Eugene Delgaudio
This very crazy person — Eugene Delgaudio — claims to be normal and in the mainstream. 

via Public Advocate of the United States

Tuesday, hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio of Public Advocate of the United States Might want to proof read the press releases that he pays for at Christian Newswire:

Statement of Eugen [sic] Delgaudio, June 2, 2020:

You all know that June is claimed to be the LGBTQ month, well, not anymore, Public Advocate has launched: JUNE IS LMNOP+ MONTH.

Just like that; abracadbra and Pride Month no longer exists. You all must understand that Pride Month events are henceforth prohibited? Got that?

Delgaudio explains further:

The letters LMNOP represent most Americans. As follows: L is for Lifestyle of, M stands for Mainstream, N for Normal, O for Ordinary and P for people. That’s Lifestyle of Mainstream Normal Ordinary People.

Glad you cleared that up Eugene. It is interesting that a crackpot considers himself mainstream, normal and in the majority. Given the fact that at least two-thirds of our citizenry support marriage equality, that is a hard case to make. What defines the crank “lifestyle?”

Delgaudio is a bit of a grifter. While he took no salary in 2018, he paid himself $181,101 as an independent contractor. That was about $15 thousand more than the prior year. This effects a relationship between revenues and compensation which would be prohibited were he taking a salary.

By the way, the tax return is out of balance. Mr. Delgaudio, likewise, is out of balance.

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