Linda Harvey has managed to overload the standard meter

Hate group leader Linda Harvey of Mission America has always been, well, off. Harvey is Peter LaBarbera’s unhinged female doppelgänger. Wednesday, Harvey entertains us with Imagine if corona crisis helped push reset button on abortion, LGBT agenda, and porn.

I will skip the abortion and porn stuff except to say: If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one. If you don’t like porn (I do) then don’t watch any. Research has determined that people who live in the Bible Belt watch the most porn in America. Holier than … ooh, ahh, yow!

It is Linda Harvey’s extreme anti-LGBTQ bigotry (channeling Anita Bryant) that gets my attention:

Let’s end pride in sodomy. The rainbow rebellion corrupting America in our streets, in schools, on social media, in entertainment, and in our compromised churches needs to end.

Pride to me means being proud of who we are which means that we will not permit religious crackpots to define us by our sexuality. The only thing that is “corrupting America” is the coercive hate that emanates from some Christian conservatives.

Ms. Harvey either believes, or would have others believe, that the knowledge that some people are LGBTQ or treating LGBTQ people fairly will cause other people to become LGBTQ. How does that work exactly? What percentage of the sexual minority population were influenced into becoming gay or transgender? Evidence please!

… Praise God that this year, fewer confused men and women – and vulnerable adolescents — will be propelled into depraved temptations during these phony “celebrations.”

So now LGBTQ people are confused. Funny thing is that I always thought that people who attempt to conform the real world to mythical ancient texts are confused. It takes a special kind of mentality to insist that Earth is less than 10,000 years old and that dinosaurs coexisted with humans.

And what effect, pray tell, do LGBTQ people have upon supposedly “vulnerable” adolescents? Does she really believe that people become gay or transgender due to “temptations?” Is she projecting? What temptations does Linda Harvey not yield to? Or does she?

If adolescents are “vulnerable” it is to hate and prejudice. On the whole our civil society does not want any kid to become the next Linda Harvey peddling bigotry.

Personally, I don’t see anything “phony” about Pride. Ms. Harvey doesn’t get to make that judgment. She has neither the erudition nor intellect to do so. And didn’t one of her guys have something to say about being judgmental?

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Can we just declare the “LGBT” agenda to be irrelevant to the reality of human existence? That these are self-indulgent delusions that always and irrevocably corrupt the society at large?

No we cannot “declare” it so because sexuality is part of the reality of human existence. About 2,300 years ago a gay guy conquered and ruled the known universe. Today a gay guy (Tim Cook) runs arguably the world’s largest business, Apple.

The idea that sexuality is a delusion is ludicrous. If, for example, being gay is a delusion then being straight is a delusion.

The most corrupting influences on society are dishonesty, promoting incuriousnessness and championing hostility towards people who have done no harm to anyone else. The Golden Rule should prevail.

And the proud march toward gender mutilation must come to a halt, including divisive, destructive school policies that pit confused, indoctrinated children against their parents, like the following California Department of Education guidance: “With rare exceptions, schools are required to respect the limitations that a student places on the disclosure of their transgender status, including not sharing that information with the student’s parents.”

How does anyone “mutilate” gender which is the sense of being male, female or something in between. If you believe in an omnipotent deity then it becomes necessary to believe that that same god created a fascinating palette for human sexuality; infinite combinations of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Where is Ms. Harvey’s evidence of indoctrination? Apparently, absent any evidence, she lacks the intellectual depth to realize that no child can be “indoctrinated” to be gender incongruent. Children can be indoctrinated to become ignorant fools with hatred in their hearts.

As for that California advisory the full quote reads:

With rare exceptions, schools are required to respect the limitations that a student places on the disclosure of their transgender status, including not sharing that information with the student’s parents. In those very rare circumstances where a school believes there is a specific and compelling “need to know,” the school should inform the student that the school intends to disclose the student’s transgender status, giving the student the opportunity to make that disclosure her or himself.

The reasoning is simple. If the adolescent has intelligent, rational parents, they already know. If the adolescent is unfortunate enough to have a parent like Linda Harvey then the student has an absolute right to privacy.

Harvey is saying that being transgender is evil. Gender incongruence is a medical condition. A few years ago we (most of us anyway) stopped believing that medical conditions are the result of demons and evil spirits.

Just to be perfectly clear, no one (minor or adult) requires Linda Harvey’s approval of their sexuality.

Harvey outdoes herself for abject stupidity:

So here’s what’s happening. Students are pressured incessantly at many schools to accept “LGBT” behavior and the most vulnerable, unstable students flirt with these identities at school. Then school officials maintain a secret pact with students to withhold information from the family about a child’s high-risk inclinations. Too many teens are then advised by misguided counselors to become chemically and surgically mutilated even without their parents’ consent.

So that is what is happening? Where is the evidence to support any of that drivel? How many is “too many teens?” Where is that evidence? Furthermore, guidance counselors do not have any say over the medical treatment of minors. Treatment requires parental consent.

I think that Harvey’s guys also said something about lying or “bearing false witness.” “Without their parents’ consent” is a deliberate lie. Also, children are not candidates for surgery. That is another lie by Linda Harvey.

In any situation, a strong argument does not require the arguer to lie. Linda Harvey is a liar.

If Ms. Harvey does not like being called a liar then she should stop her dishonesty. If I am lying then she is free to sue me. Come on down!

This violates every principle of God’s divine design, protection and provision for children. It’s easily malpractice and should be criminal conduct, but unless we stop the “trans” war against reality, similar policies will invade every state’s education bureaucracy. Won’t parents just stand up and end this child-endangerment?

This has gotten more idiotic by the sentence. Treating children according to the clinical practice standards propagated by the American Academy of Pediatricians cannot possibly be malpractice. Treating children outside of that standard, on the other hand, is both malpractice and child abuse.

Likewise, there is nothing “criminal” in treating children according to the best medical science that is available. Claiming otherwise represents hyperbolic stupidity.

There is no “trans war.” There is, however, a conservative Christian war being waged against science and most of the combattants are not doctors. “Child endangerment” exists when people attempt to conform medicine to scripture.

When the Old Testament was written the average life expectancy was about 18 years of age. By the time Jesus came along that improved to about 21 years of age but infant mortality was about 30%.

Let’s free the slaves in our schools — students trapped in the nightmare of insane “LGBTQ” propaganda.

The science is “insane propaganda” because it does not conform to scripture. That makes a hell of a lot of sense! Linda Harvey is the slave; to ancient texts of dubious provenance.

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