Kids get it. A drag queen, in his costume, is in the same realm as a circus clown in his or her ridiculous costume.

Tracy Shannon and Jennifer Roback Morse

Tracy Shannon and Jennifer Roback Morse — Not exactly Mensa Material yet wed to the belief that they possess judgment that is superior to others.

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Today’s lesson is simple:

  • A transgender female is an individual who is mitigating the effects of a medical condition (gender dysphoria) by presenting as their gender rather than as their natal sex.
  • A drag queen is an entertainer. A drag queen is a female impersonator often attired in an over-the-top costume.

Somehow that is lost on Hate Group Leader Jennifer Roback Morse of Ruth Institute and her special friend, Tracy Shannon. A missive from Morse on Wednesday is titled: Taking on Drag Queen Story Hours. Morse goes on to explain:

Tracy Shannon’s husband of 15 years decided one day to become a woman. Now Tracy battles Drag Queen Story Hours in her home state of Texas and beyond. Watch to learn how she’s doing it, and how you can too!

Oh goodie. Anyone can learn to be a self-righteous moron. Presumably Ms. Shannon’s husband was in distress from gender dysphoria and found relief through transitioning to female. That has nothing to do with drag queens entertaining children.

The ironic thing is that the kids get it. To them a drag queen in his costume is in the same realm as a circus clown in his or her ridiculous costume.

The rabbi protesting at the pork store

Aside from dealing with the confusion we are confronted with the arrogance. What makes Ms. Shannon think that she is entitled to prevent other parents from letting their children enjoy an event? Apparently Shannon’s disapproval is all that is required for her to make decisions for others.

According to the YouTube description:

Tracy Shannon is mother of 4 blessings and a grandmother. She has studied what she calls the “neo-morality movement” for 20 years. Tracy’s family was profoundly impacted by the transgender movement many years ago and that moved Tracy from the sidelines (merely protecting her own children from being inducted into “new” sexual mores) and onto the battlefront in the culture wars. Recently, Tracy has taken on Drag Queen Story Hours in Texas and across the country. She exposed how libraries determined to introduce children to adult entertainers and transsexuals disregarded their own policies allowing sex offenders to be held out as role models to young children in taxpayer funded public libraries. Tracy is the Texas Director for MassResistance Texas, and led parents there pushing back against the debauched drag queen program for children as young as four. She has also contributed to research of the programs across the nation and helped parents in several states push back against this programming.

Perhaps Ms. Shannon — AKA “MadMommaBear” — should first comply with state law. MassResistance is not registered with the Texas Secretary of State as a business entity or the state comptroller as a tax-exempt entity.

The video is over an hour in length. My batshit threshold is about ten minutes — max.

The taxpayer funded argument is baseless. First of all, public libraries rely on a combination of public and private funds. Secondly, there is no expenditure involved in hosting a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Suffice it to say that no child has ever been harmed by, or at, a Drag Queen Story Hour event. In contrast they become more interested in their library and in reading.

Kids also learn a valuable lesson. Being different doesn’t make a person evil. What would Ms. Shannon do if one of her grandchildren turned out to be an LGBTQ person? Try to talk them out of it?

This is about Shannon’s need to substitute her judgment for that of other adults. Shannon’s “judgment” is formed in part from a personal experience that she cannot leave behind in spite of her apparent divorce. It is also the product of confusion.

Perhaps she is trying to get back at her first husband in some way. The pathology will repeat itself unless and until she is willing to abandon ignorance.

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