr. John Money assigned a new meaning to the word gender. Earlier, gender and sex had been used synonymously to indicate male or female.

Let’s unravel Mr. Murphee’s prose a tad. We start with gender dysphoria or gender incongruence which has a wide spectrum of severity. When it is acute, the only means known to medical science to mitigate the symptoms (which include severe depression and anxiety), is transition which aligns one’s presentation with their gender identity.

As for surgery (which Murphee presents for shock value), about 30% of transgender people have gender-affirming surgery. At least a year of behavioral health therapy is required for a patient to qualify. Is 30% “many?”

No transgender person gives a flying fuck whether or not Murphee or Cretella approve of them. Transgender people are entitled to common courtesy. In polite society, we address people as they choose to be addressed. Trans people expect to be addressed according to their gender.

Misgendering trans people — particularly trans kids — does violence to them. It is gratuitously cruel to misgender trans people as a means of demonstrating disapproval. Doing so is a form of arrogance.

Misgendering is a false message that an individual’s approval has been solicited (it has not). Then that individual feels compelled to demonstrate that their approval is withheld. It is entirely unnecessary.

Murphee and Cretella believe two things about me (and then some): They believe that, because I am gay, I am “objectively disordered.” Because I am Jewish they believe that I am destined to go to Hell.

I really do not care what they believe. If they call me a “faggot kike” that gets my attention. Belief and conduct are two different things. Is expecting people to be polite really so burdensome?

Referring to the construct of gender as separate from natal sex:

“And that is precisely the language used today to justify the chemical and surgical attack that’s going on in our gender-confused children,” Cretella said.

Cretella is insane; irrational. Gender is a separate construct from natal sex. That is a fact established by the overwhelming consensus of medical science.

Again, if Cretella disagrees with the science then she should publish. Comments at one of AFA’s outlets is not the equivalent of publishing to a reputable academic journal.

Cretella has never published because her views are based on religion in contrast to science. She is also a demagogue. No one is attacking children and children are not candidates for surgery. Furthermore, Cretella seeks to substitute her religious judgment for that of clinicians and parents.

Let us review what Cretella calls an attack. Prepubescent children transition if a) they are in distress and; b) if transitioning offers relief. Transitioning means gender-conforming clothes and hair. No drugs whatsoever.

After entering puberty (Tanner stage 2 or 3) adolescents might be provided with puberty blockers which are fully reversible according to the Endocrine Society.

According to the Mayo Clinic, for children who have gender dysphoria, suppressing puberty might:

  • Improve mental well-being
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve social interactions and integration with other kids
  • Eliminate the need for future surgeries
    Reduce thoughts or actions related to self-harm.

The administration of puberty blockers requires parental consent. The consent of two clinicians is also required; the referring psychiatrist or psychologist and an endocrinologist.

Use of GnRH analogues doesn’t cause permanent changes in an adolescent’s body. Instead, it pauses puberty, providing time to determine if a child’s gender identity is long lasting. It also gives children and their families time to think about or plan for the psychological, medical, developmental, social and legal issues ahead.

If an adolescent child stops taking GnRH analogues, puberty will resume.

If their condition persists into their latter teen years, an adolescent might be prescribed hormones. According to the May Clinic, hormones are safe and effective. There are risks which are discussed with the adolescent and their parents.

The administration of hormones is not gratuitous chemistry. It requires a clinical evaluation, a mental health evaluation, informed consent and parental consent. Consent means a demonstrable understanding of risks and benefits.

A simple and simplistic comment triggers a verbose rebuttal but we all need to separate science from religious ideology.

Off into a land where reality is optional

She pointed out that every revolution begins with language, citing the phrase “sex assigned at birth,” as another example of how the transgender campaign has distorted a word’s meaning.

“That’s simply insane!” Cretella exclaimed. “It’s contrary to reality and to a Judeo-Christian worldview. Sex is determined. It’s not assigned. It’s determined at fertilization. If you have a Y chromosome, you will go down the male pathway. If you’re missing the Y chromosome, you’ll go down the female pathway.”

Cretella continues to insist that a controversy exists when it does not. No one disputes the reality of chromosomes. In fact, were that not a reality then gender dysphoria would not exist.

