Schubert can only suggest that George Soros has done things that Schubert doesn’t like. He has no evidence. Yet, in making the suggestion, Schubert provides clear evidence of his bigotry.

Brian S. Brown

In an emailed money-beg for International Organization for the Family (an anti-LGBTQ hate group), Brian S. Brown asks: Is Soros behind the riots and looting? I wrote yesterday about LifeSiteNews, another fundamentalist Catholic organization, doing the same thing.

Mr. Brown knows that the answer to his rhetorical question is “no.” Furthermore, I suspect that Brown knows that attacking George Soros in this manner is loaded with anti-Semitism. The ADL has taken note of these conspiracy theories and is monitoring a rise in such incidents.

Brown is referring to a polemic written by NOM’s political director (as least he was), Frank Schubert. According to Schubert, a former Big Tobacco flack:

The shadowy network of groups funded by George Soros has the motive, means and opportunity to orchestrate the riots roiling America.

First of all, there is nothing shadowy. Every grant from Soros related foundations is fully disclosed in the IRS annual report and available to the public. Not only is the organization identified but the specific purpose of each grant is fully disclosed. (Screen Shot below.)

Secondly, precisely who, among the foundations’ recipients, would have a motive to engender civil unrest?

Part I of the conspiracy theory

And there is a palpable sense by many observers that what’s happening on the streets is not merely impulsive displays of anger and uncontrolled fits of rage, but rather something that is being orchestrated, planned, funded and undertaken in a coordinated, organized fashion.

The evidence that I have seen points primarily to right-wing and white-supremacist organizations but no one knows for sure. My hypothesis (which is certainly not authoritative) is that looting, vandalism and violence are products of rage.

I am not condoning such actions. However, were I African-American I would be very pissed off. Could that motivate violence in me? Honestly, I do not know.

Part II

While I don’t have direct evidence to prove who is behind this situation, I can’t help but wonder if one or more of the groups funded by George Soros might be involved.

Soros funds many of the groups that support Black Lives Matter, which has played a leading role in organizing some of the protests.

The title of this dishonest treatise is: Is Soros Behind The Riots and Looting? Now we have moved to groups funded by Soros. I can do the same thing:

Is the Knights of Columbus resonsible for anti-LGBTQ violence?

The Knights of Columbus funds many groups that have a vested interest in promoting anti-LGBTQ bias and even hate.

I can actually make a better case for my proposition than Schubert is capable of making for his conspiracy theory. Furthermore, Schubert is smearing Black Lives Matter which does not have a history of violence.

Schubert goes on to describe some of the violence. Then there is this:

Lawyers are on call to bail out and then represent anyone who is arrested so that the scheme can continue unabated. Some have said that they have medical personnel standing by. Finally, officials in cities across the country continually report that many if not most of those who are protesting, “are not from here.”

People are entitled to bail and judges determine who is eligible. More importantly, peaceful protesters and even journalists have been arrested. I was once arrested for participating in a peaceful protest of the Vietnam war.

Schubert also wants people to believe that medical personnel are there to assist violent rioters and that is not the case. Peaceful protesters have experienced continued violence at the hands of police. You would think that police would be more circumspect given that the source of outrage was a police murder of an unarmed man.

Schubert is not specific but the “not from here” theory was initially stated by officials in Minnesota. They corrected themselves after analyzing data once arrestees were processed.

Schubert is also claiming that people who have been bailed out are participating in violence. There is no evidence to support that characterization and I have not seen data demonstrating why people were arrested. For example, Houston data (by tweet) is ambiguous:

People “refusing to clear the streets” are exercising their constitutional rights to assemble and to have freedom of speech.

Schubert is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is

Some conservative commentators and activists have claimed that Soros, through his Open Society Foundations network, has protestors directly on the payroll. That is unlikely. More likely is a subtler, much harder to track approach. Soros directs massive funding – over $30 billion to date — to the vast network of groups that he funds and/or controls. His network is active the world over, in more than 120 countries. He’s funded thousands of groups. Some of those groups could then use their funding to help organize and carry out the rioting, or they could farm it out to others. None of this is publicly reportable.

Schubert’s clear intent is to have people at least consider that George Soros has protestors on his payroll. I can play those games too:

Some have said that Frank Schubert has had sexual intercourse with his Labrador retriever. Probably not but he has been seen being overly affectionate with the animal.

I’ll return to my prior example. Partially quoting Schubert: “[The Knights of Columbus has] funded thousands of groups. Some of those groups could then use their funding to help organize and carry out [anti-LGBTQ harassment and violence], or they could farm it out to others.”

According to Schubert, “none of this is publicly reportable?” Bullshit! Schubert knows perfectly well that every grant is disclosed on Open Society’s annual report to the IRS which most certainly is available to the public. Each grant, foreign and domestic is fully explained and even audited for diversion:

Schubert is being a weasel. He has not pointed to a single Open Society grant and then questioned its basis or potential for evil.

Part III: It’s someone, maybe George Soros

Unfortunately, I’ve had more than one client or acquaintance be targeted by radical extremists simply because they expressed opinions on issues that run contrary to liberal orthodoxy, or because they are running for office with a sincere desire to protect public safety. They’ve been confronted – often violently so – by a mob of leftist radicals, including members of Antifa. Somebody organized the mob. Somebody paid for their signs. Somebody tipped off the media to cover their demonstrations.

Again, Schubert is not specific. I would be willing to bet that the entire paragraph, above, is more bullshit from a dishonest person. By the way, Antifa has no “members.” It is an ideology, not a group.

Barbecued bullshit

What’s happening on the streets of America right now is reminiscent of what happens when migrant caravans magically form to storm the southern border of the United States, or where migrants suddenly materialize to go throughout Europe to settle in western countries.


But we do know some things already. We know that the riots – just like migrant caravans, the women’s marches, the “occupy” movement and other massive so-called “spontaneous” events – all have a basis in liberal orthodoxy.

Oh, that ploy:

All of the violence and harassment due to women exercising their reproductive choice rights has a basis in Christian conservative doctrine. All of the bullying of LGBTQ youth has a basis in Christian conservative doctrine. Every Klansman claims to be a Christian conservative. The murders of transgender women have a basis in Christian conservative doctrine.

Which side of the political spectrum is responsible for more violence?

And in conclusion (emphasis added)

We know that pulling off these things takes great organizational skill, and significant money. George Soros has the means.

And we know that these riots developed very quickly, within hours of the legitimate protests beginning. To see that happen virtually overnight in city after city suggests that someone was waiting for an opportunity to spring into action. Perhaps George Soros had opportunity.

I don’t know for certain whether George Soros is behind the riots and the looting, but taking everything together, that is my bet. The situation has a definite Soros stench.

“Soros stench?” Those are loaded words. Frank Schubert is an anti-Semitic prick. Schubert can only suggest that George Soros has done things that Schubert doesn’t like. He has no evidence. Yet, in making the suggestion, Schubert provides clear evidence of his bigotry.

Brian S. Brown is complicit.

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