“Brian S. Brown’s ‘moral disorder’ is best described as: The dishonesty which flows from attempting to conform science to scripture.”

Brian S. Brown has a new last name

Once again Brian S. Brown is digging into other people’s pockets with his grubby little hands on behalf of National Organization for Marriage. Call me anal but you would think that someone would at least make sure that his name is spelled correctly. Details, details.

Getting past the sloppiness, Brown’s message is as inane and odious as ever.

As I was typing this I learned that Larry Kramer has died. Many people are alive today who would otherwise be dead were it not for Kramer.

Larry Kramer was exceptionally adept at pissing people off. Yet he did so in a way that motivated people to take positive action. I am so glad that Larry was able to marry his lover a few years ago.

Returning to Brian S. Brown:

Pennsylvania’s public health director is a physician by the name of Rachel Levine. … Dr. Levine, a Harvard-educated physician, seems eminently qualified to serve as public health director. But the doctor’s reliance on science is also somewhat situational. You see, Dr. Levine was born Richard Levine. He attended an all-male school growing up. He graduated from Harvard as a man. He married as a man. He fathered children as a man. Science makes it clear that he is a man. Virtually every cell in his body shows that he is male.

Of course no one disputes the science, at least not the complete science. Dr. Rachel Levine is a natal male with male chromosomes. I know that. Dr. Levine knows that. Alphonso David (president of the Human Rights Campaign) probably knows that as well.

Dr. Levine’s gender identity is female. Gender, as a separate construct from natal sex, is a clearly established scientific principle. It is also clearly established, within medical science, that, when sex and gender are incongruent, gender ordinarly prevails. That incongruence called gender dysphoria can cause considerable distress. More so when gender is not affirmed.

The source of Mr. Brown’s distress is the pronouncements from Vatican. Those eunuchs have been quite explicit that the presence of transgender people conflicts with Genesis 1:27 which means that transgender people cannot really exist.

Brown is wed to the belief that Dr. Levine should suffer from high levels of depression and anxiety in order to conform to a literal understanding of ancient chronicles written at a time when man believed that disease was caused by demons. That’s not religion. That is superstition.

Brown continues:

Despite what science makes clear, Dr. Levine asserts that he is a female based on his “gender identity,” and the culture must dutifully follow along. Those that don’t are said to be mean, and discriminatory. Dr. Levine is celebrated as being one of the nation’s top “transgender” officials, and is said to be under consideration to be in the Biden cabinet should the presumptive Democrat nominee beat President Trump this November.

The above is a familiar canard from the religious right. They are faithful to the science. The rest of us are just fools. That assertion requires one to insist that gender, as a separate construct from sex, does not exist.

In polite society we expect others to be courteous which means using gender-appropriate pronouns and forms of address. And, yes, people who are intentionally discourteous in order to demonstrate religious disapproval are boors. Their lack of class transcends belief. It is behavior. It is obnoxious.

I do not know who “it is said” refers to. I suspect that Brown is talking to himself again.

I can see Brown squirming:

My objection is his, and the LGBT community’s, situational reliance on science only when it helps make a political point. Dr. Levine is free to live as a woman if he wants, but don’t tell people that we have to accept that he actually is a woman when science makes it clear he is not. And don’t claim that failure to ignore the science in this case constitutes “discrimination” against LGBT people.

Brian S. Brown is claiming that his lack of class is due to the science when we all know perfectly well that it’s all about literalist Christianity.

As for the science there is no shortage of studies which confirm that transgender people are born with brains more closely aligned with their gender than their natal sex.

That is not to say that science has determined a cause for gender dysphoria. However, it is the overwhelming consensus of medical science that the best means of alleviating the discomfort of gender dysphoria is gender affirmation. One thing missing from Brown’s blather is a scientifically valid alternative.

Giving money to NOM doesn’t change the landscape

Giving more money to National Organization for Marriage that it will piss away doesn’t contribute to science. It doesn’t contribute to society. It doesn’t even contribute to religion.

Getting back to Larry Kramer for a moment, he had a very special way of telling people like Brian S. Brown to go fuck themselves. What has Brian Brown accomplished? Consider all that Kramer accomplished measured by how he affected the lives of others. Larry Kramer will be missed.

Brown’s “moral disorder” is best described as: The dishonesty which flows from attempting to conform science to scripture.

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