Brian S. Brown

I have a bunch of emails from Brian S. Brown on behalf of International Organization for the Family (an anti-LGBTQ hate group) titled: soros upset by our members.

Mr. Soros will continue to do what he does which is to selflessly fund groups that contribute to mankind; something that seems foreign to Mr. Brown. According to the text:

There are hundreds of thousands of pro-family activists and leaders around the globe, and the International Organization for the Family (IOF) is proud of our work … only a small percentage of people have taken the step of becoming a member of IOF by making a financial contribution to support our work. Our future success is dependent on increasing our base of Members, which is why we have launched our Summer Membership Drive.

Membership organizations are characterized by subscribers who have some say in what the organization does or how it goes about its business. IOF is not a membership organization. People who donate to IOF will be targeted for more donations which doesn’t make them members. Some would say they are more aptly described as suckers.

Regarding George Soros:

You can be sure of this: George Soros and the network of groups he funds and controls is upset that we have recruited as many Members as we have, and will be furious if our Summer Membership Drive is successful, as we pray it will be. You see, Soros knows better than most that it is our Members who make our work possible. They provide the capital for us to combat the agenda of death and family destruction that the Soros network promotes. We know that Soros’ groups are watching us, because as we grow and become more active, they ramp up their attacks on us.

Even as grossly mischaracterized as the above is, it is a reasonable certainty that George Soros couldn’t care less about the statements of a hate group. Soros and his organization are too busy trying to make life better for people around the globe.

Soros related organizations spend about $1 billion of George Soros’ money annually to fight poverty, fight drug addiction, improve communities, provide scholarships, advance equality and fairness, improve education, contribute to medical science and many other worthwhile causes around the globe.

Contrast: What has IOF ever done to help anyone?

George Soros is often used as code for “evil Jewish influence;” something that the ADL has taken notice of. There is no shortage of Soros conspiracy theories, mostly from people like Brian S. Brown who resent his philanthropy.

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