“The suggestion from Brown is that HIV is a gay disease and gay people do not matter.”

Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown has concluded that opposition to anything associated with Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stir the masses to donate some money to National Organization for Marriage. Wednesday’s missive attempts to create resistance to the House’s $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill and then to turn that into donations to NOM.

Mr. Brown’s incessant and increasingly far-fetched appeals superficially masquerade as political advocacy. They are just more “gimme” gallup. Brian S. Brown is not a diminishing returns theorist.

According to Brown, “pelosi makes her move:”

Our team at NOM has conducted an initial preliminary review of the 1,800+ page monstrosity that Pelosi brazenly calls the “Heroes Act.” There is little in the legislation that is heroic. Rather, it is a $3 trillion give away to favored Democrat constituencies that is designed to increase their electoral chances this fall and going forward. Our initial review has raised concerns as it relates to the LGBT agenda. The bill contains numerous special provisions that benefit elements of the LBGT community, including provisions for LGBT youth, transgender individuals, and concepts such as “gender diversity.” There are millions of dollars for HIV efforts which of course have nothing to do with coronavirus. Similarly, the legislation contains an entire new “hate crimes” act that is designed to expand the circumstances where actions against LGBT individuals are claimed to be motivated by bias.

“Our team?” I will offer a few specifics (Brown offers none) but all of this is irrelevant. This bill is DOA at the Senate.

For the record, the measure provides no funds to LGBTQ initiatives. It does require the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use to report to committees, in six months, the status of measures to reduce LGBTQ youth suicides. Those suicides would not occur, in part, were it not for the bigoted efforts of people like Brian S. Brown, the Catholic Church and various Hasidic sects.

As for HIV, the bill provides all off $10 million over the next 28 months to the Ryan White/HIV AIDS Program to respond to the coronavirus crisis. That program has an existing infrastructure and, contrary to Brown’s idiotic rhetoric, people who are HIV+ are at greater risk for COVID-19 than the general public.

The suggestion from Brown is that HIV is a gay disease and gay people do not matter. That is essentially what he is saying.

Gender diversity is used twice. It has nothing to do with transgender people as Brown claims. In both instances it refers to improving male/female diversity (as well as economic, racial and ethnic diversity) among national service volunteers.

The bill does strengthen hate crime laws. That has nothing to do with LGBTQ people. In April Justice warned of increasing threats of violence towards Asian people as a direct result of the coronavirus. Hate crime indictments and arrests in 2020 have not included an incident of anti-LGBTQ bias.

Hate crime indictments this year have been anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, racial and anti-Semitic. None have been anti-LGBTQ Nice try Bri!

Arguendo let us assume that Brown’s rhetoric were true and not the pack of lies it really is. What the hell is NOM going to do about it and how will donors’ money be used to do it?

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