George Soros is code for “evil Jewish influence.”

George Soros
Conspiracy theorists blaming George Soros for unrest

via Times of Israel

Leave it to hate site LifeSiteNews to blame George Soros for our current state of civil unrest. There are many elements to the protests and violence that we are experiencing. None of them are related to George Soros in any way whatsoever.

On behalf of LifeSiteNews, professional Catholic and anti-choice fanatic, Gualberto Garcia Jones, has sent out an email titled: PETITION: Yes to Reform…No to Riots and Revolution! I can assure Mr. Jones that violent protestors and looters are not revolutionaries; something that should be patently obvious.

Many petitions, including this one, are designed as list management tools. If one clicks on the link to sign the petition there is a redirect from which is Mailchimp. The validity of the individual email address is confirmed and he or she can be identified by locale.

Mailchimp graphs the performance of an appeal and provides statistics regarding where responses are coming from. A clean link to the petition is here.

Most importantly, LifeSiteNews can determine through comparisons with other surveys what their constituency likes and doesn’t like. A survey that they are calling a petition, asking people to confirm that they are opposed to riots, is utterly useless for any legitimate purpose.

Enter George Soros

We know that many of our progressive elites are happy to exploit crises in order to push their agenda.

Even before the killing of George Floyd and the riots, globalist billionaire George Soros stated:

“Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary.”

None of this is very original. The Anti-Defamation League has seen a rise in conspiracy theories linking George Soros to civil unrest.

The full quote from Mr. Soros is unambiguous. It has nothing to do with fomenting revolution or violence. Soros has devoted most of his life and invested hundreds of millions of dollars to achieving world piece. To suggest that he is an advocate of violence or that he is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic is outrageous.

Immediately following the Soros quote is this from Mr. Jones:

It’s important to keep these influences in mind as evidence continues to surface about how the current riots have developed.

What is very clear is that many of the people committing acts of violence and vandalism around the country are motivated by a radical leftist and Marxist ideology.

Now they are calling the guy who essentially invented the hedge fund a Marxist. We have gone from outrageous to spectacularly stupid.

They try some inoculation at the petition site (these are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier):

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with us, many are happy to see American cities burn, so we must not remain silent and assume cooler heads will prevail.

No stupid. No responsible citizen — of any political stripe is “happy to see American cities burn.” Most people disagree with you because of your lack of intellectual honesty. Over the years, LifeSiteNews has been wed to all manner of absurd conspiracy theories.

We must raise up our voice for equality under the law and not for riots and violent revolution.

Tell that to the LGBTQ people that LifeSiteNews routinely smears every single day. Tell that to the harrassed women who exercise their rights to reproductive choice.

The signing statement of the petition includes:

We will not allow far left radicals to stoke the flames of division and hatred around the world and destroy western civilization as we know it.

But, we will press for the necessary reforms to make our society a more just one for all citizens.

I guarantee that “all citizens” does not include LGBTQ people. Ultimately, this is all based on a wild conspiracy theory that leftists are encouraging violence. We have evidence of people on the right doing just that.

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