The hate group leader loathes that which his behavior makes necessary.

Friday, according to American Family Association, PBS celebrates Pride Month pro-homosexual series – Sign the Petition. It is hard to understand just why the Southern Poverty Law Center deems AFA and anti-LGBTQ hate group, huh?

According to the text:

PBS is going all out in the month of June to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month by launching a six-episode series of short videos on a dedicated YouTube Channel created by its Digital Studios.

Each Tuesday, beginning May 26, PBS will release Prideland vignette focusing on an LGBTQ+ person and how that person deals with the ever-changing attitudes of Southern communities toward homosexual lifestyles.

On June 12, PBS will offer its member television stations the opportunity to air a one-hour companion special featuring series host and homosexual activist Dyllón Burnside.

PBS’s decision to partner with Burnside to push the homosexual agenda is an unjust attack on Christianity and a mockery of the Bible and God’s design for human sexuality.

Dyllón Burnside is an impressively intellectual entertainer known for his role as Ricky Evangelista, a dancer, in the FX television series Pose. Burnside grew up in Pensacola, Florida.

The AFA email is signed by Tim Wildmon. If Mr. Wildmon is so terribly sensitive to criticism of Bible Belt bullshit then, perhaps, he should modify his message. For starters he can accept — and acknowledge — the simple scientific fact that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are choices.

Wildmon will not do that because his faith requires him to supposedly accept scripture as the literal word of his god. Wildmon can possibly — possibly — accept the fact that Earth is not the center of the universe but he is unable to employ similar critical thinking to sexuality.

Of course we do not really know what Tim Wildmon believes. These hate groups principally exist in order to provide an income to their founders and their founders’ families. AFA is no exception.

Hate in a nutshell

Sadly, PBS is proudly promoting a lifestyle that is unhealthy to both the individual who participates in the unnatural sexual behavior and to society as a whole.

Sadly Mr. Wildmon is promoting a lifestyle known for its ignorance, incuriosity and intolerance. It is unhealthy for the individual participant and to society as a whole because adherents neither accept nor respect the diversity of American life including (but not limited to) differences of religion, philosophy, politics and, yes, sexuality.

Wildmon would undoubtedly say that “tolerance is a one-way street.” He would complain that we do not respect his religious beliefs. That is dishonest rhetoric. We have no problem with his beliefs. They can include a devotion to, and worship of, Genoa salami for all I care.

It is Wildmon’s conduct that I object to. We must all glorify that salami to satisfy Mr. Wildmon. He promotes the idea that we must all, not only share his views, but practice them throughout our lives. Those who do not do so are portrayed as vile, evil apostates.

Were it not for people like Tim Wildmon, Pride events would be unnecessary.

Wildmon’s diatribe continues while not making any sense at all:

For example, Episode 2 is titled “An Openly Gay Pastor’s Journey to Acceptance in the Bible Belt.” PBS describes the episode this way: “Burnside introduces viewers to Rob Lowry, an openly gay minister at a small, but mainstream church in Jackson, Mississippi. He was offered the job before the church knew he was gay, but they accepted him with open arms when he told them he would only take the position if he could lead while openly gay.”

What is it that so offends Mr. Wildmon? The fact that a pastor is gay or the fact that a Bible Belt congregation accepts a gay religious leader? Perhaps he fears that, even in the Bible Belt, people are becoming less ignorant.

In 2020, PBS received $445 million in taxpayer funding. This means you and I are directly paying for PBS to insult our faith and scoff at our God.

My television remote control has many buttons. Of those, one changes the channel and another shuts the thing off.

And on the subject of subsidies, AFA and most of the other anti-LGBTQ hate groups are federally tax-exempt entities. We are all forced to subsidize them. I am forced to subsidize Blowhard Bill Donohue’s Catholic League.

Beyond the anti-LGBTQ animus, as of May 11, 2020, the Catholic League had not filed a required tax return for 2018 and never bothered to file one for 2016.

Widmon refers to “our God?” Most people, including most Christians, do not believe that their deity is offended by LGBTQ people.

Apparently PBS’ content must be subjected to Mr. Wildmon’s approval. He is so terribly insecure in his faith that alternate views cannot be made available to those other taxpayers who desire to hear them.

Tim Wildmon’s father, Don Wildmon (the founder of the hate group), is rabidly anti-Semitic. AFA as a whole is Islamophobic. They refuse to accept the fact that most people do not agree with them. Most people do not believe that the Wildmons have the right to define religion for everyone else.

Sign our petition to PBS urging it to break all ties with Burnside and cancel all involvement in Prideland.

PBS does not cancel content because some rubes disapprove. They are certainly not going to cancel content which they have already paid for.

I hope that the PBS series includes interviews with some of the bigoted boobs who think that LGBTQ people are evil. PBS should expose the despicable intolerance and appalling ignorance of these folks to the roughly 40% of Americans with a close family member who is a gay or transgender person.

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