Doug Mainwaring
Doug Mainwaring in 2013 spewing anti-gay rhetoric on behalf of National Organization for Marriage. Exactly when was this schmuck an activist for marriage equality?

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According to LifeSiteNews: From the gay lifestyle back to his wife and family: The story of Doug Mainwaring. Do tell.

I am not going to go through the entire treatise but I was struck by this paragraph:

In his search for ways to argue in favor of same-sex marriage, Mainwaring discovered the Truth, which eventually led him back to Christ and to opposition of same-sex marriage and LGBT activists in the political square.

Having lived his life as an activist on the other side of the tracks, Mainwaring reflects on the battle raging against the family…

There is no evidence of Mainwaring ever having been an activist. Far from being a proponent of marriage equality, Doug Mainwaring was “the gay man who opposes gay marriage” as Brian S. Brown schlepped him from venue to venue to deliver his spiel on behalf of National Organization for Marriage.

The piece goes on to quote Mainwaring:

The lies of LGBT ideology are inflicted on our children in our schools, in the media, and even at drag queen story times in our public libraries. In the few short years since Obergefell, we have been plunging down a slippery slope into the ghastly world of transgenderism. Obergefell opened a door that should never have been opened, releasing the contagion of transgenderism on an unsuspecting, unprepared public and our kids are now its most susceptible, tragic victims.

“Victims” describes LGBTQ kids are are routinely smeared by the Vatican and people like Mr. Mainwaring. Moreover, there is absolutely no connection between Obergefell v. Hodges and pediatric gender dysphoria. What is this idiot talking about?

LifeSite is using Mainwaring for a money-beg:

Mainwaring then urges readers to help in LifeSite’s effort to “expose and strike back at the dark forces attacking and pillaging the Church and our families with impunity” by joining their growing army of sustaining supporters.

The Catholic Church is attacked because the Vatican acts as the world’s largest anti-LGBTQ hate group contrary to the majority of adherents. Giving money to the conspiracy theorists at LifeSiteNews will have no effect on criticism.

In fact, quite the contrary. LifeSiteNews creates an example of fundamentalist extremism.

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