Dr. Jeffrey Barrows

OB/Gyn Dr. Jeffrey Barrows presumes to have

expertise regarding gender dysphoria.

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According to a press release that the Christian Medical & Dental Associations paid for at Christian Newswire: Freedom of Speech Censorship by YouTube.

Freedom of Speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment but it is limited to government actors. YouTube is wholly owned by Google which is owned by Alphabet. As a private company YouTube has the right to decide what content is acceptable on their platform. Freedom of Speech is not applicable.

Freedom of speech, or only freedom of speech when YouTube agrees with you? Today, Christian Medical & Dental Associations … sent a letter … to YouTube addressing a video they censored purportedly because it constituted “hate speech.” The video was a panel discussion that featured Walt Heyer, who formerly identified as transgender, who said, “This is a childhood development disorder,” in reference to gender dysphoria in children. He described the irreversible consequences of experimental hormones and surgeries for treating gender dysphoria in children.

I wrote about this last Friday when Heritage made the same complaint. Suffice it to say that Walt Heyer is not qualified to offer judgment regarding gender dysphoria.

Dr. Jeff Barrows, CMDA’s Executive Vice President for Bioethics and Public Policy and an OB/Gyn physician said, “This is not censorship of ‘hate speech,’ but it is instead a biased censorship of truth based on science that happens to go against the prevailing ideology of Google.

Dr. Barrows is not board certified in any medical specialty. However, Barrows is an OB/Gyn and a graduate of the prestigious Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery (I have never had much luck with DOs). How a person specializing in vaginas and childbirth has expertise in gender dysphoria is anyone’s guess.

“I have listened to this video on a different platform, and it is patently false to categorize Mr. Heyer’s talk as hate speech. He speaks solely of his own experience and regret having undergone sex reassignment surgery. He is speaking to young people who might currently be considering sex reassignment surgery to warn them of the permanence of the procedures and the real possibility they will later regret their decision. Censoring his video removes a valuable voice of experience speaking to the many young people today who are themselves suffering confusion because of gender identity disorder and seeking the truth.

In no way whatsoever is Hyer’s experience applicable to young people. He had surgery about 40 years ago and he was in middle age. There is no comparison to a young adult having surgery today.

“Young people” are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery until adulthood and having the procedure requires two psychiatric referrals, living as their gender for at least a year and a thorough appreciation of realistic expectations and risks.

Furthermore, Heyer is not a disinterested party. He has a religious agenda to persuade people not to transition at all.

“As a physician, I affirm that Mr. Heyer’s testimony is backed up by medical science showing that people who suffer from gender dysphoria often have other associated psychological issues. In addition, there is inadequate medical science supporting cross-sex hormones and the use of sex reassignment surgery as therapy for gender dysphoria. Finally, there is inadequate study of the complications of puberty blocking agents, cross-sex hormone use and sex reassignment surgery.”

“As a physician” Barrows should stick to matters in which he has training and experience. Barrows is referring to comorbidity. According to the research, transgender people need better access to comprehensive medical care. Then one must consider the effects of minority stress.

Furthermore, according to the research, youth with gender dysphoria who transition do much better than those who do not transition. As for puberty blockers and hormones, the qualified clinicians are with the Endocrine Society.

I suggest that Dr. Barrows read the Endocrine Society’s clinical practice guidelines for transgender care. These include:

Gender-dysphoric/gender-incongruent persons should receive a safe and effective hormone regimen that will suppress the body’s sex hormone secretion, determined at birth and manifested at puberty, and maintain levels of sex steroids within the normal range for the person’s affirmed gender.

Shall we listen to the experts or the OB/Gyn?

Mr. Heyer’s noble motivation to prevent a child from making the same life-altering mistake of undergoing sex reassignment surgery that he made should not be silenced.

Children are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery and they certainly do not require advice from a religious zealot who is nothing like them.

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations are oxymoronic per se. Christianity is a belief system based on faith. The practice of medicine is a science based on evidence.

Efforts to influence evidence through faith create far more medical peril than any qualified doctor treating transgender people. Herein, Dr. Barrows has created evidence of that intellectual compromise.

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