Bigots use Drag Queen Story Hour as a proxy for anti-LGBTQ hate.

Anna Hall Bohach
Anna Hall Bohach has a problem with LGBTQ people

via LinkedIn

500 Mom Strong, a Facebook group started by Anna Hall Bohach, is obsessed with Drag Queen Story Hour. It is all thinly veiled anti-LGBTQ hate. Facebook has now whacked the group for the third time for violating community standards. Accordingly, I notified Twitter; flagging some of the transphobic tweets.

Ms. Bohach, who resides in the Spokane area, has every right to disapprove of DQSH. If she has young children then no one is forcing her to bring them to an event that she disapproves of.

Bohach is not content with the ability to act in accordance with her beliefs. Ms. Bohach believes that she has a right — perhaps an obligation — to make decisions for other parents.

DQSH offers valuable lessons. Aside from getting kids interested in reading and the resources of their library they learn that being different is not a bad thing.

The kids, by the way, get it. They realize that female impersonators are just entertainers. They perceive little difference between a drag queen in costume and a circus clown in costume.

As you can see, these are not the sharpest knives in the virtual drawer:

What the hell does she think that Trump can do to alter the policies of a private company? It looks like she has never had a real job so chalk it up to naivety.

Ms. Bohach also has a problem with truthfulness.

Bohach’s LinkedIn profile has been recently updated. However she has not bothered to edit her work history. The company that she supposedly ran, Z2Z, registered to John Z. Bohach of Priest River, Idaho was dissolved a few years ago.

Similarly, the website of a second group, Selkirk Prolife Alliance, disappeared in 2018 and the domain registration no longer exists. Bohach and her sister, Kim Hall, were the incorporators.

According to a post at hate site, LifeSiteNews (figures):

A company spokesperson for Facebook told LifeSiteNews yesterday that the third 500 Mom Strong page was “taken down for violating our Community Standards.”


Bohach told LifeSiteNews that she thought it was hypocritical for Facebook to remove 500 Mom Strong’s page while allowing copycat group 500 Drag Queen Strong to post support for Antifa.

As I said, none too bright. Antifa is an ideology, not an organization (something Trump doesn’t get). Furthermore, I see no support for Antifa and even if they did support Antifa, that would not violate Facebook’s community standards. Bohach doesn’t seem to understand the word “hypocritical.”

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