Joseph R. Murray II

Joseph R. Murray II, now retired, likes being the

anti-gay gay man. This image from his website

is representative of Murray’s ego.

Joseph R. Murray, II presumes to speak for LGBTrump. Murray is quoted in Metro Weekly as opposing the recent Supreme Court ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County. The Court held that protections from employment discrimination based on sex applied to gender identity and sexual orientation.

LGBTrump may, or may not, actually exist as anything other than Mr. Murray’s hobby. Murray apparently told Metro Weekly’s Rhuaridh Marr that LGBTrump is the successor to Gays for Trump. Not unless there are two of them. Gays for Trump is a separate dysfunction founded by Peter Boykin who is anti-trans.

So exactly who is Joseph R. Murray, II?

Murray first came to my attention in 2016 because of an idiotic piece he wrote for Breitbart. Then again in 2017 because of a bigoted anti-transgender polemic that somehow found a home at USA Today.

Mr. Murray is now a retired lawyer who refers to himself as a civil rights attorney. Not exactly. Murray, who last practiced in Mississippi, now lives in Tennessee. Murray made an appearance in Marcavage v. City of Philadelphia.

Mr. Murray was one of four lawyers representing Michael Anthony Marcavage on behalf of American Family Association Center for Law and Policy. That’s right. Murray was in the employ of an anti-LGBTQ hate group and he was representing an anti-gay preacher.

Mr. Marcavage is the founder of Repent America. Marcavage attempted to disrupt a gay pride parade which had a permit from the City of Philadelphia. Police prevented Marcavage from interfering. He sued the city. The parties reached a settlement. The settlement was breached. Marcavage eventually lost the case in summary judgment in 2011.

AFA’s Center for Law and Policy was shut down in 2007. It was principally engaged in efforts to criminalize homosexuality, lobbying against same-sex marriage and opposing equal-rights, nondiscrimination and hate-crime legislation.

Following the demise of AFA’s legal group in 2007, Murray practiced law in Ripley, Mississippi (pop 5,395). Murray created more noise than outcome.

Murray still has a website claiming that he is licensed in Mississippi and New Jersey. That is false. His status is “inactive” in Mississippi and “retired” in New Jersey. Inactive in Mississippi means “not authorized to practice law in Mississippi per §73-3-120 MCA.”

It is the Mississippi bar that gives his address as PO Box 158, Oakland, TN 38060-0158. Murray is not licensed to practice law in Tennessee.

Whether or not Joseph R. Murray is really gay is irrelevant. Murray has a serious personality disorder and is profoundly bigoted towards LGBTQ people. What kind of self-respecting gay man would work for Don Wildmon, then head of American Family Association? Never mind that one of his objectives was the criminalization of homosexuality.

The only remaining question is whether or not LGBTrump is a complete fraud. Does it really matter? Mr. Trump has been exceptionally toxic to our community. Any LGBTQ person who would vote for Trump is seriously deranged. Rumor has it that even Peter Thiel, who addressed the RNC in 2016, has dropped his support. I hope that Herr Thiel is ashamed of his behavior.

Mr. Murray and Mr. Boykin, for that matter, are shameless attention-seekers.

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