Family Research Council and its leader, Tony Perkins, depend on dishonesty and LGBTQ hate to attract donations.

Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins and Family Research Council have a history of bigotry going back many years.

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I have an email from Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins. The subject line reads: Big Businesses pushing LGBT extremism. Help us counter them! Before I even get started we are confronted with the idea that fairness for sexual minorities is “extremism.”

Oh the virtue

Family Research Council remains focused on our mission of defending faith, family, and freedom here in Washington, D.C. and throughout the nation.

I have skipped over, and will continue to omit, a large amount of hyperbolic text.

Perkins missed out on “truth, justice and the American way.” Rabid homophobia and transphobia (along with promoting a pack of lies) doesn’t defend anything. In fact, given society’s approval of marriage equality it is apparent that most Christians disagree with Mr. Perkins.

Every would-be hero needs an evil villain

The last few months have been pretty revealing for [Nike]. As if their anti-American, phony social justice warrior act of dissing the national anthem wasn’t enough, they started throwing their weight behind other progressive cultural agendas:

I am not much of a football fan but perhaps Perkins is referring to Nike’s relationship with Colin Kaepernick. Many years ago I learned in junior high civics that criticism of our country is a patriotic duty. Were we a dictatorship, only then would criticism be “anti-American.”

Attacking the rights of faith-based adoption agencies — In a letter signed by a collection of national CEOs, Nike joined large corporations like Amazon, Dell, Mars, Hilton, and others denouncing Tennessee’s HB 836 law, which protects the rights of faith-based adoption and foster agencies. The letter warned of economic risk if lawmakers put religious liberty above the LGBT agenda.

Perkins is asserting two bits of bullshit:

  1. That some self-righteous businesses have a right to discriminate (with taxpayer funds no less) and;
  2. Religious Liberty is something more than Free Exercise.

On Tuesday Professor Eugene Volokh explained (and generally agreed with) Scalia’s view that the “Free Exercise Clause was originally understood as only preventing discriminatory persecution of religious people and practices because of their religiosity.”

The above was within the context of defending the Supreme Court’s 1990 ruling in Employment Division v. Smith. The Court held that there can be no religious exemptions from compliance with otherwise valid laws. But I digress.

Nike’s evils continue

Championing transgender activists over female athletes…

The participation of transgender girls in sports is both a legitimate and phony controversy. The question being asked is legitimate: Do transgender girls have an unfair advantage of cisgender girls? Answers from experts would probably begin with “that depends.”

If the trans girl has been on certain levels of either puberty blockers (GnRH inhibitors) or cross-sex hormones over a certain period of time then she probably has no advantage. The IOC reached that conclusion several years ago and tests for levels of testosterone.

The controversy depends, in part, on intellectual dishonesty because the religious set has no desire to resolve the issue. They disapprove of transgender people because of scripture. There is no solution that would satisfy them because they cannot be satisfied.

It is also dishonest because people like Mr. Perkins have suggested that boys claim to be transgender in order to obtain an athletic advantage. Given the ridicule that trans youth must contend with, the idea seems preposterous.

Pushing transgender surgery for children — After Alabama legislators proposed a commonsense bill to protect children experiencing gender confusion from being rushed into transgender surgery and hormone treatments until they are old enough to make an informed decision, Nike is once again pushing a radical LGBT agenda. The corporate giant is threatening Alabama with economic blackmail stating in a letter to the legislators that the measure would “harm our team members and their families,” make them feel “unwelcome,” and even put them “at risk.”

The above is unadulterated bullshit. For starters, children are not candidates for surgery. The idea that children are “being rushed into transgender surgery and hormone treatments” is a deliberate lie.

If that measure becomes law then doctors could face 10 years in prison for prescribing puberty blockers to anyone under the age of 19. If one wanted to deliberately create a need for gender confirmation surgery, bills like these would be a good way to do so.

Puberty blockers are prescribed just after a youth enters puberty (Tanner stage 2). As the research clearly demonstrates, gender-affirmed youth with acute gender dysphoria can function with levels of depression and anxiety at, or near, their cisgender peers. Similarly, hormone treatments in late teens allow youth to present themselves in closer conformity to their gender improving their quality of life.

Perkins’ phrase “gender confusion” does not exist in the medical literature. It is religious jargon. Supposedly we stopped conforming medical science to religious dogma when we accepted the fact that illnesses are not caused by demons.

Moreover, a medical condition should not be a political issue. Treatment of pediatric gender dysphoria first involves a complex diagnosis. Then it combines the recommendations of a qualified physician with the informed consent of the youth and their parents.

One of the sponsors of the Alabama bill is Gerald Allen. He is not a physician and certainly not a medical expert on pediatric gender dysphoria. Allen once proposed a bill that would have banned school libraries from purchasing books by gay authors or which included gay characters. The bill failed.

Another sponsor, Phillip Pettus, does not have so much as a college degree. He is a former police officer. There are several more. One, Rich Wingo, played in the NFL for five years. We could pose brain damage as a possible excuse for his stupidity. None of these legislators sport “M.D.” after their name.

The very notion that a law could be passed in order to defend a passage in Genesis 1:27 should scare the crap out of everyone — not just those of us who are concerned from the welfare of LGBTQ youth.

In summary, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council is a pathological liar. The Republican dominated Alabama legislature is comprised of ignorant Defenders of the Faith who seek to substitute their religious judgment for that of medical professionals. Hard to prove but such legislation inherently violates the Establishment Clause; at least in spirit.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that Tony Perkins is raising money on our backs. We also need to understand that the pending bill in Alabama, which Perkins is dishonestly championing, amounts to deliberate child abuse.

Perkins’ grubby mitts in the pockets of others

Will you join FRC in pushing back against activists and Big Businesses that use their LGBT agenda to bully people of sincere faith in the public square? Every dollar you give supports our ongoing efforts on your behalf to promote a Christ-centered culture that advances faith, family, and freedom.

Every dollar? From its two entities, Tony Perkins pulled in about $250,000 in direct cash compensation in the year ended June 30, 2018. Promoting divisiveness, intolerance, hate and bullshit is a fairly lucrative endeavor. 13 of roughly 80 FRC employees earned more than $100,000.

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