Louis Brown is using the George Floyd protests to promote the Catholic Church’s anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ doctrines.

Louis Brown
Louis Brown is trying to drive that proverbial wedge between the African-American and LGBTQ communities.

via Christ Medicus Foundation

Louis Brown is the executive director of a small Catholic nonprofit; Christ Medicus Foundation. Thursday at the pseudo-intellectual blog of Witherspoon Institute Mr. Brown provides: A New Birth for American Civil Rights. His title is deceptive as is the subheading:

Christians are called not only to pray but also to act for justice, because faith without works is dead. Today, we are called to give new birth to the civil rights movement, to finally fulfill the promise of the American civil rights project for which so many fought and died.

Before I get into this in more detail, the NAACP and other African-American civil rights organizations have given full-throated support to LGBTQ equality which included lobbying in favor of marriage equality. NAACP’s amicus brief in Obergefell v. Hodges is truly a masterpiece for directly comparing the quest for marriage equality to the issues in Loving v. Virginia.

The philosophy is simple. No one is free of discrimination until everyone is free of discrimination.

Mr. Brown’s “new birth”

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, righteous anger moved many Americans to engage in necessary and appropriate peaceful protests for justice and criminal justice reform. These protests were co-opted, however, and we have seen rioting, looting, and civil unrest. Factions in our culture are attempting to hijack the civil rights movement to advance social chaos and to advance the culture of death.

According to my Conservative-Christian-to-English app, “social chaos” means LGBTQ rights including marriage equality. “Culture of death” translates to women’s reproductive rights.

After a great deal of talk about God’s love for everyone:

Unfortunately, forces within our culture are attempting to co-opt the civil rights movement by destroying its foundation in natural law and replacing that foundation with the bankrupt culture of death. These forces hijacking the civil rights movement seek to replace the movement’s foundational belief in the God-given human dignity of every life with a pro-abortion, anti-family, and anti-faith agenda. This misguided agenda would only further decimate the black community as well as the entire country. If all black lives matter, which they intrinsically do, then the over 15 million black unborn babies aborted since Roe v. Wade must also matter. If we truly believe that all black lives matter, those who seek racial equality should be focused on empowering communities of color, and not on promoting abortion rights, gender ideology, and the destruction of the black family.

Brown’s first sentence is factually incorrect. Natural law was not the foundation for the civil rights movement. Indeed so-called natural law underpinned slavery and then segregation. Natural law was the pretext for our ethnic cleansing of Native Americans who were told: “Convert to Christianity or die.”

“Anti-faith” and “anti-family” are code for the notion that LGBTQ people present a challenge to religion. The Church is wed to the fiction that gay people are “objectively disordered” and that transgender people do not really exist.

It is ridiculous to spout words about “the God-given human dignity of every life” when LGBTQ people are an apparent exception to divine dignity.

Moreover, no one is “pro abortion.” This is a deliberate mischaracterization by religious extremists. Women who terminate pregnancies do so with great anxiety and after considerable internal deliberation. And, yes, I know that there are exceptions but, for most women, abortion is a very painful choice.

Then we get to “gender ideology” which is just conservative Christian rhetoric to describe a medical condition they disapprove of due to conflicts with scripture.

More obnoxious than the tortured English of religious jargon is Brown’s preposterous promotion of the idea that treating transgender people fairly is at the expense of “empowering communities of color.” This zero-sum thinking seems to be quite prevalent among religious conservatives.

Brown has no shortage of trite, self-serving rhetoric. Later on he writes:

A new birth of civil rights in our nation will only be possible, though, if all Americans who believe in the God-given value of every life come together to fight against racism, inequality of opportunity, and indifference.

What about the “inequality of opportunity” for LGBTQ people? What about Mr. Brown’s obvious “indifference” to the prejudice and discrimination that LGBTQ people experience? It’s not just LGBTQ people who are sacrificed to ancient texts. Catholic schools have discriminated against children who are parented by a same-sex couple.

Somehow those kids are deprived of divine dignity and it is perfectly okay because the Church disapproves of their parents. What does Louis Brown have to say about those children?

Louis Brown concludes with the same bullshit:

Above all else, for a new birth of civil rights in our country to succeed, we must humbly remember who we truly are: children of God, equal in our dignity, and all in need of grace.

Dignity means worthy of respect. It is obvious that Mr. Brown does not respect us as people. Brown falsely defines us by our sexuality. Tim Cook is not the CEO of perhaps the world’s largest company. Tim Cook is the homosexual CEO of Apple which should be disapproved of for their selection of an “objectively disordered” executive.

Louis Brown’s prose is just another helping of irrational, prejudicial and discriminatory vomit.

On a final note, over five years ago I was greatly moved by the NAACP’s amicus brief in Obergefell. It remains a wonderful example of an eloquent description of what human dignity for all really means.

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