Brian, Brian, Brian. Have you no shame?

Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown (or one of his lackeys) invents moronic excuse after moronic excuse to explain why someone should donate money to National Organization for Marriage. Shaking my head or face-palming I am forced to wonder: Does anyone really believe any of this crap?

Thursday we have a selective attack on Speaker Pelosi:

If ever there was a circumstance to show how out of touch Congress has become, it is the decision this week by the Democrats’ leadership to keep the House of Representatives at home while the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic fallout. From the earliest moment, they have ceaselessly criticized President Trump’s handling of the crisis, but that was all just for show. When push comes to shove, Congress is taking more time off.

The problem with that is the fact that the Senate is also in recess due to the coronavirus. Whatever sins Nancy Pelosi has committed, Mitch McConnell and Senate GOPers are also guilty of. Do the NOMers not realize that or are they pretending that the Senate is in session.

In other words, are they stupid, lying or both? And what would a Brown Missive be without a graphic?

The text goes further downhill from there:

NOM is intently focused on keeping Nancy Pelosi in check, stopping her from using the pandemic as an opportunity to advance her radical agenda, including imposing dangerous laws to benefit the LGBT community that would put a target on the back of people of faith. If Pelosi gets her way, anyone who opposes the LGBT wish list will find themselves under withering attack, potentially subjected to lawsuits and fines, risk the closure of their businesses, lose their jobs and see their ministries closed. It’s that serious.

Never mind that Brown switched from bitching that the House is not being in session to the evils of House measures if it were in session. There is a basic question: Why does Mitch McConnell need NOM’s help stifling legislation that he does not like? Brown’s victims list offers even more noxious gas.

Even if we get past the first question and conclude that Mitch needs some assistance, what exactly do Mr. Brown and NOM propose to do? Pray? Manipulate a rosary? Send out more emails to the same people? Brown could do kiddush on Friday just to be safe. Kosher wine is a vile substance. Some monastic wine is quite good but not really suitable.

The grift

We’re fighting as hard as we can, but today is an absolutely critical day for NOM if we are to prevail. At midnight tonight, the $50,000 matching gift challenge that has benefitted NOM will come to an end. It will not be extended. Today is the day where we pray people will step forward with a generous contribution. Can you help knowing that your gift will be 100% matched? We are still thousands of dollars behind our goal and would really be grateful for your support.

The supposedly matching grant is almost certainly a scam. What does NOM intend to do with this money? National Organization for Marriage seems to stay in business in order to ask for money to stay in business in order to ask for money … and so on. What is the point?

On the off-chance that your quota for bullshit has not been fulfilled:

I have heard from many leaders in Washington DC that NOM is making a real difference in encouraging President Donald Trump, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to continue to resist the demands of Nancy Pelosi to use the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to advance her radical agenda.

I am quite certain that NOM is as influential as dirty socks.

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