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Dr. Michael Brown wants you to know: The Left’s Message to Samaritan’s Purse: You Cannot Be Christian. Brown goes on to claim that the objection to Samaritan’s Purse is their position on marriage.

As you might know, in conjunction with Mt. Sinai Hospital, Samaritan’s Purse has provided a field hospital in New York City’s Central Park, staffed with Christian Doctors. According to Brown:

It would be one thing if Samaritan’s Purse refused to treat a gay man. Or mocked a trans-identified individual. Or discriminated against a lesbian needing medical care. But none of that has ever happened. Instead, this massive, Christian humanitarian organization that serves each person alike is getting blasted by the left for one reason only. Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian organization that employs Christian workers and that believes in the historic teachings of the Bible.

I do not know what The Left™ is. I am a gay man who is a bit of a deficit hawk. Does that make me left or right? I am a registered Democrat (a recovering Republican) and have been for many years. Does that automatically mean that I am part of the left?

I think what Brown means by “the left” is people who do not think that earthquakes and tornadoes are attributable to marriage equality. Then count me in. There are Republicans who feel as I do. I don’t speak for anyone but me and I have a problem with Samaritans Purse.

Franklin Graham is a walking hate group

Graham recently did what Michael Brown has done; claiming that opprobrium is due to Christian beliefs about marriage. Honestly, I do not give a rat’s ass if either Brown or Graham thinks that  marriages are only valid when vows are exchanged while speaking in tongues.

Michael Brown and Franklin Graham offer a familiar refrain. one that National Organization for Marriage has made. “We’re not bigots — We just adhere to a biblical view of marriage.” Apparently, according to this “logic,” I am the bigot.

I know, and I think that most LGBTQ people know, the difference between beliefs and conduct. Franklin Graham’s conduct has been appalling! Bigotry is defined by conduct, not beliefs.

Here is a Franklin Graham sampler:

So, yeah, I am troubled that the City of New York and Mt. Sinai Hospital have partnered with an organization that is led by an odious bigot. Moreover, I am troubled that they are only using “Christian doctors.”

Physicians who happen to be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus is one thing. Physicians who call themselves Christian doctors have a history of conforming medical science to scripture. These are arguably not the best doctors available.

Mt. Sinai happens to be one of the best teaching hospitals in the world. It has a very diverse group of clinicians, administrators and board members. It’s also sitting on assets of more than $2 billion dollars. They have some amazing doctors. Why on earth did they need Samaritan’s Purse?

Corey Johnson, the speaker of New York City Council is a gay man. How did Samaritan’s Purse get the required permit to operate in Central Park?

Is it fair to judge an organization by the behavior or its leader?

Most definitely. The head of any organization is instrumental in forming the organization’s culture.

In conclusion, Dr. Michael Brown is once again framing Christians as victims for their faith. When Roman emperors used Christians as snacks for their lions Christians were victims.

Today Christians comprise a large majority of the population of the United States. Every president of the United States has been a practicing Christian. The Supreme Court has a conservative Christian majority. Trump has been appointing federal judges who are mostly conservative Christians. Christians head both houses of Congress. Some Christian holidays have become national holidays. No other religion has been afforded that privilege.

So stop complaining Dr. Brown! And stop the dishonest rhetoric.

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