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Gary Powell claims to have contributed to gay activism

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Gary Powell has taken to Witherspoon Institute’s blog to warn about the evils of surrogacy. Therein he claims that there exists:

[an] alliance between the multi-billion dollar Big Fertility industry and the modern LGBT+ movement, neither of which cares much about women’s and children’s rights.

I think that we can safely presume that Mr. Powell is not a finance guy. Nor does he seem to appreciate the fact that fertility clinics are not sinister enterprises engaged in an evil conspiracy.

To suggest that LGBTQ people are indifferent to the rights of women and children is irrational, … and untrue. First of all we can safely presuppose that about half of LGBTQ people are women.

Beyond that, we care deeply about the rights of children. Those rights include the rights of LGBTQ children to enjoy a childhood free of prejudice and discrimination. We care deeply that LGBTQ children receive medical care based on the best available medical science free of efforts to conform interventions to scripture.

Many of us are also parents. The overwhelming majority of the children that we raise are not LGBTQ kids. We care deeply about their education, their future prospects and the world which they will inherit.

Therefore, Mr. Powell, don’t you dare claim that your own community doesn’t care about the rights of women and children.

Powell further writes in the same post:

As a gay man, and as a gay rights campaigner over four decades, I am dismayed at the socially harmful, irrational, and bullying entity that the LGBT+ movement has become. The movement is now regarded as alien, unrepresentative, embarrassing, and irrelevant by so many gay and lesbian people, and has become obsessed with enforcing gender extremist ideology—an ideology that has nothing at all to do with sexual orientation or gay rights.

He is attempting, in the above and unsuccessfully, to portray himself as in the mainstream. Mr. Powell is not representative of the community. Moreover, I cannot find any evidence that Powell has ever been an advocate of anything other than bias against the LGBTQ community.

In short Mr. Powell: The LGBTQ community is certainly not irrelevant. You are irrelevant. I spend the time only because your spew is regurgitated for wider distribution.

I would remind Mr. Powell that the folks who edit and publish Witherspoon’s blog firmly believe that he is “objectively disordered” and should submit to some form of conversion therapy.

I wonder if Mr. Mainstream has ever had sex which might explain this extension of his apparent misery.

Gary Powell is no ordinary gay man

Mr. Powell is a “Drop-the-T” crackpot. According to his bio at Witherspoon:

…he opposes the modern western LGBT+ movement for its adoption of extreme gender ideology, its failure to represent the mainstream LGB community, and for its lack of respect for the rights of … people of religious faith, and dissenting LGB people.

In other words, Mr. Powell disapproves of gender-diverse people regardless of the scientific consensus related to their condition as gender incongruent or how they are treated by clinicians.

With respect for people of religious faith, on the whole we couldn’t care less about the religious convictions of others. When those beliefs are used to foster bigotry, prejudice and discrimination we will react accordingly. It is not as a condemnation of faith but opprobrium directed at people who promote untruths. That includes Powell.

With respect to “dissenting LGB people,” poor Gary Powell. In the instant example, he is denigrating gay couples who desire to raise children. Overall, Mr. Powell appears to be a transphobic bigot relying on the moronic notion of the existence of “transgender ideology” which makes no more sense than hearing aid ideology.

Transgender people have a medical condition, gender dysphoria. They mitigate the symptoms of their condition through gender affirmation which is the only intervention that works for them. Criticising transgender people, presumably because they create a conflict with scripture (Genesis 1:27) is idiotic.

Transgender people are a deeply oppressed sexual minority. I am personally proud to include them as my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.

Gary Powell has choices available to him that would reduce the ridicule that comes his way. If he has gender dysphoria then he can choose to remain cisgender and in distress. If Mr. Powell doesn’t like surrogacy then he can choose not to raise children born through that process.

Gary Powell claims to be European Special Consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture. Based in California, that organization has a roughly $200 thousand budget. Revenues for the year ended June 30, 2019 were about half of what they were the prior year. There is only one paid employee, the president of the organization ($75K).

If that is indicative of anything then, perhaps, Gary James Powell should spend less time fretting over the actions of others and more time devoted to career development.

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