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Blaine Conzatti, Family Policy Alliance

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Tuesday, Blaine Conzatti with Family Policy Alliance (the political arm of Focus on the Family) has penned: Idaho Falls: Tell City Council to Oppose SOGI Ordinance. Conzatti makes a compelling (though unintentional) case for why nondiscrimination ordinances are necessary. Thank you very much.

We need your help to stop Idaho Falls from adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) to the list of classes protected under the city nondiscrimination ordinance. The vote is scheduled for May 14th.

The harsh consequences of these SOGI nondiscrimination ordinances have been obvious for years now. People of faith who want to live their lives and run their businesses according to their sincerely held beliefs about marriage and gender find themselves in the crosshairs. …

The cause for Mr. Conzatti’s misadventure is the false notion that people have a religious duty to discriminate. That is premised on the equally false notion that service is an expression of approval.

One of the reasons that Christian conservatives equate service with approval is the arrogance of not being able to accept the simple fact that we don’t care. We do not seek, and certainly do not require, their approval.

These folks live in a simplistic world where dogmatic compliance is achieved through the levers of shame and approval. Hence, as projection, they assume that we are all intensely interested in their endorsement of who we are.

Conzatti goes on to provide examples of people who feel compelled to discriminate against LGBTQ people. These include:

  • Jack Phillips, a Colorado cake artist who refused to create a custom cake for a same-sex wedding, was ordered to violate his conscience and religious beliefs by making cakes for same-sex weddings and providing sensitivity training for his employees
  • Barronelle Stutzman, a grandmotherly florist in Washington State, faces losing her retirement savings and her business after she declined to create custom floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding

Some people do believe that they have a religious duty to discriminate. That is precisely why nondiscrimination laws are necessary. Hell, I would bake a cake for Westboro Baptist Church — “God hates fags” and all.

I might have the pleasure of informing Shirley Phelps-Roper or some other organizational cretin that I am donating my profit to the Human Rights Campaign. It’s just business and my business as a public accommodation requires the contributions of all taxpayers.

The public pays for the roads that bring people to my business. The public pays for the fire and police departments that protect my business. Even my website is partially subsidized by people who do not share my views. I am obliged to serve everyone.

Jack Phillips wouldn’t dare discriminate against me because I am Jewish. Even that moron knows that he could not get away with doing so. Yet, according to the same “logic,” every time he bakes a bar mitzvah cake, he is approving an adolescent’s commitment not to accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior.

From there Conzatti trots out the red herring (my unpleasant maternal grandmother of Eastern Russian descent used to say “herrink”) that transgender females pose a danger to cisgender females:

SOGI ordinances are also used as a license to provide biological men access into female bathrooms, locker rooms, thereby risking the privacy and safety of girls and women.

Mr. Conzatti fails to provide an example. Probably because none exist. His dishonesty does not end there. His objection to transgender people has nothing to do with fabricated perils. His objection is based upon a supposed contradiction with Genesis 1:27.

Blaine Conzatti dishonestly promotes the idea that religious freedom includes the freedom to discriminate:

This attack on religious freedom and privacy rights needs to be stopped. Please send a message to the Idaho Falls City Council asking them to vote “NO” on this proposed SOGI ordinance. It only takes a minute of your time – and taking action helps protect families in your city!

Out of self-interest these people keep pushing the envelope on what the First Amendment guarantee of Free Exercise means. Conzatti can worship chocolate-dipped kosher pickles for all I care. That is what religious freedom really means.

Check out the verbiage below Blaine Conzatti’s signature:

Blaine became “Blane.” I will resist the obvious temptation. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is an assumed name (one of many) for Family Policy Alliance in Colorado Springs.

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