Nothing says hate group like claims that gay men pose a peril to children, … along with an idiotic conspiracy theory.

Mark Jorritsma runs the North Dakota chapter of Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family. Apparently Mr. Jorritsma did not notice that his name is misspelled in the signature block of his latest expression of anti-LGBTQ hate.

There is an explicit assault on your children and grandchildren. The assault is an experiment in social engineering, and not surprisingly, it’s by those opposed to life and family values. They have figured out that if they can shape young minds to their radical agenda, then advancing their agendas becomes much easier when these children grow up. They are looking at the long term, and I am sorry to say, it works.

The above is sheer projection. The self-righteous set indoctrinates children at a very young age in order that they not become critical thinkers. The objective of the indoctrination is to have kids accept, as truth, religious doctrine even when it is not supported by evidence and even when there is contradictory evidence.

After some perfunctory nonsense about Planned Parenthood

The other article that caught my attention was targeted at even younger-age children. Not unlike the “Arthur” television serious that ran a pro-LGBTQ episode, which I talked about some time ago, Disney (not surprisingly) is creating a short Pixar film called “Out”. It features a man named Greg who is living with his boyfriend, Manuel. Greg must decide how to “come out” and tell his parents he is gay. This film is in cartoon format and rated PG.

I hate to be the one to let you in on this, Mr. Jorritsma, but gay people actually do exist. Many kids have LGBTQ friends and classmates and some have friends and classmates whose parents are a gay couple. Not to mention that some of those kids are gay themselves and a few might be gender dysphoric.

The grand conspiracy

These movies and similar efforts that target our children and grandchildren are about one thing: desensitization. Once our children are desensitized that abortion and an LGBTQ agenda that infringes on religious freedoms of others are “just the way it is’, it will be part of the new normal.

This guy drank all the Kool-Aid. Equal protection under law does not infringe on religious liberty. Nor do nondiscrimination laws pertaining to public accommodations which are subsidized by all taxpayers.

If there is an agenda, it consists of teaching kids to be kind through truth. Contrary to a mountain of evidence, Mr. Jorritsma presumably believes that sexual orientation and gender identity are choices. Otherwise, his deity is responsible for creating LGBTQ people.

Jorritsma would have children ignorant of scientific facts if the data does not conform to his interpretation of scripture. I note that most Christians and Jews disagree with Jorritsma.

The subject animated short is a snapshot of a real life situation that real people encounter every day. Sadly, there are still gay people who are dishonest with their parents. People like Mr. Jorritsma foster that dishonesty by claiming that natural variations of human sexuality are evil.

In point of fact, why should any LGBTQ person be ashamed of their sexuality?

I don’t want that new normal, but rather, the old normal. I want to ensure that the old normal set by our founding fathers is preserved; one where life is cherished and religious liberties are protected. The old normal, where family values that have built this country are honored. One where God and the biblical principles that are the foundation of our country are the guiding light for our society, and not social constructs and the culture of death that has crept into our society.

Let’s take a voyage back in history. How about 1823 to the founding of Trinity College in Connecticut? I quote:

1823: Trinity is founded as Washington College, the second college in the state of Connecticut. Although our earliest heritage was Episcopalian, our charter prohibits the imposition of religious standards on any student, faculty members or other members of the college, consistent with the forces of religious diversity and toleration in force at the time.

A Christian college where, only 47 years after the Declaration of Independence, Jews were not destined to Hell for not accepting Jesus as lord and savior and students were free to be atheists if that was their choice.

Religious freedom™? Let’s cruise back to 1879. In a unanimous ruling in Reynolds v. United States, the Supreme Court holds that the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment protects the right to hold any religious belief, but not the right to engage in any religious activity whatsoever.

In other words, Free Exercise pertains to belief in contrast to conduct.

“Culture of death?” How profoundly original. I suppose he is referring to the ruling in Roe v. Wade which he undoubtedly disapproves of. At the founding of our country English common law prevailed and abortion was legal (and widely practiced).

Oh, money 

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Sure Mark. Which came first? The need for money or the concocted danger?

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