Blaine Conzatti

Blaine Conzatti, anti-LGBTQ propagandist for
Family Policy Alliance

via Truthovercomes

I received an email from Blaine Conzatti on behalf of Family Policy Alliance titled: Idaho Fights to #SaveGirlsSports. You know what’s coming next:

Recent polling shows that most Americans do not think males should compete in female sports. But astonishingly, men can and do compete in women’s sports in nearly every state throughout the country. Men are crowding our girls out of athletics programs designed for girls. Female athletes are losing competitions and finding themselves deprived of opportunities and scholarships. And it isn’t fair.

Conzatti’s message is dishonest and bigoted. By the way, I cannot open Family Policy Alliance’s website in Chrome because I have zapped some of the 40 or so privacy compromising scripts that the site uses. But I digress.

The point is that calling transgender girls men is deliberate prejudice. Why is the religious rhetoric over transgender people always dishonest? Is it because they do not have an honest argument?

As I have stated repeatedly, the role of trans girls in athletic competition is easily resolved by their level of testosterone. The self-righteous set does not want to resolve this issue for two reasons:

  1. The existence of transgender people conflicts with scripture and;
  2. athletic participation is used to marginalize an entire class of people.

This is nothing new for Family Policy Alliance. The organization provides a constant stream of anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

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