As many of you already know, three anti-LGBTQ extremists are suing Mayor Muriel Bowser and the District of Columbia in federal court over the painting of “Black Lives Matter” across two blocks of 16th Street in DC. According to their incoherent complaint, Black Lives Matter is a cult aligned with the “LGBT church.”

Rich Penkoski and Tex Christopher are just idiot followers. Chris Sevier just loves all of the attention he is getting.

Rather than writing about this at length, the following is the text of my letter to the judge assigned to the case. The objective, at a minimum, is a pre-service dismissal which means that the District of Columbia would not have to file a reply brief:

June 14, 2020

Judge Trevor N. McFadden

United States District Court

      for the District of Columbia

333 Constitution Avenue N.W.

Washington D.C. 20001

Re: UPL and perjury

Case 1:20-cv-01519-TNM

Dear Judge McFadden:

Reference is made to a June 10, 2020 complaint in the above referenced case. The three plaintiffs are responsible for vexatious litigation in numerous jurisdictions.


On information and belief Mark Christopher Sevier prepared the brief and is representing the other two plaintiffs. Mr. Sevier was disbarred in Tennessee due to mental instability. Sevier is responsible for filing some 70 frivolous cases (possibly more) across the country, some with plaintiffs common to this case. There is boilerplate common to all of these cases including the case before you.

In cases where Sevier is a plaintiff, there are usually additional plaintiffs. These vary, to some degree, from case to case. Given that there is text in the complaints which is common to all the cases, regardless of who the complainants are, then it is reasonable to assume that a disbarred lawyer, the only individual common to all the cases, is engaged in legal representation.

Sevier’s representation of the other plaintiffs in this case constitutes unauthorized practice of law.


Plaintiffs claim to be associated with three organizations: Warriors for Christ DC, De Facto Attorneys General DC and Special Forces for Liberty DC: None of these actually exist. None are registered with the District of Columbia Department of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs as required by law.

Plaintiff Tex Christopher claims to be a registered DC lobbyist. I can find no District of Columbia Board of Ethics and Government Accountability record to support that contention.

All three plaintiffs signed the complaint with the following text: “DC residential address deleted for safety reasons.” None of the three plaintiffs have an address in the District. Sevier and Penkoski are residents of Tennessee. Christopher resides in Houston, Texas.

In Sevier v. Mueller (EDVa), Sevier and Penkoski claimed to reside in Alexandria, VA. In Christopher v. Lawson (SDTx), Sevier, Penkoski and Christopher claimed to reside in Texas. In Guidry v. Elberson (WDLa) Penkoski and Sevier claimed to be residents of Louisiana. In Quilan v. Pelosi (DCDC) Sevier claimed to physically reside in New York City.

In US v. North Carolina Mr. Sevier, seeking to intervene, falsely claimed that he had been hired by the University of North Carolina. In Sevier v. Burgum (DND) Sevier apparently claimed to be both a resident of New Mexico and North Dakota. In Sevier v. Jewell (SDNY) Sevier claimed to reside in New York City.

I have barely scratched the surface. Suffice it to say that the plaintiffs in the case before you are serial perjurers.

In virtually all of the litigation instigated by Mr. Sevier, the other plaintiffs dishonestly claim to reside in the jurisdictional locale.

This case creates a substantial burden for taxpayers. Aside from court costs, the District of Columbia will bear considerable legal fees paid by taxpayers. Mr. Sevier is ill. Given the unauthorized practice of law, perjury and frivolousness, I see no reason why the Court should entertain Mr. Sevier’s attention-seeking delusions.

Mr. Sevier’s hobby, frivolously suing public officials, has probably cost taxpayers several million dollars to date. To the best of my knowledge Mr. Sevier has never prevailed in any case. I am not a lawyer but, in my opinion, this case warrants a pre-service dismissal.


A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines. The unauthorized practice of law in DC is a felony. Penalties range from a $300 fine to $4,000 and four years imprisonment.

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