When David Kyle Foster, the hooker, was getting his ass plowed or sucking dicks, he gained an amazing insight into the sexuality of his clientele.

David Kyle Foster
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David Kyle Foster is one of those religious crackpots who never makes any sense at all. Foster is claiming that, in his time as a prostitute;

I met countless men who had unintentionally moved from having opposite-sex attractions to having same-sex attractions.

Who knew such a thing was even possible? Indeed, why would they even want to? And why is no one talking about this?

“Countless?” How many “customers” did this guy have? In any event, Foster’s tortured point is that, if people can change from straight to gay then they can go from gay to straight. According to Foster, gay people are “broken” and need to be fixed. No thank you.

Mr. Foster does not understand the science regarding sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is not a binary proposition. Rather, it is a continuum with heterosexuality and homosexuality at the extreme ends. Most of us are bisexual to some degree.

If Foster is telling the truth (which requires an enormous leap of faith) there is a simpler explanation. Among the clientele of male prostitutes there are probably many closeted men who lead heterosexual lives and who, therefore, are unable to form gay relationships. Some patrons might be bisexual.

The more logical explanation is that David Kyle Foster is full of crap. The holier-than-thou set has a distant relationship with the truth:

The Idea Is Politically Incorrect

For starters, the idea flies in the face of false narratives that have been promulgated by gay activists since the 1950s, which claim that sexual orientation is genetically fixed and therefore unchangeable. There has never been any science to support such an assertion, but you’d never know that from what you hear in the media.

First of all, the overwhelming scientific consensus is that sexual orientation is immutable and organic. Whether sexual orientation is the product of genetic influences or the birth mother’s hormones or both is irrelevant. Recent research has determined that sexual orientation is the product of the interplay of a number of genes.

We find confirmation of the organic nature of sexual orientation in the fraternal birth order effect. The more older brothers a man has, the greater the probability that he will be gay.

It is understandable why David Kyle Foster is promoting bullshit. In 2018 his nonprofit, Mastering Life Ministries dba Pure Passion Media, had gross receipts of $90,534. In 2014, just four years prior, gross receipts were $338,357. Presumably, people have come to realize that Foster is a crackpot.

Foster is a pretentious crackpot. He has a half-assed, mail order DMin. Yet the “Dr.” honorific prepends his name in all usage as if it were permanently welded.

Included in the narrative is the awkward rhetorical question followed by a dishonest answer. Did I mention that the sanctimonious Mr. Foster is full of crap? Behold:

Is Gay to Straight Even Possible?

The big secret that the public is not supposed to know is that gay people can find healing for the causes of their homosexual confusion and develop some degree of heterosexual attraction. This is a well-established fact, proven in study after study and in the lives of countless former homosexuals.

“Study after study?” There is precisely one study subjected to peer review (Spitzer) and it was recanted. Mr. Foster has books to sell. Sexual Healing — The Reference Edition is on sale. Foster also sells apparel. I gotta get me one of those caps!

Other lies include the notion that David Kyle Foster is allowing people to know some secret. Foster is also claiming that he knows what causes sexual orientation which he can fix if someone has sexuality that Foster does not approve of. Foster is, after all, his god’s representative on earth.

Apparently the hooker asked his clients many probing questions:

How People Go From Straight to Gay

In my years as a prostitute, I was able to discern numerous reasons why this transition had happened to many of the men who picked me up. Most of them had been happily married (with children) for decades without any same-sex attraction. So what caused that to change?

How in the hell could Foster evaluate where another man’s place was on the sexual orientation continuum? Did that occur when Foster was getting his ass plowed or when he was sucking off the client?

Based on revenues, apparently fewer and fewer people believe any of this nonsense. Foster attempts to obtain some credibility by explaining why men supposedly go from straight to gay. Aside from the fact that they were already gay or bisexual, consider how much information would have to be exchanged in flagrante delicato.

Here are the bullet points. I expanded item 3 just to demonstrate how ludicrous this all is:

  • Reason for Change No. 1: Older men trying to rekindle a dying flame.
  • Reason for Change No. 2: Sexual addiction.
  • Reason for Change No. 3: Broken adolescents. A third group of formerly straight, now gay clients consisted of men who had grown up as broken, suggestible adolescents with little ego strength. Such “boy-men” had a need to be told who they were by others. Their eyes would plead, “Who or what do you want me to be today?”

Foster explains that there are different reasons for women to become lesbians. Foster actually expects people to believe that he knows what he is talking about.

As he nears conclusion:

God made all of us to be heterosexual—our “set point,” as it were. However, life’s circumstances, the ways we cope with trauma, as well as our own perverse desires can move us in all kinds of aberrant directions.

If there is a god then he or she created the very complex reality of sexuality. There exist an infinite number of combinations of sexual orientation and gender identity. These differences exist throughout nature.

Foster’s very existence requires him to believe that his god only created heterosexual, cisgender people.

The alternative is too difficult to accept. It comes with the realization that David Kyle Foster’s entire life — the one his god gave him — has been devoted to a combination of stupidity and deception. People seem to have caught on to that fact.

The realities of sexual orientation include:

  1. Gay people are not broken.
  2. Gay people do not need to be fixed.
  3. One cannot pray the gay away.
  4. Conversion therapy is pseudoscience.
  5. Falsely claiming that people can be talked out of their sexual orientation promotes bigotry.

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