People who claim to have discussions with their god are always suspect. This time it is Joe Joe Dawson. Come to think of it, someone named “Joe Joe” deserves some scrutiny.

Dawson is the leader of Joe Joe Dawson Ministries in Texarkana, TX. God has not provided guidance to Dawson or his account on how to properly fill out an annual report to the IRS, Form 990. No, I am not going to transmit a referral to the Service for an organization that grosses less than $100K/year.

Oh yeah, the chat:

… as soon as the Lord spoke this to me, I began to weep. I wept, laughed, and prayed under the power of God for quite some time. Then God spoke to me and said, “This is bigger than anyone ever dreamed.”

Then several paragraphs later:

When God spoke to us about naming our ministry, He told us to call it ROAR. ROAR stands for Revival, Outpouring, Awakening, and Reformation.

Oops. Crash and burn. If you really believe that you are receiving divine guidance then you would follow it. No? Joe Joe didn’t didn’t. Although I suppose that he deserves credit for this:

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