“Mr. Grabowski is terribly distressed due to the absence of critical thinking …”

Joseph Grabowski
via International Organization for the Family

Joseph Grabowski is Brian S. Brown’s Igor. Thursday, at the blog of the hate group, International Organization for the Family, Mr. Grabowski explained all that is wrong with our society. LGBTQ people are a big part of Grabowski’s problem.

Grabowski attempts to discredit Pride Month. It is a sophomoric enterprise because Pride Month would not need to exist were it not for religiously-inspired bigots who want to conform reality to scripture:

For anyone who has missed the memo, the month of June is “Pride Month.” Of course, in 2020, the phrase “missed the memo” here is more than an idiomatic expression; in many cases it can be taken quite literally. We live in an age when it is now standard practice for many companies to issue a memo to employees describing not only how the corporation will be marking “Pride Month,” but also loaded with tips and ideas for how employees can (and may be frankly expected to) mark the occasion in their own lives and in their homes.

The reason, you ignorant schmuck, is to attract and retain qualified LGBTQ employees. It is the same reason that corporate America was a proponent of marriage equality and opposes efforts to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Inclusiveness is good for the bottom line.

And precisely what is wrong with supporting an historically oppressed minority?

If we manage to navigate the gauntlet of workaday office life without being cudgeled by the pro-LGBT agenda at every turn, we still are unlikely to miss it entirely as our entire culture is inundated with the same spirit and message. Scrolling down our Facebook news feed, our Twitter homepage, or through the accounts we follow on Instagram, it seems every brand logo has been swapped out for the month with a rainbow-flag themed avatar. And of course, it isn’t only the “new media” space that is annually overwritten in June and made into a palimpsest of all things LGBT, but the traditional media as well. Take a look at the TV listings, and you can see what I mean.

What is this “we” crap? Grabowski, who is apparently on the payroll of both National Organization for Marriage and Howard Center dba International Organization for the Family, has never had a corporate job according to his profile at LinkedIn.

Grabowski has been with NOM for much of the past eight years. He did a stint at International Institute for Culture, a very conservative Catholic organization. So what the hell does Grabowski know about “the gauntlet of workaday office life?”

Furthermore, Grabowski has always worked for Catholic organizations. He knows nothing about Pride in the workplace. It has to do with LGBTQ folks and that is all Grabowski needs to know. He does not approve.

What Grabowski will never get is that, while we appreciate support, we do not solicit and certainly do not require, anyone’s approval.

It’s a conspiracy I tells ya

… the last three Sundays of ABC prime-time. ABC has been selling Sunday as a “fun and games” night, but a closer look at the last few weeks is neither fun, nor does it seem merely a game: it seems more like a plot. The anchor program is Celebrity Family Feud, which began its sixth season on May 31st, and here is the lineup we’ve seen from this new season so far:

  • May 31: The Queer Eye: OG versus The Queer Eye: The New Class
  • June 7: Andy Cohen vs. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Kevin Nealon vs. Drew Carey
  • June 14: The Bold Type vs. RuPaul’s Drag Race

My remote control has (too) many buttons. Even Joseph Grabowski must realize that one turns the TEEvee on or off and another button changes the channel. The “plot,” by the way, is to make money.

Do we notice a pattern here? First, a night featuring two casts of the most popular mainstream gay-centric show on television; then a night featuring celebrities from the Bravo network (which is often cited as one of the most gay-friendly networks on TV, one of those celebrities, Andy Cohen, being the first openly gay late night television talk host; and then finally a night featuring RuPaul’s drag queen team.

Oh yes, the conspiracy is very sinister. Are we “recruiting” children — again? Use the button that changes the channel. Problem solved. I am sure that Grabowski can find solace elsewhere. Pride Month is just so terribly distressing! I’m quite sure that One America News Network is extremely insightful.

Apparently the media do the recruiting for us:

…Surely, the inclusion of LGBT cultural icons three weeks in a row in ABC’s prime-time “fun and games” lineup is not mere coincidence. It is deliberate and planned, a barrage of propaganda for the LGBT agenda in Sunday prime-time TV, the space once upon a time reserved for family viewing. The effort to redefine and reshape the family, marriage, and sex for the future is not just being pursued in the courts, or in the legislatures, or in the academy: it is being channeled into our very living rooms.

I told you we would get to the part about the sinister agenda. It all one big evil conspiracy. The profit motive? Pfft.

Elites are an important part of the artifice and I suppose that we are recruiting children according to Grabowski:

Accordingly, the fight to defend the natural family, the sanctity of life, the institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, the nature of sex and the natural complementarity of the sexes must also take root in the home. This begins with accepting that “The Wonderful World of Disney” and family TV night are gone; we’ve arrived at the Brave New World of ABC, and Sunday night as the night of the “new” family of progressive elitism. We no longer have that safe space in cultural tag—we’ve been tagged, we’re “it.” Time to turn off the TV and start developing our strategies for winning what, it turns out, isn’t fun and games at all.

These idiots will go to their graves thinking that they fought the good fight to “defend,” … something which requires no defense. Not to mention that marriage equality is a done deal in much of the civilized world.

Let me clue this guy in. If any of his children are gay or suffering from gender dysphoria it has nothing to do with the television that they watch. These are natural variants of human sexuality. They should be more worried about the carbon footprint of having excessively large families.

Mr. Grabowski and his boss, Brian S. Brown, are forever wed to the idea the LGBTQ people should be shamed (which doesn’t seem to make them heterosexual or cisgender). Repeating the same ineffective behavior is a form of insanity. It is ineffective because LGBTQ people express a natural variant of human sexuality.

The Church teaches these folks that gay people are “objectively disordered” and that transgender people do not really exist. They drank the Kool-Aid.

Mr. Grabowski is terribly distressed due to the absence of critical thinking on his part and the acceptance of faith-based dogma over things like science and hard evidence. It must be stressful to try to conform one’s life to ancient texts and the pronouncements of Vatican eunuchs.

Grabowski creates his own problems in a bubble that seems to believe that we were meant to suffer. It is just a way to explain why bad things happen to pious people. So go ahead and suffer!

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