Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, has published 13 anti-transgender blog posts in just the last eight days. Is this some kind of hate group audition?

All of the posts deal with a manufactured crisis: Transgender girls competing in high school athletics. Not one of the posts offers any reasonable solution to the supposed dilemma. That is because they do not want to solve their problem.

This has little or nothing to do with athletics

These religious extremists are not entirely pant-on-fire liars. The lunatic fringe believe their own bullshit.

Family Policy Alliance is using athletics as a means of attacking transgender people. They are attacking trans youth because the very existence of transgender people creates a conflict with their literalist interpretation of scripture.

These fanatics are also attacking transgender people because transgender folks are part of the LGBTQ community. The people at Family Policy Alliance disapprove of LGBTQ people.

If a gay or transgender person found a cure for lung cancer, FPA’s mullahs would be unable to appreciate anything beyond the sexuality of that scientist.

The bigotry buffet features this on Friday: Critical Update and Alert on Girls’ Sports – Please Take Action! It begins with a photo of Mr. Cheeto grinning like the utter fool that he is.

Donald Trump

The text is no more enlightening than the picture of Trump:

As you may recall, last month President Trump’s Department of Education released a decision that a Connecticut policy allowing biological males to play in female sports violated federal law. Which law did it violate? Title IX, the federal law that made women’s sports possible at the level we have them today, and whose anniversary we’ve honored this week with Save Girls’ Sports Week. The Department’s decision was a significant step in support of female athletes.

ED’s conclusion was about what we expect from an anti-LGBTQ administration. However, it is only the first step in what will be a very long process. In fact, with the potential for a new administration in January, there is a very good chance that this decision will be reversed.

But oh the peril as they manufacture yet another phony crisis:

But now Trump’s Administration, and especially the Department of Education, is under intense pressure to walk back its stand for female athletes. Why? Because, in the view of Left-wing lobbyists, the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision from last week that redefined “sex” to include “gender identity” should expand to permit boys’ (who identify as girls) to compete in girls’ sports. In fact, though, the Court (thankfully) refused to deal with other issues like girls’ sports in the Bostock decision. If Bostock were applied to girls’ sports, it would indeed have disastrous effects on women’s opportunities. The Court did not discuss girls’ sports, and we cannot let left-wing activists act as though it did.

They know perfectly well that the administration is not going to reverse course in an election year. They just want to get people to their site to sign their pointless, useless Thank President Trump and the Department of Education for Standing Strong and then to ask for money.

That also know perfectly well that the Supreme Court ruling pertains to Title VII/employment discrimination which has nothing to do with Title IX of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs and activities that receive or benefit from federal financial assistance.

What they do not know perfectly well is the fact that the ruling in Bostock does not “redefine sex.” The Court simply determined that employment discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation or gender identity was prohibited as discrimination on the basis of sex.

This issue is more about perception than reality. It could be easily solved with disinterested expert opinion and then testosterone levels or some other metric. However, that requires opposing sides to make a good faith effort at resolution.

But, as I said, the Christian fundamentalists want this drama as a means of denigrating transgender people, getting attention and attracting donations.

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