Donald Trump is a pathological liar. His reelection campaign is being run accordingly.

Donald Trump

Here is the latest fundraiser from Trump’s reelection campaign:

Barack Obama is the most corrupt and incompetent president in United States history. His administration was a total disaster and they need to be held accountable.

His administration directed the Federal Government to ILLEGALLY SPY on my 2016 campaign so that he could further the Russian Collusion Delusion.

The Radical Left has already shown that they will continue to DEFEND his atrocious actions to try and get me out of office, which is why I’m calling on my BEST SUPPORTERS to step up and FIGHT BACK.

We’re less than six months out from Election Day and now that Cheatin’ Obama is a proven CROOK, I want to send a message that our movement is STRONGER and more UNITED than ever before.

I want to know who stood with me during this time, so I’ve asked to see a list of EVERY PATRIOT who contributes in the NEXT HOUR.

The mendacity is nothing short of appalling. Trump previously claimed that he inherited a mess from President Obama when it was Obama who inherited an enormous mess: The Great 2008 Recession. It took Obama a couple of years to get employment back on track but Trump inherited 76 months of employment growth.

Unemployment peaked at about 10% shortly after Obama took office. Obama left office with unemployment at 4.8%.

That’s quite a “disaster.”

Trump has trotted out the illegal spying canard for more than a year now. The DOJ Inspector General found no evidence whatsoever to support that claim.

Calling President Obama a “proven CROOK” is just outrageous. President Obama never enriched himself at taxpayers’ expense. None of Obama’s relatives had jobs in the administration let alone jobs that they were thoroughly unqualified to hold.

President Obama never extorted a foreign government in an attempt to obtain assistance with his reelection campaign.

In New York City parlance, “a Trump” means cheating contractors out of money owed them with phony claims of substandard work.

According to the New York Times, President Obama made 18 false statements throughout his presidency. As of January 20, Trump had made more than 16,000 misrepresentations.

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