Cretella is being dishonest. She knows perfectly well that “sex assigned at birth” is a means of communicating the difference between natal sex from gender. It is applicable to a very small percentage of the population.

A feeble attempt to claim that science is on their side

What’s the science?

Cretella said, “We know there are at least 6,500 genetic differences between males and females that impact every cell of the body, every organ system. And our brains are wired differently.”

As adults, physical differences between men and women account for many of their contrasting thought patterns and behaviors, even if they agree in principle on important areas of life, e.g., parenting.

No one disputes any of that. Suggesting that there is a controversy when none exists is dishonest. What Cretella is trying to do is to obfuscate the fact that gender identity is an important factor in human sexuality and that sometimes (not often) gender identity does not align natal sex.

This all goes on for several paragraphs. Cretella uses the opportunity to take a dishonest swipe at marriage equality (which I will ignore) and there is this:

What’s the harm?

Cretella said health dangers for victims of the transgender myth abound. Lupron, the most frequently prescribed puberty blocker administered to children, is FDA approved for treating a disease called precocious puberty and for a number of adult diseases – but not approved for transgender treatment.

The worst side effects of puberty blocking may include “brittle bones, obesity, testicular cancer, memory problems, and [if combined with cross-sex hormones] permanent sterilization,” Cretella reported. “This is child abuse.”

Don’t you just enjoy when religious whack jobs call the science they do not like a myth? At least get current. Most people use the leuprolide implant. Cretella knows perfectly well that about 25% to 33% of all prescriptions in the U.S. are “off label.” The FDA trusts the doctor’s judgment.

Parents and the adolescent provide informed consent. They are aware of the potential side effects but make a considered judgment that the benefits outweigh the risks. Cretella has no experience in this area. Cretella has minimal training in endocrinology.

“Child abuse?” The very definition of child abuse would be not to treat children according to the best available science. The best science is reflected in a mountain of research which the American Academy of Pediatrics reviewed as part of establishing a clinical treatment standard: The gender-affirming care model.

Cretella and Murphee make no sense. Children should be made to suffer so as to not contradict a passage in Genesis? Seriously?

Ironically, parents who try to protect their children from this abuse often become victims of the powerful LGBTQ lobby aided by its friends in medicine, education, and politics. Thus, families, too, are at risk if parents move
to intervene.

Oh those activists are just everywhere. Who and where are these parents? That prepubescent kid in Texas everyone made a fuss over isn’t a candidate for medical interventions for about five years and is being permitted to explore his or her gender by a mother who is a practicing, board-certified pediatrician and academician.

“Parents are actually losing custody of their kids because they are trying to get their children real help,” Cretella said. “They are being denied their parental rights.

There are precisely two cases in the entire United States. In one, the adolescent was already living with the maternal grandmother who is sane and accepting (unlike the kid’s abusive father). In the other case the teen is fully emancipated under state law and mommy is estranged from her own daughter.

Notice how Cretella doesn’t establish what that “real help” is. Children have rights too including the right to be treated according to the best available medical science.

Look! It’s a bullshit kabob. Yum!

“With no science behind it, we have this transgender ideology that says [to a confused child], ‘You are born transgender,’” Cretella said. Unfortunately, every child is at risk because from preschool through university, schools are teaching this ideology.

Oh, it is a gigantic conspiracy to fuck up kids. The schools are part of it. On the other hand, God tells the pope. The pope tells the bishops and the bishops tell Cretella. Which scenario is more conspiratorial?

At long last the witch and her fluffer identify this as a religious issue

Where are the Christians?

Cretella said Christians must be bold. She summarized it bluntly: “You either worship God with a big G or god with a little g – man.”

“To declare that our bodies don’t matter,” she added, “…is diametrically opposed to Christian theology. The Incarnate Word. God – how did He save? He saved us by taking on a human body. This is significant.

“To believe our body is just this container, and it doesn’t matter – that’s in line with reincarnation, Hinduism, Buddhism!” It is the age-old conflict between a pagan worldview and a Christian one.

Yup. That’s the bottom line. Should the medical treatment of children conform to ancient texts of dubious provenance or the best available medical science? I wonder what this awful woman would do if one of her grandchildren was suffering from severe gender dysphoria.

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