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Greg Burt

Greg Burt
2018: Greg Burt in opposition to a proposed California ban on conversion therapy. I’ll check my “Homosexual Agenda™” for guidance on the “Homosexual Lifestyle™.”

American Family Association and California Family Council are trying to make people believe that a minor can obtain gender confirmation surgery without parental knowledge.

As of now, the California General Assembly plans to resume work on May 4th, and Greg Burt of the California Family Council is closely watching “several really bad bills.” SB 1004, for example, is a very specific measure of special concern that requires medical insurance firms to keep certain procedures and medications for minors secret from their parents.

“The bill lists out what exactly these sensitive services are, and that includes abortion, drug abuse, and mental health treatment,” Burt details. “It also includes sexual assault care and under certain circumstances also includes transgender hormone and sex change operations.”

Greg Burt is an imbecile. Minors do not require parental consent or notification regarding an abortion in California regardless of this bill. Furthermore, gender-affirming hormones do require parental consent.

Minors are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery. Even were that not the case, the procedure would require parental consent.

According to the bill text:

“Protected individual” does not include an individual that lacks the capacity to give informed consent for health care pursuant to Section 813 of the Probate Code.

The word “parent” appears three times but never as a prohibited reviewer.

The legislative intent of California Senate Bill 1004 is to prevent medical insurance companies from merchandising patient information.

I know that the folks at AFA and Mr. Burt adore victimhood. They strive to present everything as an infringement on some self-garnered Christian entitlement but that is simply not the case.

Planned Parenthood has maintained that it does not do transgender work on minor patients without parental consent, but the California Teachers Association wants the children to be able to consent themselves.

Whether or not a minor can consent to certain medical treatments is entirely irrelevant to the bill in question. Greg Burt and the folks at American Family Association — an anti-LGBTQ hate group — need to find new hobbies that will keep them more engaged.

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